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  -1- HYPNOSIS : 40 OCTOBER 2013 TRANCE : 4 HYPNOTIQUE 40 Years  F OR  P RIVATE  C IRCULATION   ONLY WHAT’S HURTING HYPNOSIS? The New Indian Express July 16, 2013 Express News Service The absence of any accreditation in the country for hypnotherapy is making it vulnerable to fake practitioners, said President of the Hypnotique Circle of Madras, Muthiah Ramanathan. He was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the organisation on Sunday. The absence of any accreditation in the country for hypnotherapy is making it vulnerable to fake practitioners, said President of the Hypnotique Circle of Madras, Mr Muthiah Ramanathan. He was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the organisation on Sunday, 14 July 2013. “The Indian government does not recognise hypnotherapy while the American Medical Academy and that in Britain has recognised it as a medical tool since the 1950s. Owing to this situation people without any expertise in the eld are able to practice here,” he said. Speaking about the various applications of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, he said the acceptance of the eld is growing in the city. “Nowadays there are an increasing number of patients who seek hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The problems can range anywhere between fear of learning to drive to marital problems,” he said. Mr Muthiah pointed out that in about 50 per cent of the cases, it is young couples who seek treatment. “Compatibility issues after marriage is the most frequent problems. This is true for both love and arranged marriages. continued on next page....  -2-  THE HYPNOTIQUE CIRCLE MADRAS 40 Years  Block S-27 C, Rainbow Flats, Ponnambalam Salai, K K Nagar, Chennai 78 In about 60 per cent of the cases, it is possible to bring some sort of amicable understanding between the parties,” he said. Experts also pointed out that while young couples were the most frequent seekers of help, there was also a growing number of couples who had been living together for years and have divorce issues now. “More and more couples are coming up with issues of divorce after more than 15 years of living together. The common argument is that they have been waiting for all those years to let their children settle down and that it was now time to move on,” says Major V V Narayanan, secretary of the Hypnotique Circle.  Another bunch of people who commonly used this therapy are students, especially school students who are on the road to writing competitive examinations, said the experts President Vice President Vice President MUTHIAH RAMANATHAN Dr T M PERUMAL Dr C N RAMGOPAL   93810-34310 93810-65016 94442-90841 Secretary Joint Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer MAJOR V V NARAYANAN R.GOPALAKRISHNAN G.GANESAN U M BAFNA 91500-00615 98844-81760 98401-29523 98415-34999 STRESSED YOUNGSTERS FLOCK TO HYPNOTHERAPISTS Manish Raj, Times of India, July 14, 2013 CHENNAI: Youth of the city, especially students and IT professionals, are ocking to hypnotherapists for stress disorders. In 2012, hypnotists provided succour to more than 15,000 people, of whom 7,200 were students, a conference of the practitioners said on Saturday.  -3- Therapists said that till a few years ago, only a few came for de-stress therapy and counselling, but now the 50 counsellors in the city attend to around 600 students a month. They said counselling was tailor made for each individual. Over a period of time, one is equipped with skills to deal with stress, overcome fear and enhance interpersonal skills, said Major V V Narayanan, secretary of the Hypnotique Circle, Chennai. Hypnotherapist Rajani Sree said a common problem found among students was low self esteem, often a result of wrong conditioning by parents or teachers. She cites the case of Rajeev*, a student who found education stressful. “He was an intelligent student, but his creative energy was directionless. Through therapy, I identied that his problems were a result of faulty parenting. Over three counselling sessions, he was brought out of his old mindset and taught to enjoy his studies. He is a bright student now,” she said.  -4- “Hypnosis-therapy should not be confused with hypnosis in isolation,” said Narayanan, adding that people were now becoming aware of the benets of the therapy, which is scientic and rooted in principles of psychology. “Through therapy, people are trained to change, challenge and manage their habits, perception and behaviour,” he said. Speaking about the technique of the therapy, Mr.Muthiah Ramanathan, president of the organization, said behavioural disorders and negative emotions had their root in the subconscious mind. “Hypnosis-therapy is the method to access an individual’s subconscious mind and identify the real cause of the problem. Once the srcinal factor that led to a disorder is identied, positive suggestions are given to the subconscious mind. The therapy equips the individual to deal with a similar situation in future.” “In a majority of cases, a person comes out of his old mindset in one or two sessions but severe cases require more. While the therapy is free up to two sessions, those requiring more are charged a nominal fee,” he said. Students who are in their teens face several problems such as dyslexia, failed relationships, physical or sexual abuse and behavioural disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Along with therapy, there are occasions when parents and teachers are also counselled. It is only when parents and teachers identify the skills of students and motivate them that they realise their true potential, Sree said. IT professionals in the city also approach the therapists, with high levels of stress and lack of interpersonal skills. “ Many of them, despite coming to the meetings, remain cocooned and don’t open up, which makes it difcult to reach out,” said Major Narayanan. “But once they open up, it’s just a matter of a few sessions,” he said.  
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