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  GoDaddy Silicon Valley Office / DES Architects + Engineers   From the architect.  Accented by colorful and outdoor inspired materials, the new Silicon Valley outpost for GoDaddy complements the company’s lively culture and mobile workforce . The free-flowing space is connected by racetrack-themed corridors complete with push-pedal go-karts that circulate energy throughout the interior. The strategy behind the vibrant workplace was to create activity-based spaces tailored to its employees. Task-driven furnishings —  height-adjustable desks, movable seating pods, and a portable bar —  provide unlimited opportunities to suit the needs of GoDaddy employees. Opportunities for recreation and down-time were carefully integrated for a seamless experience between work and play. With this animated and fluid environment, GoDaddy’s new workplace holistically supports their talented engineers in driving new technologies forward.    MIT Beaver Works / Merge Architects   From the architect.  This multi-use research and collaboration space was developed for students, faculty, and technical professionals in the Tech Squ are hub near MIT’s campus in Cambridge. Beaver Works, a joint center for MIT Lincoln Laboratory and MIT School of Engineering, serves as a work space and showcase where students and faculty develop and test ideas for incorporation into the National Defense portfolio. Along with a research lab, the space incorporates a café/lounge area, meeting rooms, and a prototyping shop, where affiliates can carry out design/build research projects. In addition to meeting the basic functional requirements of the project with fabrication facilities, Merge Architects utilized highly flexible custom design elements and multi-layered transparency to address the primary function of the space: to attract and retain innovative thinkers with an architectural language that enables collaboration between researchers, encourages serendipitous social encounters, and galvanizes creative thinking.  Sant Antoni – Joan Oliver Library / RCR Arquitectes   From the architect.  The library, as a door and chill-out space for reading, retirement home, as a facade of public space, and the interior of the block as playground for children with spatial and relationship richness for a socially dynamic urban project. A varied program to revitalize an urban area, which retrieves the interior of the block. The library, as a door, filters light through the boxes in the reading rooms interposed between the two sides, and allows the sun through the open passage from the street into the garden. The retirement home in a cul de sac, sets the public space with its facade and backyard, and becomes an element of social cohesion to enhance the relationship of children playing in the yard with older people who come and go. The garden with trees, sauló, games, … presents itself, on one hand, as an extension of the reading rooms of the library which proposes a tiered space for a more playful use, and on the other hand raises the illusion that it continues beyond the retirement home.  Mediateca de Carballo / Óscar Pedrós   From the architect.   “Thinking on a 21th. Century library -as a friend of mine would say-, is like wondering about a book´s cemetery”. At that point, all efforts must conciliate architectonic non -variable values as sequence, promenade and staying with immateriality brought by new technologies. There is no other solution than sharing jealously material space with virtuality to avoid Carballo´s newest building ending as book warehouse. The building is placed in Carballo, a medium-sized spanish village (30.000 inh.), 35 km. far away from A Coruña, Galicia, Northwest Spain. Urban atmosphere is strongly rude,full of party walls and unfinished housing blocks. The building becomes quite hermetic and opens itself to an inner patio acting as an open space for reading. An U-shaped ground floor surrounds a central patio with controlled access from outside. This patio behaves as an extension of future public space northwards. First floor closes itself in a O-shaped diagram. Media-readers access through two staircases placed on both ground floor U-wings, closing a spiral-path so movement and discovering inner space become a natural sequence. Teen/adult worlds converge in fiction and comic (N) and music & media (S). Third piece is a sloping recitals room & reader´s club. This piece is oriented west, covering an open-air space for performances. Floorplans are designed following the complicated plot´s geometry to get a better ratio of profit in relationships between inner and outer space, melting the threshold between them. The final budget (i ncluding furniture as shown in pictures and floorplan) was 764,00 €/sqm. Definitely low-cost architecture.  
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