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  Group-wise case Assignment Cases assigned to different groups are mentioned below. The cases are uploaded in theAIS/ sent to CRs thru e-mail. Even though same case is assigned to two groups groupsneed to wor! separatel #and not to combine the report$. As discussed case anal sis needsto be submitted in a report format. %e precise in our response. Submission &eadline' (ardcop of the report is to be submitted to )s. &ibi a E!!a*ibrar %uilding + nd  ,loor before  pm on  th  ,eb. Softcop of the report should be sentto me via e-mail before pm on the same da # th  ,eb$. 0n 1 th  ,eb an member from an group ma be randoml pic!ed up and be as!ed2uestions on the given assignment. Assignment Questions Club Med (Group 1, 2 ) .As 3ac! Am4allag what problems do ou currentl face5 (ow do ou feel aboutthe future5+.Is 6o turnover reall a problem at Club )ed5 7hat are the pros and cons of high turnover5 Conceptuall  what are the 2uantifiable and non-2uantifiable costs of turnover5.(ow does Club )ed presentl recruit and train its emplo ees5 7hat are the  benefits and drawbac!s of their s stem5 7hat is the cons-benefit trade-off associated with changing the compan 8s current practices51.7h does Club )ed currentl rotate all of their emplo ees ever si9 months5 &oes this rotation polic ma!e sense5 7hat are the advantages and disadvantages of this polic 5:.7hat are our recommendations5 7hat ramifications will our recommendations have for the compan 5 Jindi Enterprises (Group , ! ) .Assess the effectiveness of recruitment and other related practices prevalent at 3indi Enterprises.+.Evaluate the pros and cons of each candidate. If ou were )a who would ou select5 7h 5 7hat would be our selection criteria5 Goldman ac# (Group $, %) .7h is 6oldman Sachs considering a more s stematic approach to developing leaders5+.7hat should the *eadership &evelopment Advisor Committee include as !e design features of 6oldman;s new development program5  Colgate &almoli'e ( Group , ) 1.What is your critical evaluation of Colgate-Palmolive’s international assignment policy? What are its strong points? What weaknesses do you nd?.What should Colgate-Palmolive do a!out the growing issue of dual-career families? .What should an #$C consider when designing a policy regarding international career development? Mabuc#i Motor Co* (Group +, 1) 1.#ultinational enterprises use e%patriates as a control mechanism& to transfer skills and to develop managers. Why the decline in the num!er of 'apanese e%patriates?.What are the key elements of #a!uchi’s strategy and structure? What are its strengths(weaknesses? )ow might these factors !e a*ected !y $+),? .What alternatives to $+), were availa!le? ,re these alternatives consistent with #a!uchi’s corporate strategy?.+n /eptem!er 100& what should #a!uchi do? Massac#usetts inancial er'ices (Group 11, 12) .7h do ),S managers characteri4e the labor mar!et for portfolio managers as a <star= s stem5 7hat factors if an  differentiate this labor mar!et from other labor mar!ets5+.7hat are the characteristics of the ),S anti-star s stem5 7hat t pes of wor!ers does the ),S s stem attract5 E9plain..&oes the ),S s stem have wea! or strong pa -to-performance5 7hat t pe of  behavior does the ),S s stem motivate51.7hat are the potential problems and ma>or challenges created b the ),S  performance evaluation s stem5 7hat are our suggestions for managing these  problems and challenges5:.7hat are the challenges of transporting the ),S s stem to another compan 5?.&o ou thin! that ),S will be successful in using their s stem for their hedge fund managers5 If not wh not5 If so upon what will their success depend5
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