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  INFO  Vol 15, September 2016 ISSUE 75 price US $ 0.00  ISSUE 75 © Eduard - Model Accessories, 2016FREE FOR DOWNLOAD, FREE FOR DISTRIBUTION!This material may only be used for personal use. No part of the text or graphic presentations can be used in another publication in any other media form or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of Eduard - Model Accessories and authors involved.Editorial and Graphics - Marketing department, Eduard - Model Accessories, Ltd. INFO EDUARD  eduard Albatros D.III 1/48Fw 190F-8 1/72 Folgore 1/48 Spitre Mk.IX 1/72   Issued by Eduard-Model Accessories, spol. s.r.o.Mírová 170, Obrnice 435 KITSEDITORIALBRASSINPHOTO-ETCHED SETSBIGEDRELEASEHISTORYBUILTON APPROACH September 2016 Pilsen Artwork ENNIO TARANTOLA – a Friend on mine MC.202 Folgore 1/48Bf 109G-6 early version 1/48Harrier GR Mk.7/9 1/48October 2016 4273382234364856 SEPTEMBER 2016 CONTENTS  Jindrich ‘Dachshund’ Sterbacek, the moderator of the event. and also the editor of Modelar magazine, that this years kettle session will be longer and able to accommodate a greater number of people. We agreed that this years list of topics is potentially overwhelming. I am not one of those that feel that our eld is in a state of crisis. To the contrary, I feel that we are in positive growth, but I do understand how some can view this from the other side of the coin. Even that can be a topic. At the session, I expect to receive ofcial requests for the inclusion of 1/32 scale kits in the Limited Edition line, for which I am actually looking forward to, and it will take some time to discuss, so don’t forget to drink lots of uids and take a bathroom break beforehand! Besides that discussion session, there will be another, one that also become somewhat traditional, with Fredy Riedel of Special Hobby (formerly CMK/MPM), and he will no doubt have his own themes to take apart. The workshops will see demonstrations from several specialists, including Kristof Pulinckx and Jay Laverty, several rms will have their own programs, that, as usual, will take up most of the Saturday schedule, because Sundays tend to be a little more tired and laid back after a very active night. Turning to our stall, it will be organised in much the same way as recent years, with four checkout registers, and a pick up desk for preordered items. The preorder window actually opens on September 5th, and closes on September 15th, which is a Thursday. Unfortunately, this does not include October releases, not even the Hind. But not to worry, there will be enough product to go around, with a resupply on the night of Saturday/Sunday. I also have to mention that the preorder offer is open to only those that will be in attendance. For those that cannot be in attendance, there will be a simultaneous internet ‘Afterparty’, that will allow anyone to purchase items under the same conditions as if they were purchased at the event in Butovice. This year, we will also be correcting a faux pas that occurred last time with the admissions kit for the members of the BFC. Due to our mistake of last year, members of the BFC will be compensated with both models that will be prepared in advance. The nal clue to the admissions kit this year can be found in my picture at the top of the page. Send your guesses in to me before tonight midnight, at and put ‘model e-day’ in the subject eld. The rst three correct answers will get the kit with a dedication. Besides the admissions kit, we also have a special gift set for every displaying modeler. Ladies and gentlemen, we are really looking forward to seeing you!Our August trip to the United States was both pleasant and productive. The IPMS Nationals Convention in South Carolina was awesome and perfectly organised, and the city itself impressed me with its depth and also the number of bars in the local vicinity. Thanks to the organisers and to all, who visited our booth and showed an interest in our products and our future plans. I don’t think we have yet received such acclaim Dear Friends,the end of the summer holiday season is here, and it’s time to get back to some serious work. And it’s not that we haven’t been in the middle of any. Even though there was downtime that we could enjoy, we have been focusing on the design and production of fall releases. These are in no small quantities, and we believe will garner a lot of positive attention. Even preparations for E-day is no small feat, and that has included a few planned surprises with which we intend to make your experience that much better. Of the publication on the Hind in Czechoslovak service penned by Jaroslav Spacek you already know. An autograph session and a seminar featuring Lt.Col. Jaroslav Spacek, the founder of the helicopter Tiger Flight, and the current Flight commander, mjr. Janem Vanicky, will begin at 1100h, coinciding with the release of the model. For the remainder of the day, we will be presenting other projects, both already announced, and others that are not generally known. Of course, there will be the ‘kettle’ discussion session, where you can ask any question you like. Of course, on the ip side, I will answer as I want, but rest assured, I will answer as truthfully and fully as I can, as a faithful and loyal dachshund. We have come to an agreement with EDITORIAL S. Archman and M. Ferkl by P-51D in NASM. eduard 4 INFO Eduard - September 2016

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