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  Natural Dyes -Natural yellow dyes, based on flavones, chalcones and polyenes, are weakly colored, unstable and fades by light. -However, the anthraquinone and indigo   chromogens , respectively found in the natural red and blue dyes  are stable and form the basis of many of the modern synthetic dyes.  OOOOO NNOHHO ROOC( CH = CH )  n COOR   n = 7 - 9 ; R = H , Me Polyenes Flavones ( 2-Phenylchromones) Chalcones (benzalacetophenone)  anthraquinone indigo  Classification of Dyes ã Chemical Classification  : ã Nitro dyes, Nitroso dyes ã  Azo dyes ã Diphenylmethane dyes, Triphenylmethane dyes ã Xanthene dyes ã  Anthraquinone dyes ã  Acridine dyes ã Indigoid dyes ã Phthalocyanine dyes ã Polymethine dyes ã Sulphur dyes    Usage Classification of Dyes   Method of Application   Substrate   Chemical Type   Class   From neutral or acidic dyebath Nylon  –  woolSilk  Azo  – anthraquinone triphienylmethane Acid(anionic)From acidic dyebath Paper  –  polyester Cyanine  –  azo - azine  – acridine - oxazine Basic(cationic) From neutral or slightly alkaline containing additional electrolyte Cotton - leather  Azo - phthalocyanine Direct (anionic) Applied in conjunction with Cr salts Wool  –  leather  –  anodized Al  Azo  –  anthraquinone Mordant Water-insoluble dyes solubilized by reduction with sodium hydrogen sulfite, introduced into the fiber and then reoxidised Wool  –  cotton  –  rayon Indigo - anthraquinone Vat dyes,dispersed on synthetic fibres by heat&pressure before application . Mainly used in photographyPolymethine, phthalocyanine Nitro dyesDisperseproduced in situcellulose Azo Azoic (Ingrain)

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Jul 23, 2017
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