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3 type if conditional with fact
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  If Conditional Type 1 1.   I will give you sun flower, if you want. Fact: you don’t want, so I don’t give you.  2.   If she cry, I won’t buy ramen for her.   Fact: she don’t cry, so I’ll buy ramen for her.  3.   I will come If you don’t make me mad.  Fact: you make me mad, so I won’t to come  4.   If she always reads everyday, she will be able to write. Fact: she never reads, so she won’t be able to write.  5.   I w ill come if she don’t come.   Fact: she come, so I won’t to come.  6.   If you find that I want, I will buy 10 ramen for you. Fact: you don’t find, so I don’t buy 10 ramen for you.  7.   If you call me to wake up you, I will call you. Fact; you don’t call me, so I don’t call you.  8.   If you come late, I will go alone. Fact: you don’t come late, so I don’t go alone.  9.   I will send the gift if you want. Fact; you don’t want so I don’t send the gift  10.   If I have much money, I’ll buy that island.   Fact: I don’t have much money so I won’t buy island   Type 2 1.   I would give you sun flower, if you wanted. Fact: you didn’t want, so I   didn’t give you.  2.   I would lend you my book if you needed. Fact: you didn’t need, so I didn’t lend you.  3.   She wouldn’t be angry if you appreciated what she did.   Fact: you didn’t appreciated what he did, so he was angry.  4.   I would come if she didn’t came.   Fact: she came so I didn’t come.    5.   If you found that I want, I would buy ramen for you. Fact: you didn’t found, so I wouldn’t buy ramen for you.  6.   He would be able to answer those questions if he studied seriously. Fact: he didn’t seriously, so he wasn’t able  to answer. 7.   If my parents allowed me, I would picnic to Bali with you Fact: My parents didn't allow me, so I didn't picnic with you 8.   Your motorcycle wouldn't be repaired by him if you didn't wait him at there Fact: you waited him at there, so your motorcycle was repaired by him 9.   They wouldn't understand the rule if they didn't listen his explanation Fact : they listened his explanation, so they understood the rule 10.   If I didn't sleep, I would see the supermoon last night Fact: I slept, so I didn't see the phenomena Type 3 1.   Onop would have gone with Jojo if he had waken up Fact : he didn't wake up, so he didn't go with jojo 2.   I would have watched the movie if I'd bought a TV Fact: I didn't buy a TV, so I didn't watch the movie 3.   She wouldn't have come if I hadn't called her Fact: I called her, so she came 4.   Would you have sent the file to me if I hadn't asked you? Fact : I asked you, so you sent the file to me 5.   I would have brought that bicycle if I'd paid for it Fact : I didn't pay that bicycle, so I didn't bring it 6.   Sopo wouldn't have met Haji Udin if Jarwo hadn't forced him Fact: Jarwo forced Sopo, so he met Haji Udin 7.   Their relationship wouldn't have been declared by Ahmad if Mayang hadn't allowed Fact : Mayang allowed, so it was declared by Ahmad 8.   They might have taken your peanuts if you hadn't put it into your bag Fact: you put your peanuts, so they didn't take it 9.   Mamat would have felled your mango tree if you hadn't come Fact: you came so he didn't fell your mango tree   10.   The supporters would have broken my car up if I hadn't taken it away from that place Fact : I took my car away, so they didn't break it
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