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  • 2. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 2 FACTS ABOUT ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE We can forgive you as a lay person for not knowing exactly what scientists mean by antibiotic resistance, but not if you are a doctor or a nurse. After reading numerous articles published in tabloid newspapers, we know very few people working in healthcare profession understand what’s going on. What it means is bacteria becoming resistant or immune to the drugs we managed to kill and cure infections. A new study published by Welcome Trust reported that almost no one really understands the problem or how serious it is. Even after Center of Disease Control (CDC) of The World Health Organization suggests that we’re approaching a “post- antibiotic era,” the end of modern medicine, not many doctors have stopped or reduced prescribing antibiotics. Naming this as “Superbugs” and publishing articles, pictures and films to educate, pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, doctors and people are not giving much importance to this threat to humanity. Unless we take drastic steps and act very quickly, it could mean the end of modern medicine and billions will be wiped off this planet very soon. People often talk to us about raising funds for cancer research, but not many help charities that are fighting antibiotic resistant bacterial infection, because they are not aware that chemotherapy and radiotherapy (the most common treatments for cancers) damage our body’s own defenses against infection resulting in death. Surgeons have used antibiotics saying it is necessary to prevent post-op infections. As antibiotics become unusable and sterilization techniques are failing to sterilize equipment and instruments, it will become impossible to prevent patients from getting infections. Eventually, everyday procedures such as appendectomies, hip replacements, and knee repairs – let alone open heart surgery – will be too dangerous to carry out. We feel sad to say, the surgeons who behaved bad and did not acknowledge or share the reward with their microbiologists, virologists, immunologists and even physicians, will soon find it hard to continue to offer their services. This will bring an end to life- saving transplants, minimally invasive surgery and IVF. Despite knowing the lives of post-operative patients are threatened with resistant bacterial infections, heart, lung, liver, and kidney and even face and womb transplants – are increasingly common. Drugs used to suppress rejection of transplanted organs (suppress their immune systems) and lack of antibiotics makes performing procedures unethical as this “can inflict pain and suffering.” Twenty-five to thirty percent of births in the UK are by caesarean section. This procedure is often done because the life of the mother or baby is at risk if allowed to give birth naturally. Majority of mothers get infections afterwards. The post-operative infection rate is not well known, but estimated to be 3% to 5%, that’s about 4,000 women per year in Britain.
  • 3. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 3 In the past majority of bacteria were picked up outside hospitals, but now most drug- resistant bacteria are caused by resistant bacteria colonized in hospitals. This rapid change will result in complications, long-term problems and even death in five or ten years. Developing resistance is a perfect example of evolution in action. Antibiotics will kill almost all the bacteria it targets but the ones that survive are resistant to treatment. They reproduce every 15 to 20 minutes and so the next generation of bacteria will be colonized in your body in hours and infect your family and children. In the 1970s, the first drug-resistant strain of gonorrhoea appeared and now we are only a few years away from gonorrhoea being completely untreatable. Doctors working in cancer hospitals are already struggling to treat infections in immunosuppressed cancer or transplant patients. Outbreak of highly drug-resistant “super-gonorrhea” is sweeping across Britain and could become untreatable. Public Health England last September after the rare strain of the sexually transmitted superbug was detected in 34 people. Failure to respond appropriately will jeopardies our ability to treat gonorrhea effectively and will lead to poorer health outcomes for individuals and society as a whole” PHE said an increase in cases of super-gonorrhea was a “further sign of the very real threat of antibiotic resistance to our ability to treat infections”. The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV issued an alert to clinicians urging them to follow up cases of high-level drug resistant gonorrhea and trace their sexual partners. The spread of high-level azithromycin-resistant gonorrhea is a huge concern and it is essential that every effort is made to contain further spread. Patients demand antibiotics from their doctors when they don’t need them. Yes, it is difficult for patients or doctors to be 100% sure, but when the doctor say “No antibiotics,” patients often complain saying the doctor is rude, or take legal action if post viral secondary bacterial infection occurs. Knowing that viral infection suppresses immunity, the doctor who acted in the interest of the patient is prosecuted and so not many doctors will refuse to prescribe. Even after we spend time and explain viruses (are like elephant) are different from bacteria (are like ants), and antibiotics (are like match stick) can only kill bacteria because we do not have anti-viral drugs (like a double barrel gun) to kill virus (elephant), people have turned around and demanded antibiotics. You must know that taking antibiotics for your cold won’t make you better, but it will make any bacteria that are in your system (and there are always trillions) develop resistance and so you can be a carrier who infects at home and in the community. Doctors and institutions blame that the developing nations are abusing antibiotics because they are sold in shops without prescription. Yes, we agree it is wrong, but the number of people abusing is comparatively less than in the west. Globally, more people are dying from lack of access to basic antibiotics than from resistant ones.
  • 4. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 4 Most people think that it’s the patient, not the bacterium inside the patient, that’s becoming resistant, but the opposite is true. So-called experts are advising you to take antibiotics for 5, 7, 10 or 14 days. We were unable to find any study that compares 5, 7, 10 or 14 days’ course and prove it is necessary. Only study we could identify is one comparing short 3 days course to others. Theoretically we need 3 doses (good peak) to kill bacteria and may be 2–3 days will be sufficient to clear all infections. If the duration of treatment is prolonged, more antibiotics will be excreted in urine and stools and so pollute soil and water. More than 50% of antibiotics worldwide are used on animals – “if one cow looks sick, they dose the whole herd,” “ Ponds full of the cattle treated with antibiotics are passing excrement that pollute water with antibiotic” – breeding grounds for resistant bacteria. These bacteria can easily jump from animals to cause diseases in humans. It’s not easy to find new antibiotics. Even if we find one now, it will take 20–40 years for us to manufacture and market it. The first antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered in 1800 but developed some 60 years later and this will never happen again. We need new methods to control the spread of infections and not waste time trying to find a drug to kill bacteria or virus. A new antibiotic can cost literally billions to get to market and the pharmaceutical companies are not investing on drugs that are used for a week knowing bacteria will also develop resistance. Once bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic, it might be decades before it can be used again. There has always been one glimmer of hope, as some scientists believe non-resistant bacteria may reproduce faster and eventually squeeze the resistant ones out if we stop using antibiotics. We have been publishing articles, sharing information with various device manufacturers and institutions since 1989. The number of people talking about and recommending treatment method to control spread has been increasing day by day but the changes we expect have not. We hope our contribution to help you will bring in changes that will not only help you but also your family. MAYA APPS & SOFTWARE In 2006, the UK Secretary of State for Health announced that healthcare professionals like nurses and pharmacists who are not clinically trained to examine and interpret test results would be allowed to diagnose illnesses and prescribe drugs. Ministers claimed this move would give patients quicker access to medicine. Unfortunately, this callous action has brought shame upon our profession and increased abuse of antibiotics in UK. We opposed offering healthcare based on algorithms and protocols is not safe. The British General Medical Council (GMC), and British Medical Association claiming to protect patient care, and defend doctors has been unable to prevent the implementation of this unethical and unsafe system, which brings more shame upon our profession.
  • 5. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 5 The GMC, for example, insists that doctors qualifying in India must pass the “Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB)” test to prove that they are qualified to provide safe and effective healthcare, however, a nurse who are not educated in medical school or trained under doctors for five years were allowed to work independently as doctors. This is not only insulting to doctors trained in foreign medical school but also brought shame to Royal Colleges and Institutions. Maya (Medical Advice You Access) was initially created to help receptionists and nurses working in nurse-led clinics, walk-in-clinics and emergency out-of-hours services. Our aim was to help them differentiate well from un-well patients. Our mission was to reduce clinical errors, delay in diagnosis and reduce complications and even death. Integrating MAYA with communication technology and information technology we created Dr Maya. These apps help encourage members of our profession to share knowledge, innovate and develop products and methods to fight infection here and abroad. Using advances in technology we have developed a system and a monitor to identify infected people (in hospitals, community, and country) initially, and help isolate them to protect humanity, as we know that we will not be able to develop or discover eighteen antibiotics to fight as many bacteria. I have just returned depressed from a conference in London because the pharmaceutical companies, scientists and microbiologists have no new antibiotics to offer and have also accepted it will not be possible to fight the threat of bacterial infection. India is said to be a major threat to the world because the bacteria and TB are rapidly spreading in soil, water and sewage systems. We offer a simple cost effective solution to help department of health to implement and monitor, so that we can avert an epidemic and not struggle to cope after hundreds or thousands of people die. We begged members of my profession to shun their ego, share knowledge and information, communicate, and join hands with us to help us stop this “Elephant In The Room” that is now threatening our profession and our very existence MAYA (Medical Advice You Access) was created initially to help receptionists and nurses working in nurse-led clinics, walk-in-clinics and emergency out of hours services to differentiate well from unwell patients and then refer unwell patients to doctors or hospital, if required. By integrating our invention with IT, we have created the “FIRST TOOL TO HELP MONITOR INFECTIONS” Doctors who download our Apps Maya Dr and register will help us create a network of doctors and patients. Once the doctor has downloaded, installed and registered on the system, his or her name will appear in the list of local doctors. Patients living in an area can choose their own local doctor or register with a different doctor.
  • 6. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 6 Patients will be able to get information provided by that doctor, communicate 24/7, 365 days, send/receive letters or prescriptions and also book appointments. MAYA Dr can be linked to hospitals management system or we can offer help to digitalize and systemize healthcare in hospitals, clinics and Department of health. Doctors can also offer video consultation, share notes via email and text message and also send prescriptions via email. Doctors can forward referral letters, sick notes and also search for information using the Internet while speaking to a patient. This app will help doctors to prevent the spread of dangerously contagious diseases among patients. Patients with infections such as chicken pox, the MRSA infections, flu, Ebola and other emerging infections, can quickly be identified and the patients advised to visit health centers or hospitals thus helping to stop epidemics and pandemics in the future. Registered Doctor can list symptoms, add information, videos, pictures and also personal video messages that patients can watch. Doctors can create a database in their own language; add telephone number of pharmacies, emergency services and other doctors working in hospitals or Health Centers in their area. Doctors must advise your patients to download Dr MAYA, register, log in and choose you as their doctor. Once they are registered, they will be able to enter three symptoms, get your advice and communicate with you as required. This is a simple tool created by a doctor with the passion to help other doctors offer their services to protect their fellow human beings and alleviate pain and suffering all over the world. Soon 7i will offer an opportunity for doctors to be listed as specialist private doctors who will offer telephone consultation for a nominal fee. Department of Health, Hospitals, Airlines, Healthcare Service providers, embassies and doctors can create their own portal and offer services to registered users. This tool will reduce the number of receptionists, booking clerks, nurses and even junior doctors (Casualty Medical Officers). Delay in registration, waiting in hospitals and clinics, medical errors and cost of providing care 24/7, 365 days will be reduced by 2/3. The most important benefit is to avoid infected patients entering Trauma or Accident centers resulting in death of staff and patients in waiting. 7i Med Ltd. offer the integrated innovation that is Dr MAYA, initially to help identify infected patients and isolate them to protect healthcare workers and thus humanity in general. HOW DOES THIS WORK? We expect doctors, specialists, hospitals, companies, universities and institutions, government healthcare providers, medical colleges and education departments to download our Dr MAYA and create their own databases. Foreign nationals, diplomats and other visitors living in London or the UK will be able to get healthcare advice from doctors based in their own country. The NHS would no longer have to claim that they are losing money because of treating immigrants and other foreign nationals.
  • 7. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 7 Patients download Dr MAYA and then add the name of a local doctor with that doctor’s email and telephone number. Once our server receives the contact details of the new doctor, they will receive a confirmation notification. If a patient logs in and their symptoms suggest a serious, contagious, infection, that patient can be quickly isolated and their doctor informed. Doctors can use Dr MAYA to add symptoms, change the ranking color of symptoms, insert video, pictures and also create an information sheet which patients can download. Doctors will advise patients to download Dr MAYA and ask them to choose him/her as their doctor. The patient will then be linked to their own doctor. Before booking an appointment the patient will log on and enter their symptoms. This is similar to calling a medical receptionist to explain why they need an appointment. Dr MAYA evaluates the symptoms and advises the patient based on knowledge and experience. It does not give an ad hoc answer like many receptionists will, but will give an answer based on the doctor’s intelligence. Patients will not be able to call a doctor if the Dr MAYA system has suggested the patient should go to a pharmacist or nurse or directly to a hospital. This reduces time- wasting consultations for non-threatening reasons like “I have a fever,” head ache or wart, etc. Dr MAYA will also stop patients abusing healthcare staff because of misdiagnoses or other problems: Dr MAYA’s recommendations are always more accurate and related directly to the patient’s problems. Only patients who require clinical examination or specific tests will be advised to book an appointment. This will reduce emergency appointments by 80% because doctors will only see patients requiring face-to-face consultations. Patients will be advised to call the 999 numbers if their symptoms are very serious. If their symptoms indicate a less threatening illness the patient will be advised to call the NHS 111 number. This will reduce the number of people dying because they have called 111 when they should have called 999. The features 7i have provided are simple and provide clear options for both doctors and patients. Dr MAYA provides a common sense, practical solution to a major threat to humanity. Using Maya Dr and Dr MAYA will stop medical staff in isolation units from dressing up like an astronaut! The Health Secretaries and Departments of Health in every country need seriously to think about the care they provide. If a country does not offer basic healthcare to people, Dr MAYA can. We must act now to prevent and control an uncontrollable tsunami of bacteria and viruses that could wipe out a generation. 7i think this is the only method we can use until scientists and pharmaceutical companies develop a new miracle cure to fight infections in the future. The only immediately available alternate to treatment is the Maya system. Millions if not Billions will die if we continue to ignore this threat to humanity until scientists and pharmaceutical companies develop a one new antibiotic or think of alternate methods.
  • 8. 2003©KMS | Patent Protected GB1004457.6 8 ADVANTAGE TO HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS • Reduce needless consultations • Reduce staffing costs • Reduce the number of booking clerks and receptionists • Reduction of Primary care doctors and CMOs • Protects and enhances patient confidentiality • Patients easily diverted to another center or doctor if crisis occurs • Reduce contamination and the spreading of infections in health centers • Reduce antibiotic misuse and cost • Reduction in epidemics by identifying and isolating infected patients • Reduction of death of staff and people during epidemics and pandemics • Identify and quarantine private hospitals because Dr MAYA picks up clusters • Reduced need for Ambulance service as MAYA will only request Ambulance for serious conditions and not for false alarms • Reduction of 60%-80% of patients accessing A&E • Make doctors work efficiently and systemize healthcare advice ADVANTAGES TO DOCTORS • Able to offer 24/7, 365 day effective service • Patients given effective and accurate treatment directly relating to the seriousness of their problem • Patients will not be able to call if Dr MAYA has suggested treatments available through a local pharmacist, to speak to nurse, to call 111 or 999, or to go to hospital or book appointment • Prevent infected patients visiting clinics or surgeries • Reduce angry or demandin
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