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    Introduction Indo Gulf Fertilizers Limited (IGF) is engaged in production of Ammonia & Urea at its plant located on Lucknow –  Sultanpur highway & 90 Km away from Lucknow. During the forthcoming Turnaround the old two bed Ammonia convertor catalyst basket S-200 (HTAS design) shall be replaced with Single bed S-50 (HTAS Design) in existing convertor shell. Also there is crack in shell 5 th  CS weld joint up to depth of 50 mm from inside & 1000 mm long. Procedure for Replacement Activity    Ground preparation for main & tailing crane as marked up in drawing no    Mobilization activity for Tools & Machinery, manpower & execution staff.    All scaffolding for Convertor & piping work.    Fabrication of inspection cage & support for center pipe.    Laying of mat plate for crane movement.    Assembly of main & tailing crane & load test.    Shifting and placement in vertical position of existing basket container to the foundation.    Welder Qualification.    Final checking of crane movement area.    Issuing & shifting of cone for handling basket from IGL store.    Review of activity scheme & JSA. Ammonia Convertor Basket Replacement, Repair of Convertor Shell & Associated Work during Forthcoming ATR. Pre Shutdown Activit    Job Code Activity Remarks SDA1 Removal of instrument items SDA2 Removal of structure if required SDA3 Removal of insulation, where shell to be repaired SDA4 De-bolting & Removal of convertor top cover by the help of EOT crane SDA5 1 st  bed temporary cover placement SDA6 Cutting & replacement of Control valves & allied piping work as described in Enquiry document SDA7 Removal of 1 st  bed & placement the same in between two convertors with help of EOT crane SDA8 Installation of temporary cover on 2 nd  bed SDA9 Removal and placement of 2 nd  bed inside the container SDA10 Supporting of convertor shell on hydraulic jack before repair work SDA11 Cutting & removal of convertor bottom lip seal and piping SDA12 Inspection of convertor shell and rectification of CS weld  joint including DHT, grinding, preheating, welding, SR, NDT etc. Also checking of glands & if required same shall be replaced with new one. SDA13 Removal of hydraulic jacks after shell CS weld joint repair SDA14 Lifting of & placement of new basket container along with basket to container foundation SDA14A Installation of new basket in convertor shell SDA15 Placement of top cover after catalyst loading SDA16 Fixing of insulation old / new which removed for shell repair work SDA17 Fixing of insulation old / new which removed for shell repair work SDA18 Tightening of bolts as desired SDA19 Placement of 1 st  bed inside the container and associated assembly work and removal from foundation SDA20 Placement of old and new basket container to designated place SDA21 Fixing of instruments Shutdown Activit    Details of Equipments to be handled Sl. No. Description Wt (Mt) Remarks 1. Old Container Ø 3.0m x 28.0m 17.0 Shifting & Vertical placement 2. Convertor Top Cover Ø 4.0m 25.0 Removal & re-erection 3. 1 st  Basket Ø3.0m x 8m 25.0 Removal & placement in container 4. 2 nd  bed basket Ø 3.0m x 28m 65.0 Removal & placement in container 5. New Basket & container Ø3.0mx 28m 65.0 Shifting & Placement on foundation 6. New Basket Ø 3.0m x 28m 46.0 Installation in convertor shell 7. Shifting & placement of old container with basket Ø 3.0m x 28m 108.0 Space which is allotted (approximately 100 m away) 8. Lowering, shifting of new empty basket container. 20.0 Space which is allotted (approximately 100 m away) 9. Torque Tightening of Top cover studs 10. Torque Tightening of bottom studs Execution Staff Sl. No. Designation Nos. Remarks 1. Construction Manager 1 2. Lead Engineer 1 3. Execution Supervisor 4 Allotted for Day for Day & Night Shift. 4. Safety Supervisor 2 5. QA / Qc Engineer 1 4. Foreman 2 5. NDT & SR Technician 5 6. HR & Administration 2 7. Electrician 2 8. Crane Operator Crew 5 9. Hydra Operator 2 10. Store 1 Execution Manpower Sl. No. Designation Nos. Remarks 1. Mill Wright / General Fitter 2 Allotted for Day for Day & Night Shift.  2. Piping Fitter 4 4. High Pressure Welder 5 5. Tack Welder 2 6. Grinder 6 7. Gas Cutter 2 8. Rigger 24 9. Helper 12 10. Scaffolder 6    Tools / Machinery / Consumables Sl. No. Description Unit Qty Remarks 1. Crawler Crane 400 Mt No 01 2. Crawler Crane 150 Mt No 01 3. Hydra No 01 4. Welding Rectifier 400 Amps No 10 5. Grinding Machine No 08 6. Gas Cutting Set Set 04 7. Electrode Backing Oven No 01 8. Electrode Oven No 05 9. SR Equipments Set As required 10. RT Source (Cobalt 60) Set 01 11. Wire Rope Sling Ø75mm Pair 01 12. Wire Rope Sling Ø65 No 03 13. Wire Rope Sling Ø25 Pair 02 14.  ‘D’ Shackle 120 Mt  Pair 01 15.  ‘D’ Shackle 80 Mt  Pair 01 16.  ‘D’ Shackle 50 Mt  Pair 01 17. Nylon Rope Mtr Lot As required   18. Scaffolding Pipes No Lot As required   19. Scaffolding Clamps No Lot As required   20. Steel Chali No Lot As required   21. Aluminum Ladder No 03 22. Fitter Tool Box (Complete Set) No 06 23. Measuring Tools No As Required 24. Hydraulic Jack 50 Mt No 02 25. PPE’s  No As Required 26. Spanner Set Set As required 27. Purging Paper Roll As required 28. UT Machine (Digital) Set 01 29. Hardness Tester (Digital) Set 01 30. Construction Electrical Facility Set 02 31. Wooden Sleeper No 30 32. Crane Mat Plate No 04 33. Welding Electrode Pkt Lot As required 34. O2 / DA / Argon Gas Cylinder No Lot As required 35. Cutting & Grinding Wheel No Lot As required 36. Welding Accessories Set Lot As required 37. TIG Set Set 06 38. Fire Retardant Cloth No Lot As required
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