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  Brandon Paul (order #6415316)  Brandon Paul (order #6415316)   ! #$%#$& ' Gareth Hanrahan  !(%)*$& Editor Richard Ford  Cover Art Tony Parker  Logo & Cover Design Anne Stokes Interior Illustrations Eric Bergeron, Chamonou, Ryan Horvath, Kythera, Tony Parker, Chad Sergesketter, Christophe Swal, Simon Taylor  Studio Manager Ian Barstow Production Director Alexander Fennell Proofreading   Ron Bedison, Mark Lewin Playtesters Tanya Bergen, Mark Billanie, Andre Chabot, Mark Gedak, Robert Hall, Daniel Haslam, Mark Howe, Trevor Kerslake, Patrick Kossmann, Kent Little, Alan Marson, Alan Moore, Murray Perry, Mark Sizer, Daniel Scothorne, Sam Vail, Michael J Young  ! #$%#$& A Passage Into Hell 2Introduction 14 Part I: Into the Infernum The Basics 18Races of the Infernum 24Demon Breeds 33The Houses 44 Mortals 60Fallen Angels 67 Part II: To Live & Die in the Pit Skills 72Feats 98Combat 113Survival in the Infernum 141Miscellaneous Rules 147Equipment 164 Part III: Lore of the Nine Circles Demonic Mutations 188The Downward Spiral 219Sorcery 231Character Sheet 250Index 252License 256 ! #$ &'(# )*$+#$+ , )* -./01+ 2$3*.('+/*$ Infernum – Book of the Damned ©2005 Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Reproduction of non-Open Game Content of this work by any means without the written per mis sion of the publisher is expressly forbidden. Infernum – Book of the Damned is presented under the Open Game Licence. See page 256 for the text of the Open Game Licence. All text paragraphs and tables containing game mechanics and statistics derivative of Open Game Content are considered to be Open Game Content. All other significant characters, names, places, items, art and text herein are cop y right ed by Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Printed in China. Brandon Paul (order #6415316)  +  , ./&&/0% 1#$ 2%33  ! #!$$!%&  '()* +&,, PROLOGUE Wherein our narrator awakes to find himself in Hell, and meets a guide who shall bring him through the  Nine Circles; also, the nature of the clouds of Hell. I awoke on a plain of hot dust. My mouth was full of bitter ash, my tongue was swollen and parched. I rolled onto my back and looked at the tortured clouds far overhead. A contrail of purplish vapour spiralled down from the lowest cloudbank to my prostrate form and I surmised I had fallen from some great height.I lay there a while, broken in body and mind. I could not remember who or what I was; but I knew this was damnation.The wind sounded like a scream.A shadow fell across my face, cast by a pale man in dusty clothes. By his slight translucence I surmised he was dead. Curiously, his beard was slightly blue in colour. ‘You have fallen, sir,’ he said, ‘and cannot get up.’I acknowledged that this seemed to be the case.‘I shall assist you,’ he offered. I observed that I had not expected such charity in Hell, to which he replied that he would most likely trade me to some avaricious demon anyway, but that accepting him as guide and captor was a better option than waiting for some desperate stalker to come upon my shattered form. I acquiesced, and he reached down and picked me up with some difficulty. ‘My name is De Rais,’ he said. ‘I cannot remember my name,’ I replied, apologetically. ‘That is because of the Lethe Clouds,’ he said,  pointing to the curious yellow-purple cumuli above. ‘The waters of the River Lethe are vaporised by great factories and pumped into the air above the First Circle. All those who fall into the Infernum are stripped of their memories for a time; indeed, many never recover. You’ll see those wretches as we travel. Your memories may return – mine did.’ He smiled at some unknown pleasure. I THE EMPTY CIRCLE The narrator and De Rais cross the First Circle of  Hell on a riding spawn; there, they meet three demons who are bypassed by De Rais, who then explains the terrible purpose of the agonies of the damned. He pulled my body to the side of a strange lizard-like creature and strapped me to its flank. ‘This is a riding spawn,’ he explained, ‘a mindless beast of  burden akin to a demon.’ The creature appeared to be in some discomfort – its legs had been stretched out as if by a rack until they were three times their natural length, to increase the riding beast’s stride. De Rais slipped his transparent heels into the stirrups, prodded it with wicked goads and the beast began to lumber across the dusty plain. Brandon Paul (order #6415316)
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