IHI flude kiln
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  Copyright © 2011 IHI Corporation All Rights Reserved. Copying is prohibited. TIGAR:T win  I hi GA sifieR TIGAR ®  is under development. Introduction of Twin IHI Gasifier (TIGAR  ® ) TIGAR Project Department Energy Systems Operations  Copying is prohibited. Circulating fluidized bed gasifier system  – Bubbling fluidized bed gasifier  – Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustor  – Complete seal of gas Gasifier  – Steam blown gasifier  – VM and part of char gasified  – High calorific gas (No contamination of air) Combustor  –  Air blown combustor  – Char combustion Operate under atmospheric pressure Gasification Technology of   TIG R   Fluegas Syngas Combustor Gasifier   Fuel Air Steam ■   TIGAR  ®   is suitable technology to use low rank coal    LRC) like Lignite. IHI000001- 003 Copyright © 2008 IHI Corporation All Rights Reserved. 2 Confidential  Copying is prohibited. 3 Copyright © 2010 IHI Corporation All Rights Reserved. Components of TIGAR  ® Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) Bubble Particles Circulating Fluidizing Bed (CFB) ■   Components of TIGAR  ® are combined mature CFB and BFB technology. Confidential  Copying is prohibited. 4 Copyright © 2010 IHI Corporation All Rights Reserved. Applications of TIGAR  ®    CO,H 2   (Synthesis gas ) Shift reaction H 2 Fuel cell Ammonia (NH3) H2 for direct CTL GT,GE fuel Direct Reduction Iron Manufacture Automobile fuel Chemical Raw Material CTL DME Methanol CO, H 2 Products Application CO 2 CO, H 2 CO, H 2 Coal Biomass Waste   Gasifier Synthesis Synthesis CO, H 2 CH 4 Substitute Natural Gas gas liquid   TIGAR  ®   can be used for many applications. Confidential
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