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  A User-Friendly Guide How to Start an Employee Wellness Program National Park ServiceU.S. Department of the InteriorEmployee Wellness Program Guide  “I care about the health and well-being of all NPS employees. The NPS is committed to promoting health and wellness initiatives that can have a positive impact on your life—both at home and at work. I encourage each of you to participate in a program that works for  you and be a health and wellness champion.” — Jonathan JarvisNPS Director Contents The Scope of Wellness  2Six Steps to Creating a Health and Wellness Program: 1  Gain Leadership Support 4 2  Form a Wellness Team 6  3  Learn and Assess 8  4  Plan Your Program 10 5  Take Action 16  6  Evaluate 18  Additional Resources  20 ALL PHOTOS / NPS  National Park Service Employee Wellness Program Guide 1 Introduction As employees of the National Park Service (NPS), we are committed to protecting the resources of our national parks. In order to successfully carry out our mission, it is important that we maintain our own health and wellness. Since most of the primary causes of illness and death in the United States are preventable and can be controlled with routine exercise, proper nutrition, and stress reduction, the NPS has established a Servicewide Employee Wellness Program  to encourage and provide guidance for parks (and worksites) to create local wellness programs that benefits all employees.The following pages serve as a “how to” guide for starting an employee wellness program or enhancing an existing initiative at your park. This guide includes the following sections: The Scope of Wellness   Six Steps to Creating an Employee Wellness Program: 1 Gain Leadership Support2 Form a Wellness Team3 Learn and Assess4 Plan Your Program5 Take Action6 Evaluate Please note, these steps are meant to be guidelines. You are encouraged to adjust them to fit your needs!  2 National Park Service Employee Wellness Program Guide The Scope of Wellness Wellness is defined as an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life. Elements of a Wellness Program The following eight components reflect a holistic approach to personal wellness. Physical wellness  is the process of engaging in healthy activities that benefit the body, such as nutritious eating and exercise. Topics and examples of activities include nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation, substance abuse, and weight management.  Emotional wellness  is the process of recognizing, expressing, and managing one’s full range of emotions, including coping with stress. In addition, it encompasses the process of developing self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. Topics and examples of activities include stress management, anger management, and depression management. Spiritual wellness  is the process of discovering purpose and meaning in life and living a fulfilling life consistent with one’s beliefs and values. Topics and examples of activities include accommodating religious holidays, respecting the views of others, using meditation rooms, practicing yoga, spending time in nature, and engaging in community service activities. Social wellness  is the process of creating and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships with those around you. Topics and examples of activities include building healthy personal and working relationships, community involvement and volunteerism, and employee association support. Intellectual wellness  is the process of expanding knowledge and skills as well as engaging in creative and mentally stimulating activities. Topics and examples of activities include training and education, reading lists, cultural events, and brown bag lunch talks.
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