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  1 HEALTH OCCUPATIONS CORE CURRICULUM Mission Statement  Serving the diverse, multicultural healthcare students;instilling values, skills, and knowledge with compassion and integrity SLLA!US ALL #$%& 'ENERAL HEALTH PRO ESSIONS MANA'EMENTHPRS ##(%)*%&$$+ *%&$%+ *%&$#+ *%&$(,rop date is %(+ #$%& This is not a se/01paced co2rse) o2 are e3pected to spend a minim2m o0 4 ho2rs a wee5 re/ated to this co2rse 6( ho2rs/ect2re7/a. and ( ho2rs doing assignments8) Some assignments can .e comp/eted ahead o0 the dead/ine and posted) Some assignments wi// .e acti-ated in the Co2rse ,oc2ments section a wee5 or # .e0ore the assignment posting dead/ine)  All students must wear their ECC Picture ID Badge. It should be worn on the upper part of the body whereit is clearly seen. Program uniforms do not replace the college ID requirement. Students who do not hae a college ID will not be permitted in class! after the #  th class day. /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_1/250444656.doc  2 SLLA!US A'REEMENT The provisions contained in this syllabus do not constitute a contract between the student and El Centro College. These  provisions may be changed at the discretion of the Coordinator/Instructor. When necessary appropriate notice of such changes will be given to the student. !tudents will be notified of changes with eCampus nnouncements. It is the student#s responsibility to chec$ course eCampus nnouncements fre%uently It is the student#s responsibility to review and respond to all materials in the course te&tboo$s as well as materials and information posted on the course eCampus site. It is very important that you read the entire syllabus and materials on the course eCampus site. Email your instructor any %uestions you might have through eCampus Course emailThe instructor'of'record may provide additional information to enhance the course to meet the needs of the enrolled students  provided that the enhancements do not conflict with the official course syllabus.This syllabus is to serve you as an outline and study guide for (eneral )ealth *rofessions +anagement ,)*-! 221. The sub0ects we will discuss and the assignments are listed for the course. If you have any %uestions about this syllabus or the course in general as$ the instructor before you sign this document. )*-! 221 (eneral )ealth *rofessions +anagement !yllabus greementI  ,print name have read the course syllabus ,either in paper or online the course outline and schedule course grading re%uirements and methods of evaluation as wellas had each e&plained to me by the instructor or posted %uestions to the online 3 4iscussion 5oard on 5y signing this form I agree to comply with the classroom/online policies e&pectations and rules listed and accept the outline for this class.   !I(6 T7-E4 TE I0 yo2 ha-e 92estions a.o2t any area o0 the Sy//a.2s send a co2rse message to the instr2ctor as5ing 0or c/ari0ication) The time to as5 is .e0ore yo2 .egin doing assignments and posting) Ac5now/edge that yo2 ha-e read and 2nderstand the sy//a.2s .y c/ic5ing in the co2rse eCamp2s site on the  Start Here ta.+ then on the  Syllabus  andthen on  Syllabus Agreement  + c/ic5 on Create Thread,  type yo2r name in the s2.:ect /ine and c/ic5 submit. /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_1/250444656.doc   COURSE ,ESCRIPTION This course will cover the e&ploration and application of management concepts necessary for effective health profession operations.   This EN, O COURSE OUTCOMES 5y the end of this course the student will be able to analy8e current health care trends9 apply health caremanagement concepts9 distinguish supervisor and supervisory roles9 demonstrate management of financial and personnel operations9 and evaluate regulatory/legal processes in health care management COURSE MATERIALS RE;UIREMENTSTe3t.oo5s Re92ired< +edical :aw 3 Ethics uthor; 5onnie <. <remgen*ublisher; *earsone5oo$ I!56; =>? 12@A ?B2A1Bhardcopy te&tboo$ I!56; =?> B1 2@@ =22@9  th  edition student of El Centro College is not under any obligation to purchase a te&tboo$ from a university'affiliated  boo$store. The same te&tboo$ may also be available from an independent retailer including an online retailer. T)EC5 T C -ule .21> ,c Other Re92irements< ≡ ccess to a computer with internet lin$  ≡ bility to use/navigate the internet ≡ Dperating !ystem that supports 5lac$board ,clic$ +y 4CCC4 tab in eCampus ≡ 5rowser that is supported by 5lac$board ,clic$ +y 4CCC4 tab in eCampus ≡ ava that is supported by 5lac$board ,clic$ +y 4CCC4 tab in eCampus ≡ bility to navigate eCampus ≡ bility to use Word and attach documents ≡ bility to view *ower*oint presentations ≡ bility to use course In Course e+ail/+essages ≡ Chec$ the web site often for announcements ≡ *ractice time management ≡ Independent learner  /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_1/250444656.doc   COURSE IN ORMATIONCredit Ho2rs< 2 hours credit9 1 hour lecture 2 hours lab9 > contact hours Prere92isites ; Must be Texas Success Initiative (TSI) met in Reading and Writing. )ealth 3 :egal !tudies 4ivision=?2.>AB.@B=A Co2rseSched2/ed,ay6s8andTime6s8Instr2ctor In0ormationStart7End ,ateCert ,ate,rop ,ate 53400 Dnline4. >AB @B=1  August 5 ! ecember ##$0#4Se%tember &'vember #35340# DnlineG. *'>AB'@B>=  August 5 ! ecember ##$0#4Se%tember &'vember #35340 Dnline:. :oc$ lloc$Fdcccd.edu21 >AB 2B  August 5 ! ecember ##$0#4Se%tember &'vember #353403 Dnline. 5ec$er  0bec$>AB.@B=>  August 5 ! ecember ##$0#4Se%tember &'vember #3 Policies and Student Handbook enera* Institutina* %*icies and +urse,Re*ated Institutina* %*icies are avai*ab*e n the c**ege -ebsite. The Student andb/ is avai*ab*e rm the Student 1ie 2ice and n the c**ege -ebsite. !tudents should clic$ on the lin$s below and real all of the policies(eneral Institutional policies and Course'-elated Institutional policieshttp;//'-elated'*olicies.pdf  /var/www/apps/conversion/tmp/scratch_1/250444656.doc
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