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  INDUS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK INDUS WORLD SCHOOL 1st School in India to win this award  Dear Parents, It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child into the Indus family. When we started the first Indus School, just a few years back, the world had already stepped into the 21st Century. Our thoughts and ideas were already impacted with the newness which comes with the start of a new millennium, a new era. Hence it will not be unfair to say that Indus is truly a newborn of the 21st Century, just as your child is. Our core educational values are based on age old precepts of education, but have been moulded to meet the challenges of the years ahead. In our view, when our children grow up and enter into adulthood, they must be prepared to face life ahead of them. A lot of the choices we make in our schools’ policies and methods are shaped by the view we hold of the future ahead of us. Let me elaborate what some of these beliefs are:1. The aim of life is to work joyfully and find happiness. The aim of education must be to impact not just the mind of the child but also the heart of the child. We have to therefore work on the entire personality of the child which includes knowledge and emotions. This is the Indus approach to holistic development.2. Each child learns in his/her own way and style. We must be patient to allow the child to grasp knowledge in his/her own way. The child's natural curiosity has to be preserved and the child's self esteem has to be carefully nurtured and not harmed through excessive disciplining. This is the Indus way of child centric approach to development.3. The 21st Century society and workplace is going be more democratic and less authoritarian, more flexible and more open. The Indus children have to grow up to be self-directed, responsible and open minded citizens who will fit in well with the 21st Century workplace. The culture of Indus schools has to reflect these values.4. The 21st Century is going to see the huge impact of the internet and hence the democratization of knowledge. Factual knowledge will be commonly available and is not going to be the difference between success and failure. The winners of the 21st Century will be those children who show creativity, innovation, learning, entrepreneurial skills and people smartness. The children of Indus have to be prepared for this new world and our teaching practices will deliver these skills and attitudes.I must conclude but not before elaborating on ROOHI, our core values. The core values of our organization are Risk Taking, Openness, Ownership, Honesty and Commitment to our customers and Innovation. Indus will remain true to these values.We will interact with teachers, parents and children in an open and authentic way and show great ownership for the tasks we take up. We will take risks and innovate. We will fail once in a while but we will never give up and will do so with complete honesty and commitment to our children. My email id is sujit  @  Please feel free to write to me and share your experiences at any time. Sincerely,Sujit BhattacharyyaCEO, Indus World School WELCOME TO INDUS !  “The last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind – computer  programmers, lawyers and MBAs. But the future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind—creators and empathizers,  pattern recognizers, and meaning makers. These  people will reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys - Daniel Pink ( Author, Top 50 Influential thinkers) Our Core Purpose   “To enable children to realize their potential and make their dreams come true” ren at nus eveop quates wc ep tem to ace te caenges o te st entury. e eeve computers an te nternet ave cange te wor ramatcay were actua nowege s no onger te erentator etween success an aure. ren wo succee n tomorrows socety w ave tese unamenta quates:  ã A strong sense of self-directedness and inner discipline ã A highly creative mind ã Ability to synthesize information from different sources ã Respect for people with different views ã Strong ethics at the core of their character t nus we eeve tat creatng te oy o earnng an g se-esteem among cren s our prmary goa, wc w ensure tat cren w e curous earners or e an are emotonay reay to meet a caenges aea o tem.  ee te nus ove at :  Satya Narayanan R: Satya is the Chairman and founder of CL Educate (formerly CareerLauncher) and a graduate of IIM-B and St. Stephens College, Delhi. He co-founded Indus to introduce a different system of schooling that meets the needs of these times. He is a mentor to the entire CL group and works very closely with children and parents in Indus. Read more at: Core Team  Know more about Indus leaders at Sujit Bhattacharyya: Sujit is a B.Tech from IIT-Kharagpur and MBA from IIM-Bangalore. He leads the school initiative and is the CEO of the Indus World School chain. He has previously held key postions in HR and Technology and focuses on leadership development and developing a rich work culture in schools. Gautam Puri: He is the Vice-Chairman of CL Educate Group and one of the most respected teachers among students of CL Educate. Gautam has been a favorite in the classroom in topics ranging from personality development to Vedic maths. He is a chemical engineer and did his MBA from IIM, Bangalore. His goal at Indus is to completely redefine the way mathematics is taught at school. R Sreenivasan : An M Tech and an MBA from IIM Bangalore, his mission involves facilitating children to use their right brain. He brings in a confluence of theatre and art into all levels of the school curriculum. R Shiva Kumar: A graduate of IIT Chennai and IIM Calcutta, Shiva has more than15 years of experience in teaching students science and mathematics and helping them excel in various entrance exams. He co-founded CL Educate and is currently the Chairman of Indus World School, Indore. Nikhil Mahajan: Nikhil is an electrical engineer from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), after which he earned his MBA from IIM Bangalore. With his unique insights into finance management from an education business perspective, Nikhil is a key resource in the Indus management team. Read more at:
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