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    Industrial Directory Of India   Aug 13 Industrial Directory of India.Com   Released   New Projects This Week RELEASED : ISSUE AUGUST 10/14  Comprising of Total 81  New Project Enquiries  with Company's Name/ Address/ Phone/ Fax/ Contact person/E-mail (Published Every Week :Electronic Issue)  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT PROJECT ENQUERIES   Visit :   (Helpline : +91-900 7158 600)  Project Update   Manglam Distillers Plans to Set Up 60 KLPD Distillery with Co-Gen Power   ---------------------------------------------     (Update : Ref Our Earlier Report on 29.04.2014 )   Manglam Distillers & Bottling Industries  plans to set up a 60 KLPD Grain Based Distillery along with 3.0 MW  Co-Generation Power Plant (Coal/Rice Husk Based ) at Pacharia (CHANGSARI) Village, Tehsil : Hajo in Kamrup District, Assam.   It will produce ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol), Rectified Spirit, Industrial Alcohol in the above plant. Capacity :   Distillery : 60 KLPD   Captive Power Plant : 3.0 MW   ( Fuel : Coal/Rice Husk )   Bottling Plant   By Prouct : CO2 will be generated during fermentation process which will be collected and sold to authorized vendor.   Location : Pacharia (CHANGSARI) Village, Tehsil : Hajo Kamrup District, Assam   As on AUGUST 13, 2014  : The Project is under Planning Stage. The unit would come up on about 27 Bigha of Land  .   About 33% of the area will be developed as Green Belt.    IMPORTANT:  As per the the discussion we had on 06.08.2014  with Manglam Distillers & Bottling Industries   the Project is under Panning Stage. The company is still waiting for Environmental clearances . The project work is likely to start in by End of 2014.   The Project is Scheduled to be Completed by December, 2015.   =======================================   So, this is the RIGHT TIME    to contact and Follow Up at following address to obtain the detailed Enquiry    of each product in time and to   submit your quotation subsequently.   The Main Scope of Supply includes :   Boiler  : * 30 TPH   Fuel : ** Coal/Rice Husk   (85 TPD /100 TPD)   Stack Height : 45 M   Heat Exchanger, Air Pre-Heater/ Economiser.   * Actual Steam Requirement : 28 TPH   ** Coal will be sourced from Assam & Biomass from nearby area.   ===============================   Raw Materials : 1. Grains/Corn : 150 MT/day  2. Alpha Amylase : 30 Kg/ Day  3. Amyloglucosidase : 30 Kg/ Day  4. Yeast (Active Dry Yeast/ : As per requirement  5. Sulphuric Acid : 50 Kg  6. Urea : 60 kg/day 7. Nutrients Ammonia : 150 Kg/day  8. Antifoam : 0.6 kg per KL 36 kgs  9. Sulphuric Acid : 50 Kg  10. Biocides : 30 kg   Vacuum Distillation  method will be adopted for obtaining Ethanol. In vacuum distillation, ethanol is separated and concentrated using principal of fractional distillation. This is based on difference in boiling points of volatile compounds in mixture. There are six columns in the system Primary column: 1. Mash column, 2. Rectifier column,
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