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Information Technology Department : CBS

SARVA UP GRAMIN BANK HEAD OFFICE Information Technology Department : CBS 39/5 JAGRATI VIHAR MEERUT ITD Circular No. 8 / 2013 All Offices Date: Reg: Service Support from M/s HP India
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SARVA UP GRAMIN BANK HEAD OFFICE Information Technology Department : CBS 39/5 JAGRATI VIHAR MEERUT ITD Circular No. 8 / 2013 All Offices Date: Reg: Service Support from M/s HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. during the warranty period. Bank has procured various hardware items during from M/s HP India sales Pvt Ltd. M/s HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. is providing support services to the Bank during the Warranty / AMC period. M/s HP has accordingly put in place the support mechanism for PNB offices, as applicable to premium customers, the details of which is as under:- HP CALL LOGGING For any equipment, supplied by HP and covered under warranty, HP has provided call logging process at dedicated call centre for Premium Customers (Annexure-I), the simplified details of which are as under:- I. Dial / * II. Press 1 for Hindi or 2 for English. III. Press 4 for HP Contract. IV. Press 2 for support account and enter pass code i.e.9705 [given to PNB] V. Then finally press 2 for Desktops, 3 for printers & scanners and 4 for servers. *In case of dial of this number, option will be asked whether you are customer of HP or not, then press 1 for customer at first and rest all the steps are same. User need to provide the following details while lodging a call: S. No. Description Machine Sr. No. Product No. (for HP products only) Make & Model (in case of other than HP Products) Contact Person Name of PNB branch/office Telephone No s with STD Customer Name Customer Address (branch/office address) Problem Detail The process for call lodging through Level I Level I Level II Call logging Account Support Coordinator Account Delivery Manager Name Amit Kumar Devinder Jishtu Phone STD code or The case ID must be noted by the branch / office in the COMPUTER PROBLEMS Register maintained at the branch for all future reference. Escalation Matrix If the call is not resolved within reasonable/stipulated time then branch / office may escalate the call at different levels as per the escalation matrix attached (Annexure-II). Monitoring Regional offices should regularly monitor the system and have meeting with the vendors to sort out the issues expeditiously. If the issues are not resolved after following the escalation matrix then the matter should be brought to the notice of HO-ITD. Authorised partners of HP HP has authorised services partners detailed at annexure-iii for providing service support to the Bank. All concerned are advised to follow the above procedure for availment of support services and resolution of issues relating to HP supplied computer hardware items. General Manager HP Call Logging & Support Matrix Annexure-I Branch to call up HP Call Centre (as mentioned in next slide). User need to provide : 1. Machine Sr. No.: 2. Model No.: 3. Contact Person Name: 4. Telephone No s with STD: 5. Customer Name: 6. Customer Address: 7. Problem: Call Centre Representative will log the case and share the Case ID. Case ID will used for all future communications with HP till problem resolved. Branch may contact HP in case problem doesn t get resolved on time. Local HP Support matrix is attached for ready reference. Branch is advise to share the HP case ID while contacting Local HP Support team. Call Logging Process India Call Centre / For HP Customer Press-1 For HP Partner Press- 2 Press -1 For Hindi For English User requested to fol ow the Solid line path and ignore dotted line path. To know case Status Press -3 in case unit is under warranty/hp carepack Press - 4 In case unit is under Support -1 or HP contract Press -6 For MPS Support For Support 1 Account Press -3 For Desktop/notebook/WS in contract Press -4 For Printer /Scanner/Plotter in contract Press -5 For ISS Products in contract Enter Support -1 Pass code : 9705 ENTER Pass code : Footer Goes Here Press 2 For Desktop/notebook/workstation/thin client support. Press 3 For Printer/Scanner & Plotter support. Press 4 For Proliant server/storage support. Process Description The ARS pass code has to be entered at the instance of selecting ARS option and once entered in to the queue select the PL option. The existing ARS queue will further be split into 3 options to support PSG, IPG and ISS products. User has to follow the Solid line path (marked in (violet color) to enter into support one call process. Annexure-II ESCALATION MATRIX S.N Location 1 st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 1 ALL UP Mr. Amit Devinder Jishtu manjul.prakash M M Annexure-III Contact Details of Service Partners: SN Region PARTNER NAME COMPLETE ADDRESS FOR OUR BRANCHES 1 ALL Bharat IT (Spice Net) Bharat IT Services Limited,Sector-65, Noida Mr. Amit pal ,
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