How to Make an Efficient Village Completed

How to Make an Efficient Village Completed in Stronghold Kingdoms
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   Creating an efficient village! How do you do that? I hear you say, Well here’s how!   (This is for the beginners and advanced alike.) The first step to having an efficient village is siting your granary and stockpile. I generally put my stockpile on the left of my keep in between the wood and stone. Like this:   I generally lean towards having my stockpile nearer to my stone. But experiment and see how you feel. By having it closer to a certain material (E.g. Wood, Stone, and Iron) you’ll get a boost to that material in production. But note that it makes everything else suffer as it slows the production speed of everything else. (So its best to try and be balanced where you put it.)   This is the Stockpile.  The same goes for the granary. Which I generally have like this: I generally only have apple production to sustain me. But as long as you remember the fact, that, the closer food production buildings are to the granary. The faster the production of food will be. Alth ough you can’t see from this image very well, I have my better food producing buildings closer to my granary. (For me Apples is my best food product. So over Cheese I put it closer to the granary). The next step which I normally do is having my inn and hops farms setup. (This will help your happiness levels, depending on the rations you use. E.g.1X,2X,3Xor 4X)   This is the granary here.    As you can see all my Hops Farms/Breweries are in a square around the Inn. This is because they are most efficient the closer to the inn that they are  (Surprise, Surprise!) .   The next step for me is Wood and Stone buildings. To get maximum effect you will want your Wood and Stone buildings as close to the stockpile as possible. But at the same time want it to be neat so that you can fit as many of those buildings as you can. As there’s only limited space for them!   Food buildings themselves.   This is the Inn. This is a Hop Farm/Brewery. Note the neatness of my Quarries in this picture; this is how to get maximum efficiency! See how I’ve followed the curvature of the allowed wood building area. This is how to get maximum efficiency with these buildings. They can be a pain so be through hen lacin them! Quality is bad on these two pictures as I’ve had to shrink them!!!  Always put your highest producing food buildings closest to the granary. That way you get the most effect from them. But if you have more than 1 type of food, don’t neglect them. As the more of each food you produce the higher your happiness level in the village will increase a drastic amount. I have no screenshot of this as I stick to just 1 food type normally. But the more food types you can produce the higher the happiness level. Weapons making. Personally one of my favourite things to build. The way to succeed best on this is keep it as neat as possible! The best way to set up these is to have each side of the Stockpile dedicated to a set type of weapon-maker li ke I’ve done. However you’ll notice that in this picture I have lots of weapon-makers so, organising them has become somewhat difficult. They have started off organised then as space became less I’ve stuck them where I can. You’ll notice I only have 1 catapult maker. That is because you can only have 1 per village. Advanced Buildings and Decorations (Honour and Happiness buildings)   Sword Maker. Catapult Maker. Pike Maker. Armour Maker.
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