India Home Health Care Partnership With NationWide

India Home Healthcare, one of the leading home health care providers in India announced their strategic partnership with Nation Wide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd today for specialized home healthcare services.
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  India HomeHealth CarePartnershipWithNationwide India Home Healthcare, one of the leading home health care providers in India announced their strategic partnership with Nationwide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd today for  specialized home healthcare services !his strategic partnership etween India Home Healthcare and Nationwide clinic is to provide holistic care to patients at home through the doctor networ# of Nationwide and the nursing e$pertise of IHHCIHHC in a id to enhance their %uality and to provide an array of additional services &oins hands with Nationwide, to provide patients with an even wider range of customized Home Health facilities'r !hiyagara&an, Co()ounder and 'anaging *irector, India Home Healthcare said,+ We at India Home Healthcare provide a wide variety of services li#e eriatric care, N-I care, Long term care, Palliative care, Post(surgical care and the li#e !hese pac#ages have een designed specially #eeping in mind the needs of the patients at home !his tie(up will an easy access to home health care services apart from Nationwide neigh orhood clinics and health centers spread across /angalore+*r Santanu Chattopadhyay, )ounder 0 C12 3 Nationwide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd said, 4Since its inception in 5676, Nationwide has een providing services which cater tothe medical needs of entire family Nationwide Home Health Services receives 7668 calls every day and this partnership with Indian Home Health Care 9IHHC: will increase coverage to patients more e;ciently and e.ectively across /angalore+ !his partnership etween India Home Healthcare and Nationwide will provide world class health service at home  !his includes the following<= *octor at Home services apart from the long duration nursing services= Pharmacy at Home 3 'edication at home= Physiotherapy at Home 3 Call in Physiotherapy service at home>s customization is the #ey to innovation they have post hospitalization and reha ilitation services for the elderly, cost e.ective pac#ages across services for Individuals, apartment comple$ residents and corporate employees About India Home Health Care Pvt Ltd. Indian Home Healthcare is one of the leading providers of certi?ed medical and non(medicalhome healthcare services in India Incorporated in 566@ IHHC provides %uality care to patients in their own homes With its foot hold in Chennai it also has a ranch in /angalore With state(of( art protocols and processes IHHC is the most preferred home healthcare provider in IndiaIHHC has partnered with A no of ma&or hospital groups and doctors and o.ers its services across Chennai and /angalore It o.ers 5BD 1lderlyEeriatric care, Long term medical care for any medical conditions, N-I Health care 9care for eldersEfamily mem ers of Non(residential Indians:, Post Surgical care, Palliative care and New( orn and mother careIndia Home Health Care has partnered with />F>*> Home Health Care in Guly, 567 to ensure %uality and advanced healthcare to people in India  Contact Us India Home Health Care in IndiaCHENNAIIndia Home Health Care Pvt. Ltd. No *B, 5E5 5nd )loor,-ams S%uare,alluvar#ottam High -oad, Nungam a##amChennai 3 J66 6B Phno <6BB(BK@ BBKJ1mail< Chennaiihhcin BANGALOREIndia Home Health Care Pvt. Ltd. 76B,'ezzanine )loor, JKD, > ove M!' showroom/innamangala 7st stage, 766 ft -oadIndiranagar, /angalore 3 KJ6 6Phone< @JJJ J@K@, 66 B7D7 B766, @JJJ J@KB61mail< angaloreihhcin o Boo! Online Home Health Care ervices in India Call Us# $%%&%'()%%(* + $,$&%--%-$$

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Jul 23, 2017
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