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   MGT 185: Investment Banking Undergraduate Course, Fall 2014PROFESSOR: L. JEAN UNN, JR.E!A L: l#dunn$roadrunner.%o&P'ONE: ()*0+ )0-21OFF CE LOCA/ ON: n %lassroo& ells Fargo 'all Roo& 1N10OFF CE 'OURS: /ursda3, ):40 P! to :00 P! A5ter %lass/A: E!A L: Note: This syllabus may be updated and revised at a later date. Please check TED for latest version. COURSE / !ES AN LOCA/ ON/e %lass t6&e 6s /ursda3 a5ternoons 5ro& :00 P! to ):40 P! at ells Fargo 'all Roo& 1N10COURSE ESCR P/ ON /6s %ourse 7ro86des an o8er86e9 o5 te 6n8est&ent an;6ng 6ndustr3 6n%lud6ng POs, e<u6t3 o55er6ngs, det o55er6ngs, 8aluat6on, &ergers and a%<u6s6t6on, 7r68ate e<u6t3, asset se%ur6t6=at6on, 7r6&e ro;erage, sales and trad6ng, and &ar;et &a;6ng. Students 96ll also learn aout te %anges 6n te 6n8est&ent an;6ng 6ndustr3 s6n%e te 56nan%6al %r6s6s 6n%lud6ng odd-Fran; as 9ell as te r6se o5 out6<ue 6n8est&ent an;6ng 56r&s. E&7as6s 96ll e on trad6t6onal %or7orate 56nan%e 96% 6n%ludes e<u6t3 and det o55er6ngs as 9ell as &ergers and a%<u6s6t6ons.COURSE O>JEC/ ?ES/e &a6n goal o5 te %ourse 6s to 7ro86de students 96t ot te <uant6tat68e tools as 9ell as te leaders67 6ns6gts needed to su%%ess5ull3 ota6n a 7os6t6on 6n te %or7orate 56nan%e de7art&ent o5 an 6n8est&ent an;6ng 56r&. E&7as6s 96ll e 7la%ed on te s;6lls ne%essar3 to e8aluate and 8alue %o&7an6es 96% 6s te as6% s;6ll re<u6red o5 6n8est&ent an;ers. S6gn656%ant %lass t6&e 96ll e s7ent on le8eraged u3outs and &ergers and a%<u6s6t6ons./e %ourse 96ll ut6l6=e le%tures, %ase stud6es, and guest s7ea;ers 5ro& 6ndustr3. /6s <uarter-lengt %ourse 6s des6gned 5or u77er d686s6on undergraduate students.COURSE !A/ER ALS/e te@t oo; 5or t6s %ourse 6s: Investment Banking aluation! everaged Buyouts and #ergers and $c%uisitions Josua Rosenau& and Josua PearlSe%ond Ed6t6on Un68ers6t3 Ed6t6onJon 6le3 and Sons, n%. 'oo;en, Ne9 Jerse3 ou sould also a8e use o5 a B56nan%6al %al%ulator and a%%ess and ;no9ledge o5 !6%roso5t E@%el./e ass6gned read6ngs, %ases and %lass s%edule are g68en 6n te atta%ed %ourse outl6ne. Each student is e&pected to have completed the reading for each class before the class starts . Case stud6es 96ll e  due as ass6gned 6n te s%edule and 96ll e turned 6n e5ore %lass on te da3 due. Ea% student 6se@7e%ted to e 7re7ared to %ontr6ute to te %lassroo& d6s%uss6on. (See elo9.+ A//ENANCEou are e@7e%ted to attend e8er3 %lassD 3ou are res7ons6le 5or te &ater6al %o8ered 6n %lass 9eter or not 3ou attend. real6=e tat des76te 3our est e55orts 3ou &6gt e 5or%ed to &6ss a %lass due to un5oreseen e&ergen%6es and 9ould l6;e 3ou to 6n5or& &e 65 3ou a8e &6ssed (or 96ll &6ss+ a %lass. E?ALUA/ ON AN RA NStudents 96ll e e8aluated ased on 7er5or&an%e 6n te6r areas o5 e55ort:/ere 96ll e se8en 7a7ers56nan%6al &odel6ng ass6gn&ents tat 96ll e re<u6red dur6ng te <uarter. All 96ll%arr3 e<ual 9e6gt and 96ll e te as6s 5or te grade 6n te %ourse. /ere 96ll e no &6dter& or 56nale@a&.Please note: All ass6gn&ents are to e %o&7leted 6nd686duall3 so %ollaorat6on a&ong students 6s notallo9ed.  COURSE OU/L NE/ursda3, O%toer 2, 2014 ntro to n8est&ent >an;6ng'6stor3 o5 n8est&ent >an;6ng Assignment #1 due October 9, !1 beore c$ass /ursda3, O%toer , 2014Cred6t Anal3s6s ndustr3 Anal3s6s Assignment # due October 1%, !1 beore c$ass /ursda3, O%toer 1*, 2014Co&7arale Co&7an3 Anal3s6sCa7ter 1 Assignment #& due October &, !1 beore c$ass /ursda3, O%toer 2, 2014Pre%edent /ransa%t6on Anal3s6sCa7ter 2 Assignment # due October &!, !1 beore c$ass /ursda3, O%toer 0, 20146s%ounted Cas Flo9 Anal3s6sCa7ter  Assignment #5 due 'ovember 5, !1 beore c$ass /ursda3, No8e&er , 2014Le8eraged >u3outCa7ter 4  /ursda3, No8e&er 12, 2014Le8eraged >u3out Anal3s6sCa7ter  Assignment #% due 'ovember 19, !1  /ursda3, No8e&er 1, 2014!ergers G A%<u6s6t6onsCa7ter * T()*+A- 'O./MB/* 0, !1 T(A'+GI.I'G 'O 23A++ /ursda3, e%e&er 4, 2014!ergers G A%<u6s6t6onsCa7ter )/ursda3, e%e&er 11, 2014 PO Assignment #04rida, ecember 19, !1 0:!! 6M


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