Human Capital in Organisations

Human Capital in Organisations
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  HR2002 Human Capital in Organisations Sem 1 AY 2014/15 Mathew Linus/Lowe Joo Yong Tutorial Discussion Questions The Effects of Globalisation 1. Discuss the impact of globalisation on the engineering industry in Singapore. 2. Has globalisation opened new opportunities or shut them for you? Explain. Organisational Transformations 1. What do you think are the most radical paradigm shifts that have recently occurred in the engineering profession? 2. Which stage, crisis or solution of an organizational transformation do you think is the most critical to its survival? Illustrate with a local example of an engineering company. Organisational Structure & Culture 1. According to the Star Model, the strategy is the starting point. Does that mean that whenever the strategy changes, structure and culture must also change? 2. Discuss how structure influences culture and vice-versa. Industrial Relations  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of the tripartite system here in Singapore. 2. As engineering graduates, you may not be unionized, so how will your interests as employees be championed? Diversity at the Workplace 1. Managing diversity is about balancing rationality and emotionality. Discuss. 2. Is there a diversity problem between engineers and non-engineers at work?  Leadership Intelligences 1. Within the technical or engineering industry, examine a leader’s social and emotional skills with examples. Do you think that the leader’s skills in the two areas were effective or ineffective? Support your argument with evidence. 2. Are emotional and social skills more important than other attributes such as decisiveness or technical knowledge? Explain. Role Identities and Workplace Interactions  1. Examine the multiple roles of a leader to illustrate some of the concepts related to role identity. 2. Examine the different roles that you perform as a student. Describe some of the challenges you face in carrying out the demands of these multiple roles. The Self 1. Discuss why interpersonal relations are challenging despite the existence of several theories and models. 2. Reflect on how you have developed as a person. Which influences have shaped you the most over the past 10 years? Learning 1. What should engineering graduates like you continue to learn - more engineering knowledge and skills or non-engineering ones? 2 . Find out what companies are doing for their engineers’ continuing education and training.   Understanding Careers  1. If an engineer pursues a non-engineering career, would all the 4 years of engineering education become a waste? 2. Find out from practising engineers what they see as important career competencies for engineering professionals
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