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Recruiting the key positions processes in Unilever Viet Nam
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  Good afternoon, everybody, So it’s now my turn, I am the last person in our presentation today,  I will give you some brief conclusions and suggestions about the recruiting future leaders or key people processes of Unilever Viet Nam.   So, you can see in the table here, I just reorganized and  put all of information about the goals, theories applied for each round that we just already mentioned before.  In term of round 1: Application and online test, Step 1, In order to get the potential ambrassadors, Unilever uses on-campus recruiting, however, the college recruting has both sides : positive and negative side, in positive side: if Unilever recruit the best talent, the good ambassadors, they will help the corporation to provide and deliver information about UFLP to their own students in their universities. In this round, Unilever has exploited completely from this potential resources. And the negative side here that is it’s diff to find out the suitable candidates to become a potential ambassador.  With step 2+step 3 and 4, in order to appeal…, Unilever applied  AIDA, online test theories, and they advertise recruiting program through job broads, via the Internet by using facebook and website,.. In term of the round 2, we can evaluate that the test model ,.. this evaluation also based on the point of view of Mr. Vo Tan Thanh - Branch Manager position at Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Company. For the round 3: by using team brainstorming and individual theory to assess comprehensive performance of the candidates, the advantages here is the candidates have the opportunities to experience the real projects, real cases that can help them to become a more well-rounded person . The disadvantages that the candidates must participate in so many activities that require to show so many skills within only one day, makes themselves candidates work in high-pressure jobs, can have negative effect on their results.  However, this round just only held in Ho Chi Minh headquarte r. So, we can suggess that it’s better and more equity to held this round in both sections: HCM AND HANOI Generally, for the final round, by using the situation theory, the 10 best people chosen by the managers mostly become talent managers, holding the key positions and work very successfully for Unilever . So, in this final round, they applied theories very successful.  This enough for our presentation today, So, thank you for your listening. Hi everybody, so now, we move to the organization factors. I will show you the reasons from the organization dimension to explain why the product warranty policies in Lazada received lots of claims, as well as many rumors from the customer at the beginning of the year 2013. In my presentation, I will mention 3 areas: about the problems existed in the current situation, and then give you the solutions to improve their product guaranteed in term of organizational perspectives. First, products warranty process in Lazada divided into three different packages services:  Manufacture and lazada warranty both of them follow the sequence steps: For the manufacture warranty, customers just need information about the map and the address of the manufacture service centers, they can also look up in the Lazada website: And then they will send their products to the manufacture center, after the products is fixed and guaranteed, they will send the product to the customer. Customers may send their products to customer services in Lazada if they can’t seek up the address of the manufacture’s center.( The processes follow this pictures)  Lazada also offer Extended warranty The problems including unprofessional attitude, and so long time  –   consuming for products guaranteed, system errors when online contact via Internet, arise when customers send their  products to the warranty center because those policies are’nt communicated to the customers/  To achieve the goal of become the leading reputation e-tailling in Viet Nam market, Lazada uses all of capital resouces of 10,000 for advertising, together with importing commodities from the manufactures, and selling online products. Normally, product warranty policies are ignored. This is the second reasons. The third reasons existed in business culture, I think that the online market like Lazada, the services center need to serve customer for 24per24 hours , it’s better  . One of the reason that the contracts between employees and Lazada allow high turnover rate from senior management  positions to other lower positions, this overall has big effect on employee’s satisfaction as well as their attitudes devoted for their customers.   

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Jul 23, 2017

Rh Bill Case

Jul 23, 2017
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