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1. The Future of Diamond Exploration . 2. What Does Indicator Offer the Investor? Technical depth Sophisticated approach to business Well managed treasury High-quality…
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  • 1. The Future of Diamond Exploration .
  • 2. What Does Indicator Offer the Investor? Technical depth Sophisticated approach to business Well managed treasury High-quality projects Strong joint venture partnerships St jit t t hi Active explorer Four drill programs planned Innovative strategic alliance with Munic Gems, Antwerp’s largest diamond exporter IME:TSX-V
  • 3. Extensive Management Experience President & CEO Bruce Counts VP Exploration David Kelsch CFO Louis Blom Senior Technical Consultant Grant Lockhart Magnus Haglund N B i New Business D Development l t Over 75 years of diamond exploration experience Involved in discovery, development and marketing of Canada’s first 2 diamond mines: Ekati and Diavik Directly involved in the discovery of more than 250 kimberlites on 4 continents IME:TSX-V
  • 4. Diamond Market Outlook is Bright Increasing demand - Declining supply New markets emerging gg China and India - demand rising at 15% per annum No new large diamond mines on the horizon Existing production declining Major mines: Ekati, Venetia and Udachnaya production tails off beyond 2011 Source: WWW International Diamond Consultants, BMO Capital Markets IME:TSX-V
  • 5. Diamond Market Outlook is Bright While the current challenging economic conditions have had a negative impact on diamond demand and diamond prices the medium to long-term outlook for diamonds remains robust RBC Capital Markets Diamond Day - London, May 2008 A rough diamond supply shortfall of US$3 Billion is estimated by 2011. Continued positive outlook for rough diamond prices Majors, Majors such as De Beers and Rio Tinto continuing to Tinto, devote large budgets exploring for new sources of production Canadian exploration and development projects remain an important potential source of rough diamonds Sources: WWW International Diamond Consultants, BMO Capital Markets, De Beers, RBC Capital Markets IME:TSX-V
  • 6. The Discovery Process Area Selection Sampling pg Geophysics py Drilling g Evaluation • Archons / • Till • Mag/EM • Core • Micro-diamond • Gravity Analysis Cratons • Streams • RC • Beaches • Prospecting Staking Isolation of KIM Target Kimberlite > 1 stone Source Area Identification Discovery per kilo Permitting IME:TSX-V
  • 8. Nanuq North – Project Highlights High Potential for Diamond Discovery Adjacent to new diamond bearing kimberlite area Distinct indicator mineral trains terminate at property Numerous high confidence geophysical targets Accessible Location Cl Close t tid t to tide-water Share infrastructure and support with adjacent Nanuq Project JV with Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. Area Selection Sampling Geophysics Drilling IME:TSX-V
  • 9. Nanuq North – Drill hole NQN-001 August 2008: First kimberlite discovered Geophysical target up-ice of KIM train 200 m Large 4.5 hectare pipe g p y 150 kg sample sent for analysis Results due in January 2009 IME:TSX-V
  • 10. Nanuq North – KIM Dispersion KIM dispersion at Nanuq North cannot be explained by NQN-001 Undiscovered kimberlites likely occur inside property boundaries IME:TSX-V
  • 11. Nanuq North – Untested Targets More than 10 untested high priority targets Target NQN-024 is more than 12 ha at surface and is located up-ice of highly anomalous till samples IME:TSX-V
  • 12. Darby – Project Highlights Under Option to Teck Cominco Limited Spend $14 million by June 2010 to earn 51% p $ y Must carry Indicator’s remaining 29% to production 9 Kimberlites Discovered 5 diamond bearing Large pipes up to 11 hectares at surface Continued Discovery in 2008 Kimberlite boulders discovered in two new areas Numerous kimberlite targets Area Selection Sampling Geophysics Drilling Evaluation IME:TSX-V
  • 13. Darby – 2008 Program $2.1 million budget 16,000 line-km of airborne geophysics entire property now covered Kimberlite boulders discovered now indicates three clusters Mid-season budget increased g to $2.5 million by Teck Cominco Diamond results due early 2009 IME:TSX-V
  • 14. Darby – 2008 Program DDN Known Kimberlite Cluster at Darby New Potential Clusters IME:TSX-V
  • 15. Borden – Project Highlights Kimberlite float discovery Abundant KIMs isolated to a discrete area of the project 58,000 acres of mineral claims staked Airborne geophysical survey completed Drilling planned for 2009 Area Selection Sampling Geophysics Drilling IME:TSX-V
  • 16. Borden – 2008 Kimberlite Float Discovery Late field season kimberlite float discovery Float located immediately down-ice of down ice priority geophysical anomaly identified in preliminary data Kimberlite contains visible altered olivine and rimmed garnet Recovered amounts too small for meaningful microdiamond tests g Final geophysical interpretation to confirm number of drill targets IME:TSX-V
  • 17. Grail – Project Highlights 80% Indicator/20% Hunter Exploration 800,000 acres on Boothia Peninsula High diamond potential chemistry ~20% of garnets are G10s 20% Limestone cover → Extremely quiet magnetics Recently completed airborne survey revealed superb targets in chemistry source area Drill ready for 2009 Area Selection Sampling Geophysics Drilling IME:TSX-V
  • 18. Corporate Structure Indicator represents an outstanding opportunity for investment Shares Issued and Outstanding 63.9 million Fully Diluted 76.1 million 52 Week High / Low $0.37 / $0.01 Market Cap. ($0 05 per share) Cap ($0.05 $3.2 $3 2 million IME:TSX-V
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