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  IBPS PO Mock Test 1 Please read the below instructions carefully before proceeding    Please note that you can take only a single attempt of the question paper. After your attempt, you will be able to login again into the system to see your performance report, but you will not be able to attempt the mock test again in a timed mode.    This question paper consists of 5 sections, 200 questions and 200 marks o   Q 1-50: Reasoning, 1 mark each o   Q 51-90: English, 1 mark each o   Q 91-140: Quantitative Aptitude, 1 mark each o   Q 141-180: General Awareness, 1 mark each o   Q 181-200: Computer Knowledge, 1 mark each    You have 2 hours to complete the test. Each question has anegative marking of 1/4th marks    Please note that each section has sectional cut-offs. Hence, you are advised to not spend too much time on one question or one section.    The candidate must 'mouse-click' the alternative he/she thinks is correct. The said alternative will be highlighted and shall be treated as the answer given by the candidate for the question. In case the candidate does not wish to attempt the question then he/she should not click on any option for that question.    The questions may be answered in any order within the given time.    The question number of attempted and un-attempted questions is shown on the right hand side of the screen (navigation panel). You can click on any of the question numbers to view the question, in order to attempt/ revise your answer to the question    To move back and forth between questions, candidates can use the Next / Previous buttons or can click on the question number in the navigation panel on the left    The answers are saved whenever the candidate navigates, i.e. by clicking on 'Next' or Previous'' or by clicking a question number in the navigation panel. The candidate can change the response any time before he/she submits the question paper or before the exam time is over     After the expiry of 120 minutes, the candidate will not be able to attempt any question. The answer of the candidate will be saved automatically by the online examination system even if he/she has not clicked the Submit button. Reasoning  Directions : In each question below is given a group of letters followed by four combinations of digits/symbols lettered (a), (b) , (c), (d) You have to find out which of the combinations correctly represents the group of letters based on the coding system and mark the letter of that combination as your answer. If none of the combinations correctly represents the group of letter of letters, mark (e) i.e. 'None of these' as your answer. Letter : T A G R S D N E V U X P  Digits/Symbol Code : @ 4 9 # % 3 © 5 1 ß 7 6 Conditions --  (i) if the first letter is a consonant and the last letter is a vowel only the first letter may be coded and no code may be given to the last letter. (ii) if both the first and last letters are vowels then both are to be coded as $. (iii) if the first letters is a vowel and the last letter is a consonant then the codes are to be interchanged. 1. DESGRT  A 35%9# B 35%9#@ C @5%9#3 D 359%#@ E None of these  Ans. B Sol. Since none of the conditions is satisfied, every letter is directly coded to give 35%9#@ 2. NERSPU  A @5#%6@ B @5#56© C ©5#%6 D ©5#%6ß E None of these  Ans. C Sol.  Condition (i) is satisfied, so no code to last letter, rest are directly coded to give ©5#%6 3. XNTPGA  A 7©@694 B 7©@964 C 4©@69 D 7©@69 E None of these  Ans. D Sol. 7©@69 (condition I follows) 4. ESVTU  A $%1@$ B 5%1@ß C $%1@ß D $%1ß 5 E None of these  Ans.  A Sol. $1©9$ (condition II follow) 5. UXPTGN  A ©76@9ß  B $76@9© C ß76@9© D ß76@9B E None of these  Ans.  A Sol. ©76@9ß (condition III follow) Directions : Study the following information to answer the given questions: Q, R, S, T, U, and V are seated in a straight line facing North. S is second to the right of T and T is second to the right of Q . R is to the left of Q and is second to the left of V. Sol. 6. How many persons are seated between T and V?  A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 E None of these  Ans. E Sol.

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Jul 23, 2017
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