IBPS Professional Knowledge Paper 5

IBPS Professional Knowledge Paper 5
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  1. Which department people can best help in auditing? [A] ERP [B] EDP [C] Finance [D] Higher Mnagement [E] None of these (Ans):B 2. Which is not manual technique for computer assisted audit technique? [A] Interviews [B] Code Reviews [C] Questionnaires [D] Control Flow Chart [E] None of these (Ans):B 3. Which of the following is not a common standard for service level management? [A] IEC2000 [B] ISO9000 [C] ISO2000 [D] COBIT [E] None of these (Ans):D 4. Which of the following BEST describes ‘Partner’in the phrase’’People, Processes, Products and Partners’’?    [A] Suppliers, manufactures and vendors [B] Custemors [C] Enternal department [D] The facilities management function [E] None of these (Ans):A 5. Which is the most important of SLM? [A] Custemer service [B] Custemer satisfaction [C] 24*7 IT support [D] Meeting the SLAs [E] None of these (Ans):B 6. Of the following which is not part of service lavel manegement? (1)Service level recritement [B] Service desk [C] Service catalog [D] Service improvement plan [E] None of these (Ans):B 7. What is the sub-process of capacity planning? [A] Business capacity planning  [B] Service capacity planning [C] Resource capacity planning [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):D 8. Which of the following is not a part of Financial Mangement for IT Services? [A] Charging [B] Budgeting [C] Accounting [D] Procurement [E] None of these (Ans):D 9. Understanding customer usage of services and how this varies over time is part of which  process? [A] Service protofolio Management [B] Service level management [C] Component capacity management [D] Demand management [E] None of these (Ans):D . 10. Which is not a charectaristics of a process? [A] Process is always measurable [B] Process always delivers specific results  [C] Process always responds to specific events [D] Process always is necessary [E] None of these (Ans):D 11. What does a service always deliver to customer? [A] Application [B] Infrastructure [C] Value [D] Resouces [E] None of these (Ans):C 12. Who owns the specific costs and risks assosiated with providing a service? [A] The service provider [B] The service level manger [C] The customer [D] Resources [E] None of these (Ans):A 13. ‘’Financial department needs higher security measures’’ is example for which SLA?  [A] Corporate level SLA [B] Customer level SLA [C] Service level SLA
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