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In RE: Umil, Umil vs. Ramos [GR 81567, 9 July 1990]; also Roqu vs. ! illa [GR 8#581$8%], &a''a(ivs )*'n Gu'''o+ In RE: ,nonuvo. ,nonuvo vs. Ramos [GR 8#58-$8#], In RE: ./aya. ./aya vs. ,0ui'' [GR 8-16%], In RE: Es1i'i(u. Es1i'i(u vs. 2im [GR 857%7], an! In RE: &a3a'no. &a3a'no vs. 4(a(ion 5omman!' o6 7un(inlu1a 8oli/ 4(a(ion [GR 86--%] En *an/, 8' 5u'iam: 11 /on/u' 9a/(s: [GR 81567] On 1 February 1988, the Regional Intelligence Operations nit o! the apital o##an$ %RIO& '( O)* recei+e$ con
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  In RE: Umil, Umil vs. Ramos [GR 81567, 9 July 1990]; also Roqu vs. ! illa [GR 8#581$8%],&a''a(ivs )*'n Gu'''o+In RE: nonuvo. nonuvo vs. Ramos [GR 8#58-$8#], In RE: /aya. /aya vs. ui'' [GR8-16%], In RE: Esi'i(u. Esi'i(u vs. 2im [GR 857%7], an! In RE: &a3a'no. &a3a'no vs.4(a(ion omman!' o un(inlua oli/ 4(a(ion [GR 86--%]En *an/, ' u'iam: 11 /on/u'a/(s:  [GR 81567] On 1 February 1988, the Regional Intelligence Operations nit o! the apital o##an$%RIO& '( O)* recei+e$ con$ential in!or#ation about a #e#ber o! the -(' .parro/ nit %li0ui$ations0ua$* being treate$ !or a gunshot /oun$ at the .t 'gnes 2ospital in Roose+elt '+enue, 3ue4on ity pon+erication, it /as !oun$ that the /oun$e$ person, /ho /as liste$ in the hospital recor$s as Ronnie a+elon,is actually Rolan$o ural, a #e#ber o! the -(' li0ui$ation s0ua$, responsible !or the illing o!  '( O)sol$iers the $ay be!ore, or on 1 anuary 1988, in )acanining .treet, :agong :arrio, aloocan ity In +ie/o! this +erication, ural /as trans!erre$ to the Regional )e$ical .er+ices o! the '( O), !or securityreasons ;hile conne$ thereat, or on < February 1988, ural /as positi+ely i$entie$ by eye/itnesses asthe gun#an /ho /ent on top o! the hoo$ o! the '( O) #obile patrol car, an$ re$ at the  '( O)sol$iers seate$ insi$e the car i$entie$ as =>.gt arlos (abon an$ I Renato )anligot 's a conse0uenceo! this positi+e i$entication, ural /as re!erre$ to the aloocan ity Fiscal /ho con$ucte$ an in0uest an$therea!ter le$ /ith the Regional =rial ourt o! aloocan ity an in!or#ation charging Rolan$o ural aliasRonnie a+elon /ith the cri#e o! ?ouble )ur$er /ith 'ssault pon 'gents o! (ersons in 'uthority?% ri#inal ase &@11A no bail reco##en$e$* On 15 February 1988, the in!or#ation /as a#en$e$ toinclu$e, as $e!en$ant, :ernar$o Itucal, r /ho, at the ling o! the srcinal in!or#ation, /as still uni$entie$)ean/hile, on 6 February 1988, a petition !or habeas corpus /as le$ /ith the .upre#e ourt on behal! o! Roberto #il, Rolan$o ural, an$ Renato Billanue+a =he ourt issue$ the /rit o! habeas corpus on 9February 1988 an$ Fi$el B Ra#os, )aC Gen Renato $e Billa, :rig Gen Ra#on )ontano, an$ :rig Gen'leDan$er 'guirre le$ a Return o! the ;rit on 1 February 1988 =herea!ter, the parties /ere hear$ on 15February 1988 On 6 February 1988, ho/e+er, #il an$ Billanue+a poste$ bail be!ore the Regional =rial  ourt o! (asay ity /here charges !or +iolation o! the 'nti&.ub+ersion 'ct ha$ been le$ against the#, an$they /ere accor$ingly release$ Issu:   Whether Dural can be validly arrested without any warrant of arrest for the crime of rebellion. l!:  ural, it clearly appears that he /as not arreste$ /hile in the act o! shooting the  '( O) sol$iersnor /as he arreste$ Cust a!ter the co##ission o! the sai$ oEense !or his arrest ca#e a $ay a!ter the sai$shooting inci$ent .ee#ingly, his arrest /ithout /arrant is unCustie$ 2o/e+er, ural /as arreste$ !or beinga #e#ber o! the -e/ (eoples 'r#y %-('*, an outla/e$ sub+ersi+e organi4ation .ub+ersion being acontinuing oEense, the arrest o! Rolan$o ural /ithout /arrant is Custie$ as it can be sai$ that he /asco##itting an oEense /hen arreste$ =he cri#es o! rebellion, sub+ersion, conspiracy or proposalto co##itsuch cri#es, an$ cri#es or oEenses co##itte$ in !urtherance thereo! or in connection there/ith constitute$irect assaults against the .tate an$ are in the nature o! continuing cri#es =he arrest o! personsin+ol+e$ inthe rebellion /hether as its ghting ar#e$ ele#ents, or !or co##itting non&+iolent acts but in !urtherance o! the rebellion, is #ore an act o! capturing the# in the course o! an ar#e$ conict, to 0uell the rebellion, than!or the purpose o! i##e$iately prosecuting the# in court !or a statutory oEense =he arrest, there!ore, nee$not !ollo/ the usual proce$ure in the prosecution o! oEenses /hich re0uires the $eter#ination bya Cu$ge o! the eDistence o! probable cause be!ore the issuance o! a Cu$icial /arrant o! arrest an$ the granting o! bail i! the oEense is bailable Ob+iously, the absence o! a Cu$icial /arrant is no legal i#pe$i#ent to arresting orcapturing persons co##itting o+ert acts o! +iolence against go+ern#ent !orces, or any other #il$er acts bute0ually in pursuance o! the rebellious #o+e#ent =he arrest or capture is thus i#pelle$ by the eDigencies o! the situation that in+ol+es the +ery sur+i+al o! society an$ its go+ern#ent an$ $uly constitute$ authorities


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