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  Production is how the film is made, this is in 5 stages Developing a story or writing the script Packaging is pitching ideas and hiring staff Distribution- How you get the film out there to get money Theatres DVDs, BlueRays Streaming –  iplayer Airplanes Online –  itunes Pay-Television –  satellite channels Non-Pay Television –  cable/broadcast channels Exhibition –  How the audience view the film –  exhibit This can be a cinema that the audience can see the film in or even a DVD. Any way the audience can view the film is exhibition.  Independent Cinema is about how the film is funded. It would be a low budget film as they aren't filmed by one of the ‘big six’ hollywood companies such as; Columbia Pictures, 20 th  Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures/Touchstone Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Universal studios. Because independent films have a low budget they are usually advertised in magazines and now on billboards. Most of the smaller cinemas tend to show these types of films as they haven't got much advertisement so the bigger cinemas wouldn’t show them as much as many people wouldn’t know about the film. The Inbetweeners film is an example of a Independent film.  ã Made by one of the main six hollywood production ã Big budget ã Big release date ã Advertising big –  billboards


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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