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  Designed Specially for India Protecting health and safety of people by providing world-class codes and education in plumbing and mechanical domains ABOUT US International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) was founded on May 17, 1926. It’s world headquarters is located at Ontario, California, USA. We are an 85 year old non-government organization (NGO) and non-profit association serving the industry. We are devoted to Health and Safety, primarily in the Plumbing and Mechanical field. We are a founding organization of the  World Plumbing Council (WPC).IAPMO is recognized world over for its Codes and Standards .  With offices in 11 states and seven countries, IAPMO has assisted with code development in such diverse places as Saudi Arabia, China, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela, Columbia, United Arab Emirates and   India . IAPMO India IAPMO Plumbing Codes and Standards India Private Limited (known as IAPMO India) was founded in 2007 with offices at Bengaluru and Pune.This resulted in IAPMO India and the Indian Plumbing  Association (IPA) working together to develop latest and comprehensive plumbing codes and training and education programs for code based plumbing installations and maintenance for all of India.Dedicated efforts from many experts within the Mechanical domain helped IAPMO India to develop the Uniform Mechanical Code - India (UMC-I), and its publication in early 2012. Code based training and education program for HVAC will also be in place soon. Consultancy services for Energy and Water Auditing. Indian Plumbing Association Established in 1993, IPA is the apex body of plumbing professional in the country. Set up with an objective to promote advancements in plumbing and the building service industry, IPA also conducts conferences throughout India and yearly exhibition known as Plumbex  . IPA publishes the monthly magazine   Indian Plumbing Today   (IPT). IPA has 12 Chapters and membership exceeds 2,000. The members include manufacturers, builders, contactors, associates, institutions, consultants, architects, engineers, students and many more. The organization aims to propagate and create awareness in the field of Plumbing for health,  welfare and safety of the society. IAPMO IndiaNo. 22, 12th B main, HAL 2nd Stage,Indiranagar, Bengaluru 560 038 IAPMO’S CODES, PRODUCT CERTIFICATION AND STANDARDS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS IAPMO Codes, Code Development  IAPMO R&T, Product Certification IAPMO R&T Oceana,  Australia and New Zealand Product Certification IAPMO Standards,   Standards Development  IAPMO Uniform ES, Building Product Evaluations  PLUMBING CODES & STANDARDS Plumbing Codes and Standards Published jointly by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials – India(IAPMO India) and Indian Plumbing Association (IPA)2011 Uniform Plumbing Code – India Rs. 2,0002011 Uniform Plumbing Code – India Illustrated Training Manual (ITM) Rs. 2,2502011 Uniform Plumbing Code – India and ITM (Package deal) Rs. 3,5002010 Green Plumbing Code Supplement – India Rs. 7002011 Uniform Swimming Pool Code- India Rs. 6002012 Uniform Solar Energy Code - India Rs. 6002011 Water Efficient Products India – India A rating system for sustainable plumbing in India Rs. 150 *Includes all taxes*Courier charges extra *Package of all 5 codes together available at Rs. 5500 only.*Special discounts available for educational institutions, training centres, social organizations, government departments and professional associations. For enquiry and orders, please contact: IAPMO India No. 22, 12th B main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru 560 008 P: 91 80 3071 4500 ã Email: ã MECHANICAL CODES & EDUCATION Uniform Mechanical Code – India 2012 The Uniform Mechanical Code-India™ (UMC-I™) provides required guidelines for the design, installation and maintenance of Heating, Mechanical Ventilation, cooling, refrigeration and miscellaneous building services and systems, while at the same time allowing latitude for innovation and new technologies.2012 Uniform Mechanical Code – India Rs. 2,000 2012 Uniform Mechanical Code – India Illustrated Training Manual (ITM) Rs. 2,250 2012 Uniform Mechanical Code – India and ITM (Package deal) Rs. 3,500 *Includes all taxes*Courier charges extra *Special discounts available for educational institutions, training centres, social organizations, government departments and professional associations. For enquiry and orders, email: ã  Mr. Abdul Matheen , Director, Mechanical, IAPMO India Email: ã Mechanical Education to Employment Program MSDMechanical System DesignMAPMechanical Apprentice ProgramMSPMechanical Supervisor ProgramGMTPGreen Mechanical Training ProgramsFSTPFire and Safety Training ProgramsEATPEnergy Audit Training Programs PRODUCT TESTING AND CERTIFICATION Product Certification IAPMO India makes product certification services available to all manufacturers, domestic and foreign, so long as they meet the minimum requirements of the applicable IAPMO India codes and standards that govern their products.IAPMO India has collaborated with Intertek to promote one another’s services in the plumbing and mechanical product testing domain. Five Easy Steps to Certification Since 1936, The IAPMO Group has certified plumbing, mechanical, solar and numerous other products, creating decades-strong value and instant recognition among  Authorities Having Jurisdiction for their highly credible Marks of Conformity. Certification through IAPMO India demonstrates a product’s compliance with all of the codes and standards that govern its use within a specific jurisdiction.Follow the five simple steps toward achieving product certification through IAPMO India. IAPMO India’s Product Marks of Conformity    Uniform Solar Energy Code – India (USEC-I)Uniform Plumbing Code – India (UPC-I)Uniform Plumbing Code – India (UPC-I), and Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I)Uniform Mechanical Code – India (UMC-I)Green Product listings to the Green Plumbing Code Supplement – India (GPCS-I) Uniform Swimming Pool Code – India (USPC-I) PLUMBING EDUCATION Code based training and education in plumbing Until recently, formal training and education in plumbing was not available in India despite the great demand. The skill and knowledge level of trained plumbers was not meeting the industry demand. To bridge this gap, IAPMO India and IPA together have launched Plumbing Education to Employment Program (PEEP) to prepare multiple levels of professional groups in India to read, understand, interpret, engage, and apply the provisions of Uniform Plumbing Code-India to design, initial installations and continued maintenance of plumbing systems.The following academic courses are now available:PSDPlumbing System DesignPCMPlumbing Construction Management PTPPlumbing Technology ProgramTAPTrained Apprentice Plumber TMPTrained Master Plumber Intro’ to UPC-IOne day Introduction to UPC-I Workshop Green Plumbers India Workshop Green Plumbers India is a training and accreditation program of IAPMO India and the IPA to individuals and plumbing professionals in understanding their role in protecting the environment and public health through green plumbing practices. It covers 3 modules viz. Climate, Green Plumbing, and Water. After attending the three day training, the delegates receive a certificate as Green Plumbers India Accredited Specialist (GPIAS) and also a wallet identification card.For further details, qualifications, fees and registration; please contact: Mr. Subhash Deshpande , Director, Plumbing  Address for correspondence: IAPMO India 8, Ankur Apartments10 Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune 411 007 Ph: 020 2588 3914 Email:  Endorsed by IPA ™ – UPCI I ™ – UPCI I ™ – UMCI I ™ I ™ I ™ – UMCI I ™ I ™ – UPCI I


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