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  Installation and Start-Up Guide 11/2002 Edition & simodrive SINUMERIK 840DSIMODRIVE 611 digital  Valid for ControlSoftware version  SINUMERIK 840D 6SINUMERIK 840DE (export version) 6SINUMERIK 840D powerline 6SINUMERIK 840DE powerline 6DriveSIMODRIVE 611 digital 6 11.2002 Edition SINUMERIK 840DSIMODRIVE 611 digital Installation and Start-Up GuideGeneral Preparations 1 Configuration 2 Settings, MPI / OPI 3 EMC / ESD Measures 4 Power ON and Booting 5 Parameterization of Control System 6 PLC Start-Up 7 Alarm and Message Texts 8 Axis and Spindle Dry Run 9 Drive Optimization withStart-Up Tool 10 Data Backup 11 Software and Hardware Replacement 12 HMI/MMC 13 Miscellaneous 14 Abbreviations A References B Index  SINUMERIK ®  Documentation Printing history Brief details of this edition and previous editions are listed below.The status of each edition is shown by the code in the “ Remarks ”  column. Status code in the “Remarks” column:  A New documentation.. . . . . B Unrevised reprint with new order no.. . . . . C Revised edition with new status. . . . . . If factual changes have been made on the page in relation to the same softwareversion, this is indicated by a new edition coding in the header on that page. EditionOrder No.Remarks 06.946FC5 297-0AB10-0BP0 A 08.946FC5 297-0AB10-0BP1 C 02.956FC5 297-2AB10-0BP0 C 04.956FC5 297-2AB10-0BP1 C 09.956FC5 297-3AB10-0BP0 C 03.966FC5 297-3AB10-0BP1 C 08.976FC5 297-4AB10-0BP0 C 12.976FC5 297-4AB10-0BP1 C 12.986FC5 297-5AB10-0BP0 C 08.996FC5 297-5AB10-0BP1 C 04.006FC5 297-5AB10-0BP2 C 10.006FC5 297-6AB10-0BP0 C 09.016FC5 297-6AB10-0BP1 C 11.026FC5 297-6AB10-0BP2 C This book is part of the documentation on CD-ROM (DOCONCD)EditionOrder No.Remarks 11.026FC5 298-6CA00-0BG3 C Trademarks SIMATIC  , SIMATIC HMI  , SIMATIC NET  , SIROTEC  , SINUMERIK   and SIMODRIVE   are trademarks ofSiemens. Other product names used in this documentation may be trademarks which, if used by third par-ties, could infringe the rights of their owners. Further information is available on the Internet under: publication was produced with Interleaf V7.The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or itscontents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenderswill be liable for damages. All rights, including those created by patentgrant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. ©  Siemens AG, 1994  – 2002. All rights reservedOther functions not described in this documentation might beexecutable in the control. However, no claim can be made regardingthe availability of these functions when the equipment is first suppliedor for service cases.We have checked that the contents of this document correspond tothe hardware and software described. Nonetheless, differences mightexist and therefore we cannot guarantee that they are completelyidentical. The information contained in this document is, however,reviewed regularly and any necessary changes will be included in thenext edition. We welcome suggestions for improvement.Subject to changes without prior noticeSiemens AktiengesellschaftOrder No. 6FC5 297-6AB10-0BP2Printed in Germany 3ls
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