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  Chapter 9:Katniss goes with Effie for instruction for the TV interviews the next day. It’s important that the audience i!e Katniss. The next morning Katniss meets with Cinna. #e puts her in a dress covered in $ewes that in the ight give the impression of itte fames. #e as!s if Katniss is ready for her interview %ut she says she’s awfu. Each tri%ute gets three minutes. Katniss’s turn arrives and she goes up on the stage. The hostis Caesar &ic!erman who does the interviews every year. The crowd oves her. 'hen she’s done she watches (eeta go on next. Caesar as!s if he has a girfriend and (eeta says no %ut there is a gir he’s had a crush on as ong as he can remem%er. Caesar says she can’t turn him down if he wins %ut (eeta says winning won’t hep him. The gir he’s thin!ing of came to the )ames with him. Chapter *+:The crowd goes cra,y over (eeta’s confession of ove for Katniss. Katniss says he had no right to share that a%out her. Effie #aymitch and some others arrive. #aymitch says Katniss shoudn’t %e angry %ecause (eeta made her oo! desira%e something she coudn’t achieve on her own. Katniss reai,es #aymitch is right she may gain an advantage with sponsors now and she apoogi,es to (eeta. Katniss and (eeta say their good%yes to #aymitch and Effie. In the morning they wi eave for the arena. #aymitch tes them that when the gong sounds and the )ames officiay %egin they shoud run away. 'hen they arrive she and Cinna go into an underground room. -he dresses in the outfit given to a the tri%utes. #e reminds her of #aymitch’s advice: run then find water. #e says if he coud %et his money woud %e on her and he wishes good uc! to the gir who was on fire. The #unger )ames %egin. Chapter **:The tri%utes must wait sixty seconds %efore they are reeased. Katniss sees a tent pac! and a %ow and arrows. -he thin!s she might %e a%e to reach the %ow %efore anyone ese %ut remem%ers #aymitch’s instructions to get away and find water. -he’s preparing to run when she notices (eeta. #e is oo!ing at her and sha!ing his head. -he gra%s the tent and decides to sprint to an orange %ac!pac!. -he gets thereat the same time as another %oy and whie they strugge for it %ood sprays in Katniss face. The %oy fas and Katniss sees a !nife in his %ac!. uring the )ames a cannon sound mar!s the death of a tri%ute andonce the %atte is over Katniss hears eeven cannon shots. /t night they’ pay the Capito’s anthem and pro$ect the images of the dead into the s!y for everyone to see. Chapter 01:2na%e to eave Katniss and (eeta ie together and ta!. (eeta points out that if they ma!e it %ac! Katniss won’t %e a gir from the -eam anymore. (eope who win the #unger )ames are set up with houses in a separate section of the district caed the Victor’s Viage. #aymitch woud %e their ony neigh%or.That night Thresh’s picture is pro$ected in the s!y. Thresh is dead and the news upsets Katniss. If they didn’t win she wanted Thresh to %ecause he et her ive. 3y morning the rain has stopped and they decide to hunt. They wa! for hours without catching anything so (eeta suggests they spit up. Katniss reai,es that some of their %erries had %een eaten.The cannon sounds $ust %efore a hovercraft appears to ta!e &oxface’s %ody. (eeta thin!s Cato is near %y %ut Katniss expains that the %erries !ied him.Chapter 04: Katniss expains that the %erries some of which &oxface stoe are poisonous. Cato must !now where theyare now so they coo! their food and then head %ac! to the cave they’ve %een staying in. The )amema!ers wi find a way to push Katniss (eeta and Cato together and when they reach the stream it’s totay dry. The )amema!ers have drained it. Every water source they chec! is the same and they reai,e if they want water they’ have to go to the a!e %y the Cornucopia. Cato comes sprinting out of the trees with no weapons and it’s cear he’s %een running hard for a ong time. Katniss hits him directy in thechest with an arrow %ut he’s wearing some form of %ody armor and the arrow %ounces away. Katniss prepares for fight %ut Cato runs directy %etween (eeta and her. Katniss sees strange creatures approaching in the distance. -he turns and runs.  Chapter 05: Katniss recogni,es the strange creatures chasing Cato are mutations made %y the Capito. These mutations oo! i!e giant woves %ut can wa! upright i!e humans. Cato runs to the Cornucopia and Katniss foows %ut she reai,es (eeta can6t save himsef %ecause of his in$ured eg. 2na%e to hep him from the ground she cim%s to the top of the Cornucopia and fires arrows at the approaching mutations so (eeta can cim% up.They fight with the mutations %ut (eeta gets seriousy in$ured. Katniss reai,es (eeta won6t survive much onger. Katniss !is Cato and the cannon sounds and the mutations eave. -he thin!s that they won now %ut Caudius Tempesmith announces that the previous rue change has %een revo!ed: There can now %e ony one winner again. (eeta tes her to shoot him %ut she can6t. Then Katniss has an idea of them to die. -he ta!es the poisonous %erries and they are a%out to eat them. /s Katniss and (eeta pop the %erries into their mouths Caudius Tempesmith shouts for them to stop and says that they are the winners of the#unger )ames.
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