ICTL F1 Midyear 2012

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  PANITIA TEKNOLOGI MAKLUMAT & KOMUNIKASI PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2012TINGKATAN SATU INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY LITERACY 1 HOUR  Disediakan oleh,Disemak oleh, JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 4 halaman bercetak  KERTAS SOALAN INI DISEDIAKANDALAM BAHASA INGGERIS  1.  Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.. 2. Sila pilih satu jawapan sahaja.3. Jawab semua  soalan. Kod Pemeriksa SoalanMarkahenuhMarkah Di!eroleh1 4# 100 Juma!  1.  All the computer lab rules below are true except  A.Shut down the computer properlyB.Play and run in the computer lab with your friendsC.Take off your shoes before entering computer lab D.Push in all the chairs after using the computer lab 2. These are the correct ways to keep your CDR! except  A. eep in the the CD case or files.B.Do not e#pose your CD to direct sunlight C.Do not scratch the CDR! surface using sharp ob$ects.D.%et your CD be on the floor when not using 3. &hat is the meaning of computer 'irus A.Program design to damage the program in the computer so that it cannot functionproperly B.Program design to help user to make word document C.Program that allow user to communicate with each other D.Program design to help user to make slide presentation. 4. These are the ways how computer 'iruses spread except  A.(rom disketteB.(rom internet whendownloading filesC.&hen you touch the computer D.(rom thumb dri'e 5. &hat is PC) A.Computer B.Personal Computer C.%aptopD.Smart Phone 6. These are anti'irus software except  A.A*+B.A'iraC. asperskyD.&indow ,,. &hich of the following is not a computer hardware) A.-nputB.utputC.umanD.Process/.&hich of the following is not computer storage de'ice) A.(loppy Disk Dri'eB.CDR!C. eyboardD.Thumb dri'e0. !ouse1 $oystick and scanner are e#amples of  A.-nputB.Processor C.utputD.Storage23. !onitor and speaker are e#amples of  A.-nputB.Processor C.utputD.Storage22. ey 4444. on your keyboard is used to delete character or words. A.Space bar B.5nter C.6um %ockD.Delete27. Choose the correct way to shut down your computer. A.Start  shutdown  restart  okB.Start  shutdown  shutdown  okC.Turn of the electrical plugD.Turn off the power button onCP829.Students can use the computer lab to 44444 on facebook academic youtube 'ideo clips or mo'ie 14. -n the computer lab organi:ation chart1 the chairperson is the 444 A.principalB.senior assistantC.lab coordinator D.panel head sub$ect2;.&hich of the following hardware component cannot be seen in a computer lab) A.mouseB.monitor C.printer D.refrigerator 2<.The first computer generations used 444.. A.silicon chipsB.'acuum tubeC.transistor D.integrated circuit2,.The second computer generations used 4444.. A.silicon chipsB.'acuum tubeC.transistor D.integrated circuit2/.-t was used to sol'e problems in ma$or uni'ersities1 military agencies and scientific research laboratories. &hat is this type of computer) A.supercomputer computer C.workstationD.micro computer 20. 44444 is designed to handle 'ery high 'olume input and output and emphasi:ed throughout computing. A. mini computer B. laptopC. mainframeD. micro computer  2#. %aptop is also called a 444 A.notebookB.palmtopC.tabD.ser'er 72.444 is a computer that pro'ide ser'ices to other computers on a network. A.workstationB.ser'er C.smartphoneD.desktop77.&hich of the following applications is not in !icrosoft ffice package) A.!icrosoft &ordB.!icrosoft 5#celC.!icrosoft PowerpointD.Print Artist79.=ou use this de'ice to play games. &hat is the de'ice name) A.$oystickB.!ouseC. eyboardD.Touch screen7>.&hat is the icon means) A.playB.startC.stopD.pause7;.&hat is the category of +oogle Chrome1 -nternet 5#plorer and !o:illa (irefo#)   A.&eb browser B.&ord ProcessingC.Computer +amesD.+raphic 5ditor 7<.Palmtops are more commonly known as 444 A.Personal Digital assistantsB.%aptopC.&orkstationD.!ainframe7,.The latest trend of computers are integrated into watches1 cell phones1 'isors and e'en clothing are called 444. A.workstationB.desktopC.wearableD.supercomputer 7/.-f you want to print a document1 what de'ice do you use) A.printer B. eyboardC.mouseD.monitor  Question 29 tilll 32 Choose the answer from the bo# to match the following statements.ard DiskDri'e!emoryPrinter!onitor  ABCD70.Temporary storage and the content will be lost when power is turned off. 93. T*?shape de'ice that shows information which has been processed by the CP892. Part of computer that keep program and files to be used by the computer 97. 8sed to print the output. Question 33 till 36 Diskette@oystickTouch Screen eyboard ABCD99. (unction as a typing machine and let user key in te#t and instructionc into the computer.9>. 8sually used as an e#ternal storage and can be brought e'erywhereportable.9;. Data is entered $ust by touching with your finger. 9<. De'ice that allowdri'e the cursor or graphic ob$ect to mo'e in different directions such as when you play game. Question 37 till 40 eyboardCP8!ouse!onitor  ABCD   9,909/>3
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