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   A Thesis OnCompliance of International Accounting Standard-7Cash Flow Statement  Prepared For:Mr Asif Maha!u! arim Assistant professor School of #usiness AdministrationStamford $ni%ersit& 'ha(aPrepared #&: Aman I)!al  I': *+,.,7M#A +, #atchMasters Of #usiness AdministrationStamford $ni%ersit& 'ha(a 'ate of Su!mission: // Octo!er0 /* Letter of Transmittal    22 October 2011.Asif Mahabub KarimAssistant Professor School of business administrationStamford University Subject Submission of the !hesis Pa er on “ Compliance of International Accounting Standard-7: CashFlow Statement1 #onorable Sir$%t is my &reat leasure to submit the !hesis a er titled '%nternationalAccountin& Standards() *ash +lo, Statements.- as er thereuirement for com letin& M/A. % have tried to do my best to re arethe thesis a er as much as rich as ossible of information.% have &ot the chance to no, about '%nternational Accountin&Standards() *ash +lo, Statements.- from the thesis on cash o,statements. % ,as able to no, the re aration of cash o, statements disclosure of information in the concerned statements as er thereuirements &uided in %nternational Accountin& Standards 3%AS4(). %have tried to &ather data about the re aration$ resentation disclosure the information as er %nternational Accountin& Standards3%AS4() from various sources  analy5e them also.% have &athered data from various sources includin& the current6nancial statements of our countries reno,ned manufacturin&business or&ani5ation  also from the online sources so that the re ortcan be a ,ell one to no, the overall idea about the cash o,statements for the re aration$ resentation  the disclosure of therelevant information.Sincerely 7ours88888888Aman %bal%9  0:;11<;) :; /atchMasters of /usiness AdministrationStamford University  Certicate of the Supervisor    !his is to certify that the thesis re ort on 2Compliance of International Accounting Standard-7: Cash Flow Statement  'has been re ared as a art of the M/A ro&ram major in accountin&from Stamford University /an&ladesh$ carried out by Aman %bal %9M/A 0:;11<;) under my su ervision. !he thesis re ort or theinformation ,ill not be used for any other ur oses.#e is ermitted to submit the thesis =e ort. …………………………..Mr. Asif Mahabub Karim  Assistant Professor$ 9e artment of /usiness AdministrationStamford University /an&ladesh   Declaration %$ Aman %bal id M/A 0:;11<;)$ a student of Masters of /usinessAdministration 3M/A4 9e artment$ major in Accountin& of StamfordUniversity /an&ladesh do hereby declare that the thesis re ort on 22Compliance of International Accounting Standard-7: CashFlow Statement1 has not been submitted before by me and anyothers one for any de&ree$ di loma$ title or reco&nition. ………………………….. Aman %bal%9  M/A 0:;11<;)Major in Accountin&Stamford University /an&ladesh 

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