©2013 Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc ~ P.O. Box 5046, Ventura, CA 93005 Page 1 Toll Free Phone: 888-868-5055 ~ Fax: 805-382-4004 ~ Email: Stop “trying harder” .......achieve even your “toughest” goal without willpower, without a fight, thanks to incredible powers concealed inside your own mind, waiting for release. Based on the work of Nikkea B. Devida, Originator of the Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Be among the first to experience the fir
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   ©2013 Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc ~ P.O. Box 5046, Ventura, CA 93005 Page 1 Toll Free Phone: 888-868-5055 ~ Fax: 805-382-4004 ~ Email: Stop “trying harder” .......achieve even your  “toughest” goal without willpower, without a fight, thanks to incredible powers concealed inside your own mind, waiting for release. Based on the work of Nikkea B. Devida, Originator of the Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Be among the first to experience the first real breakthrough mind power technique in the positive  personal development movement in the past 30 years... it’s much more than just positive thinking... it’s a whole new mind, body, spirit training technique for the new millennium.  ___________________________________________________________________________________  How to use ACT™, the first real twenty first century training technique to end self-sabotage, blast away obstacles, and achieve what you earnestly desire in life,  faster and easier than can be believed possible--satisfaction guaranteed.  ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Friend, Do you want to attract more clients? Especially ideal ones? Would you like to charge what you’re worth and get it? Are you struggling with having enough sales and clients in your business? Do you always seem to have money troubles? Are you tired of being the “best kept secret” in your industry? Do you want to make a positive difference in the world? Do you want to make money teaching and providing what you love? Do you want to start making big money with your “thing”? Do you have a sense of a bigger mission and purpose for your life? Would you love to have the courage to discover and live your life purpose? Are you needing more confidence to get your message out in a big way? Do you procrastinate? Have a lack of energy and motivation?   ©2013 Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc ~ P.O. Box 5046, Ventura, CA 93005 Page 2 Toll Free Phone: 888-868-5055 ~ Fax: 805-382-4004 ~ Email: Are you struggling with being fulfilled in your personal and professional life? Are you ready to live the lifestyle you always dreamed of now? Would you like to be having a lot more fun and free time? Have you failed - maybe more than once - in the past? Are you struggling with “is this all there is?” issues? Are you insecure or anxious when calling or meeting new people? Are you feeling “old before your time”? Do you worry too much? Are you vaguely unhappy? Frustrated? Do you have the relationships that you desire? Are you recovering from illness or loss? These are but a few of the matters that Nikkea B. Devida srcinated ACT™ to address. If you are even remotely interested in living with 100% confidence, joy, passion and switching whatever is now difficult for you to easy.....then these may be the most important 41 pages of information you will ever read! And the benefits of this technique will stay with you for a lifetime. Marcus Aurelius said “if you are stressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself,  but rather to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” No, This Is Not An Attempt To Pass Off  Yesterday’s Repackaged Tools As  A Real Success Technique When you make the decision to deliberately create positive change in your life, when you determine to get some quality assistance, where do you turn? Quite frankly, I think it’s confusing out there. So many people are eager to get their hands on honest,  practical information for improving their life’s both frightening and confusing. Whose claims do you trust? Where do you decide to spend your time and money? What’s real and what’s hype? How do you separate the “steak” from the “sizzle”, the “wheat” from the “chaff”? All too often you’ve probably been sold well-intentioned tapes, programs or seminars that are little more than watered down versions of the same old stuff. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Think  positive. Listen to these affirmations every day for 30 days. Just do it. No pain, no gain. Fly with the eagles! These leave you feeling good, but they may not be enough to make the quantum leaps and create lasting change. So much of what you hear in the seminar room proves difficult to implement in the real world. Once you get outside the highly charged environment of that meeting room or teleclass, and you return to the  battles of everyday living, that “feeling” you had while inside the room melts away like a stick of butter in the noonday sun.   ©2013 Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc ~ P.O. Box 5046, Ventura, CA 93005 Page 3 Toll Free Phone: 888-868-5055 ~ Fax: 805-382-4004 ~ Email: Why Do Smart, Capable, “Good” People So Often Seem To Struggle or Self-Destruct? Relationships collapse and make lawyers rich. Businesses come apart at the seams. Wealth evaporates. Addictions occur. Or, why are apparently “successful” people so often restless, frustrated and vaguely unhappy? Or, why do people with talent, skill, goals, determination and opportunity still seem to work “harder” rather than “smarter” and spend years running in place - then when they look back realize all they did  by running harder and harder was dig a deeper rut? If you would like to know more about Nikkea B. Devida’s discovery, read on. People searching for answers to these questions try many different change modalities. And all of these modalities are very good. But how is it that these very good change tools and seminars can sometimes not create the change, result, and lasting impact that you want? Incredibly, back in 1995, Nikkea B. Devida uncovered the REAL answer, and used it to develop a collection of Accelerated Change Techniques that put you in 100% control of your life, happiness, relationships, health, finances and  peace of mind. In the mad rush of trendy, super-hyped self-help and pop psych fads, the ACT™ technique has been largely overlooked by an entire population.....except the few hundred or so people each year pointed in her direction by friends or business associates. Now, though, this technique has been put in a new format by Nikkea B. Devida so that more people can have access to it. And we’re willing to guarantee ACT™ as the most practical, easy to use, results oriented personal and performance improvement system, period - whether you want to double your income in selling, manifest the relationship of your dreams, or amaze yourself and friends with radical improvement in your body weight and shape. Why Does ACT™ Deserve Your Attention? Results.  And This Approach To Self-Empowerment Has Already Reached Thousands Of People...  Virtually Without Any Advertising Or Promotion!  Nikkea B. Devida never had a TV infomercial, flashy ad campaign, a book, or anything like that. Almost entirely through word-of-mouth, one person telling another, ACT™ became known to individuals and businesses alike. Large multi million dollar companies - like Infusionsoft, Peak Potentials, Chris Howard Training, PAX, Lisa Sasevich and many others brought Nikkea B. Devida into their companies to do group and private training and consulting with their employees and salespeople. For years, people from all over the world have come to seminars and individual private consultations…all this with NO advertising, NO fanfare, NO “Pushing” of any kind, NO books, NO tapes, these people sought out Nikkea for consulting, seminars and private consultations solely because a close friend or business associate urged them to do so.   ©2013 Soaring Entrepreneur, Inc ~ P.O. Box 5046, Ventura, CA 93005 Page 4 Toll Free Phone: 888-868-5055 ~ Fax: 805-382-4004 ~ Email: This Is The Personal And Performance Improvement Program Who’s Time Has Come. Victor Hugo said “there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Certainly, this approach to unleashing the powers of the mind has stood the test of time year after year after year after year and is ready to explode in the marketplace, solely because people urge friends and associates to use it. Of course, the enclosed information about ACT™ only presents my discoveries and the philosophy  behind them. And that alone is powerful. They had enormous impact on me, which I’ll describe in detail later. But  briefly, let me tell you, after years of viewing the mind as something you stuffed information into, the very idea that you could “lift the hood” and go in there and take unproductive stuff out, rearrange stuff, tune it up -- that idea alone changed my life. But the practical how-to’s are elusive, aren’t they?  Now, finally, for the first time ever, ALL of Nikkea B. Devida’s works, never before published, shared, or disclosed, research, everything, a LIFETIME of great discoveries are being revealed in a powerful system to teach and share with others. She knew she couldn’t do it all alone and reach the numbers of  people she wanted to reach.  You’ve Probably Gotten Bits and Pieces of ACT™ Before  Nikkea B. Devida’s ideas are still considered unorthodox, even RADICAL. But for the past 30 years, nearly every self-improvement book, tape, seminar, movement, speaker and author have been referencing, quoting, and heavily relying on the same “visualize it, then you’ll receive it”, “think  positive thoughts” and “just do it” approaches to personal change. If you’ve at all been a “student” of how-to succeed information, you have undoubtedly been getting “old technology” whether you knew it or not. Maybe you’ve read many of those books at one time or another. I rarely visit a successful  person’s home or office without finding some on their bookshelves. But now you are going to have total access to a lifetime of Nikkea B. Devida’s work, put together into a true system for unleashing mental powers in you, far beyond what you now believe you have. Taking A Fresh Look At Your Innermost, Suppressed, Even Secret Hopes And Desires  Nikkea B. Devida recognized that most people have settled for less than their birthright to live a good, healthy, rewarding, influential, accomplishment-rich life. She would ask: what is the highest vision that you have for yourself in your life ? What do you see as the greatest version of the grandest vision for your life? Acquiring a huge fortune? Being CEO of your own fast growing company featured in business magazines? Freeing yourself from migraine headaches or other nagging ills once and for all, and living with the energy, vigor, and excitement of youth that belies your age? Attracting a sexy, beautiful or handsome, loving spouse? Becoming a famous author, speaker, or visionary thought leader? Even if you do not dare to speak your “Big Wishes” out loud, there ARE creative ACT™ techniques designed to remove the obstacles and to carry you toward these goals at lightning
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