Industrial Techniques Form 2

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  GLENMUIR HIGH SCHOOLEASTER TERMINAL EXAMINATIONS 2004INDUSTRIAL TECHNIQUESForm: 2Name: ________________________________________Time: 1 r INSTRUCTIONS: ! A #$er a%% &'e#(io # )rom #e*(io # A a + ,SECTION AEa* &'e#(io # -e%o$ a# )o'r .4/ re#o #e# $i* are %e((ere+ a - * a + + Coo#e (e mo#( aroria(e re#o #e a + *ir*%e (e %e((er -e#i+e (e *oi*e 3o' ae ma+e 1.The drawing above shows tiny splits appearing at the end of a board. How can the splits be  prevented.(a)By twisting the grain(b)By placing the ends in water (c)By painting the ends(d)By cutting the board across the grain2.Which of the following is NT an alloy(a)!opper (b)Brass(c) tainless teel(d)Bron#e$.%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% is energy produced by the flow of rives.(a)Hydro energy(b)Ther&ol energy(c)Wind energy(d) olar energy'.Which of the following is a ther&osetting plastic.(a)crylic(b)olycarbonate(c)olyethylene(d) ilicone1  *.Which state&ent best describes an alloy+(a) &i,ture of two (2) or &ore &etals(b) &etal that has several uses(c) &etal that contains iron(d) &i,ture of two (2) or &ore plastics-.Ti&ber is seasoned before used in cabinet &aing to/(a)0nhance the appearance of the wood(b)e&ove e,cess &oisture(c) trengthen the wood(d)ae it lighter 3.Which of the following &etals is nonferrous+(a)Wrought iron(b)!ast iron(c) teel(d)lu&iniu&4.Which of the following shows a cup shae+(a)(b)(c)(d)5.6elling can be described as/(a)The cutting up of logs(b)The cutting down of ti&ber trees(c)The cutting of ti&ber along the grain(d)The cutting of ti&ber across the grain17.Which of the following is NT a deciduous tree+2  (a)ahagony(b)a (c)!edar (d) pruce SECTION , 1.Below is a diagra& showing the section of a tree. tate the na&es and functions of the  parts in the spaces provided below/(a)Na&e/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 6unction/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($ &ars)(b)Na&e/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 6unction/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($ &ars)(c)Na&e/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 6unction/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($ &ars)(d)Na&e/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 6unction/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($ &ars)(e)Na&e/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 6unction/%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($ &ars)$  2.(a) tate the two (2) &ain groups of &etals %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (2 &ars)(b)8ifferentiate between the two (2) &ain groups %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  (' &ars)(c)9ist two (2) e,a&ples fro& each group %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (' &ars)(d)8escribe how &etals are &anufactured %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (' &ars)(e) tate the differences between Ther&oplastic and Ther&osetting %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (2 &ars)(f):ive the na&es of any four plastics and state one use of each %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (4 &ars)(g)What is a fossil fuel+ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% (2 &ars)(h)etroleu&; coal and natural gas are three types of fossil fuels. tate where each &ay be found.($ &ars)$.(a) tate the classifications of trees and identify three ($) differences between the&  __________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________  (4 &ars)'
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