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   SN Corporate Management Consultants Pvt Ltd  Indian matrimonial portals: An Assay SN Corporate Management Consultants Private Limited Page 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4   INTRODUCTION 8   A TYPICAL STRUCTURE OF WEDDING INDUSTRY IN INDIA 9   TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE MATCHMAKING PROCESS 10   ONLINE MATCHMAKING PROCESS 11   PLAYERS IN ONLINE MATRIMONY BUSINESS 12   BUSINESS MODEL OF ONLINE MATRIMONIAL SERVICE PROVIDERS  13   SWOT ANALYSIS OF MATRIMONIAL WEBSITES IN INDIA 14   TOP 10 MATRIMONIAL WEBSITES IN INDIA 15   TOP 10 MATRIMONIAL WEBSITE PAGE PER VISITOR 17   RELATIVE MARKET SHARE AND GROWTH RATE OF TOP 10 MATRIMONIAL WEBSITES IN INDIA 20   REGION WISE RANKING OF MATRIMONIAL WEBSITES 21   TOP 10 TAMIL MATRIMO NIAL VISITOR’S TRAFFIC 23   RETENTION PERIOD OF CUSTOMERS 30    Indian matrimonial portals: An Assay SN Corporate Management Consultants Private Limited Page 3  Indian matrimonial portals: An Assay SN Corporate Management Consultants Private Limited Page 4 Executive Summary Business Performed in physical set up works only with meeting one or two customers having different behavioral perceptions. Placing the business on web/online through websites becomes flexible to target different segment of customers. The players in matrimonial websites with its product/service features are internally driven. Customers  who enter the websites want to fulfill their specific needs of matchmaking .e.g. Category of Brides non-religious, Business (Snob) category, High end, Alumni from education institutions etc. Designing product plans according to organizations needs hence internally driven. Few players Such as, has extended their service design toward specific customers needs for wealthy individuals, only for Business individuals.NRI are the large visitor to matrimonial websites ,as shown positive loyalty ,Domestic visitor within India are high Switchers from one competitor to other ,term them as “Churns”. Visitors from Domestic are Brides or grooms parents, brother, sister, other relatives, who are not tech savvy and it is difficult for them ,to interpret the potentiality of product features /plans offered by matrimonial websites. Customer supports services are often rude to such visitors creating an emotional barrier towards such websites, turning off to competitors or Offline individual marriage broking services. Supporting Staff have only objective to push the product plan, instead of observing it as Social Matchmaking which involves psychology bearings associated with the profile up loader and user. Marriage bureaus, franchise and offline outlets of matrimony websites as boosted slight loyalty, Cost of handling additional outlets is really a cumbersome process if location is far enough.
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