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  21.9.2014Ido Portal | The Training Effect The Training Effect How-To Home Workout Solutions Ido PortalHand Walking/Crawling Exercises:Demanding More From Your Upper Body Quick Tips 6 years ago I watched Jon Hinds strap his LifeLine Power Wheel( to his feet and hand walkthe entire length of a football field.I have to admit I thought the entire sequence was pretty badass, yet at the same time it, italso seemed like circus trick to show off to your friends rather than a essential piece of aneffective strength and conditioning program.  21.9.2014Ido Portal | The Training Effect Battling ropes are an example of a tool have added tremendous value to the averagetrainee’s tool box. Battling rope drills are primarily executed in a standing position,involving timed (or rep based) work sets that are highly metabolic, recruit a ton of musclefor completion and train the upper body to produce repeated effort force in a way that isextremely unique.But, battling rope drills don’t require our upper extremities to support the weight of our body.Sure, the shoulder is not a load bearing like the hip or the knee, but we should be able tosupport and stabilize a percentage or even our entire body with our hands and arms. Please don’t ask me to give “functional” examples of how drills such as handstandstransfer over into real world activities until you yourself perform a series of 1-minuteinverted holds yourself.Doing so might make you feel like you like a weakling whether you are an avid exerciseror not. I sure did.—> What can you attribute to the difficulty of a hand walking/crawling/stands?New stimulus? Yes. Very challenging regardless? Absolutely, every single time.The average workout just doesn’t stress the upper body in the same way that it tends tostress the lower body. It makes sense since humans are bipedals. Keeping our lowerextremities strong, mobile, stable, and capable of sustained and high level repeatedphysical effort serves us very well.But we need to be strong, stable and mobile movers in many different positions, not justwith walking and running.Hand walking, crawling, handstands and other upper body support drills stress theupper body much differently than push ups, overhead pressing, Turkish Get-Ups. In thepast, most hand walking drills were exclusive to gymnasts and other tumblers. It’samazing that it has taken so long for this type of training to leak out to the generalpopulation.But, it’s here now and we need to leverage it. It’s a tool (or maybe a strategy is a betterdescription), and like all training tools, it serves a purpose in our physical development.Handstands. I have been a huge fan of hand walking and crawling for years, but havemore recently begun to see amazing value in practicing handstands. Simply kicking yourfeet up to a wall and holding that position with assisted support from your feet isextremely challenging and beneficial for overall physical improvement.  21.9.2014Ido Portal | The Training Effect ( it for yourself. Go. Now. Try it.It feels unnatural to support yourself vertically and I believe this is a good thing (unlessyou are experiencing pain). You’re acclimating yourself to a new movement skill. I amall about safety in training because it keeps us moving for life, but exploring unchartedterritories of movement will bring you back to your childhood roots, where exploring isencouraged and crucial for overall development.Fast forward to our adult years. People who are hesitant to participate in certain physicaltasks haven’t exposed themselves to that stimulus before. They haven’t explored, so themovement seems risky, difficult or in some cases unfathomable.Much of this handstand talk is probably coming from Ido Portal’s training philosophy(    , which is fine because I love the tenacitythat Ido is bringing to the movement community. He doesn’t dabble with movement, heis movement. That’s pretty cool. Devoting your life’s work to becoming the best moverpossible, and then teaching the progressions on how to get to that level to others, is prettyamazing when you think about it.Kudos to Ido Portal. In my own training, I have divided my hand walking/crawling into two differentcategories:Horizontal walking/crawlingVertical walking/crawlingBoth of these have two sub-categories that can be broken down even further:Static (not moving)Dynamic (moving)

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Jul 23, 2017
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