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  CWE Clerks-VII: Recruitment of Clerks (2018-19)Declaration of Result tatus of !nline reliminar# E$amination  Name :ARUN KUMAR Registration No. :1590786073Roll No. :2761004722 Congratulations! You have been provisionally shortlisted for Online MainExamination to be held on 21.1.21. #ores obtained by you in the Online$reliminary Examination %ill be available on this %ebsite %ithin & days.   I%&I&'&E ! *%+I%, ER!%%E EEC&I!%!nline reliminar# E$amination for Recruitment of Clerks (CWE-Clerks-VII) in artici.atin/ !r/anisations 'ame of the #andidate()*' +*M())oll 'o.2&,1-&22)egistration 'o.1/&,&0tate* applied for)(3(4('5ate of Online $reliminary Examination0121&CategoryO6C7E8  Details of Online Preliminary Examination Scores English9anguage)easoning(bility'umeri#al(bilityotal#oreMaximum #ore0001Cutoff #ore for provisional shortlisting for Online Main Examination re:uired for O6C7E8,.1./.2--.2Obtained #ore12.&2.&21.&.2 otal #ore ; #ore obtained in English 9anguage < )easoning (bility < 'umeri#al (bility=or details on $ro#ess of (rriving at #ores> please refer to authorised ?6$  C(99 9EE) =O) 4E O'9?'E M(?' E8(M?'(?O' =O) )EC)*?ME' O=C9E)?C(9 C(5)E ?' $()?C?$(?'@ O)@('?(?O')O99 'O.*E) ?5 A 2&,1-&22$(BO)5 A&2-/1-'(ME ('5 (55)E ()*' +*M() B()5 'O 1/ ()('(@() 'E() M('@? 9(9 'O4()( C4('@O? )(O5 ()('(@() C4*)* )(3(4(' 0010-)E@?)(?O' 'O. A 1/&,&0E'*E CO5E A C 111&E'*E O= E8(M?'(?O' ('('5 ?'E)'(?O'(9 CO99E@E O= E'@?'EE)?'@ 3(?$*) 'E() +('O( (@)( )O(5 3(?$*) )(3(4(' 0012 5(E O= E8(M?'(?O' A 2111 unday )E$O)?'@ ?ME A A (M Madam  ir> (==?8 YO*) )ECE' $($O) ?DE $4OO@)($4 -. CM 8 0. CMF B4?C4 4O*95 M(C4 B?4 4E O'E *$9O(5E5 ?' 4E O'9?'E($$9?C(?O'. )e A O'9?'E Main Examination for )e#ruitment of Cleri#al Cadre in $arti#ipating Organisations$hotograph affixed should mat#h the uploaded photograph. ?n #ase of dis#repan#y> the uploaded photo only %ill be #onsidered foridentifi#ation purpose.Bith referen#e to your appli#ation for the above post and based on your performan#e in $reliminary examination held during 5e#ember 21&> %e are pleased to inform that you have been shortlisted for Main Examination. $lease appear for the examination at your o%n expense on the date> time and venue mentioned above> subGe#t to the terms and #onditions set out belo%. $lease bringthis #all letter %ith your photograph affixed thereon> photo identity proof in srcinal and a photo#opy 7 4? ? EE'?(9. $lease hand over this #all7letter and photo#opy of photo identity proof duly stapled together to the invigilator. $lease %rite your )oll 'o. and )eg. 'o. on the photo#opy of the photo ?5 $roof. Candidates arriving after the time printed on the #all letter %ill not be permitted to enter the Examination 4all nor shall a #andidate be permitted to leave the examination hall till the time for the test is over andor permission to leave the hall is given by the test administrator.  9eft humb ?mpression in the presen#e of the invigilator at the time of examinationF 
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