Individual Career Planning

Individual Career Planning
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  Individual Career Planning  Individual career planning processes Self Assessment  Referred to as learning about oneself  Strength/Weakness Balance Sheet  assists people in becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses  Likes and Dislikes Survey  assists individuals in recognizing restrictions they place on themselves  Strengths Weaknesses  Works well with people  Good manager of people  Hard worker  Lead by example  Relatively open minded  Have a great amount of empathy  Doesn’t like constant supervision  Do not like details  Cannot stand sitting or standing in a desk all the time  Not a conformist but appears to be  Can’t stand to be inactive  Like to travel  Would like to live in the east  Enjoy being my own boss  Would like to live in a medium-size city  Do not want to work for a large firm  Will not work in a large city  Do not like to work behind a desk all day  Do not like to wear to suits all the time Likes Dislikes Source: Wayne Sanders   Academic / Career options  Investigate the world of work in greater depth, narrow a general occupational direction into a specific one Relevant / Practical experience  Gain practical experience through internships, cooperative education etc..   Individual career planning processes

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Jul 23, 2017
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