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  INTRODUCTION : Attention-Getter/Hook:    In recent times, police brutality has been in the mainstream news. In May of this year, a toddler was severely burned by a flashbang grenade when police executed a no-knock warrant for the arrest of a suspected drug dealer. The man they were looking for was not in the house. No police officer was held accountable and the chief defended his officer’s  actions. Purpose (state specific purpose of speech, relate topic to audience and establish credibility):    I would like to inform you about what the police are doing to us and how they are taking our freedoms away. State Thesis & Preview Main Points:    Violent crime rates around the U.S. are widely documented to be decreasing, but lethal police force seem to be staying the same, perhaps because there is no accountability for their actions because investigations are performed by an internal investigation or by the District attorney who is usually close to the police force. Connective/Transition Sentence  : Lets get started. BODY: I. MAIN POINT (state as a single declarative sentence): Violent crime has been decreasing and  police are still killing at the same rate. A. SUBPOINT: 1.   The FBI has widely published this information. a.   Significant drops in violent gun crimes. 2.   Police use of lethal killing has remained the same. a.    No official published record because the police do not publish.  b.   A record has been kept for the Los Angeles by the L.A. Youth Justice Coalition. LAPD have averaged 1 person killed per week since 2000. B. SUBPOINT: Ratio of violent crimes to police killings are skewed 1.   In 2000, 3% of civilian deaths were committed by the police. As the homicide rate decreases, now 8% of civilian deaths are committed by the police.  2.   Compared to other countries, the U.S. has a very high number of police killings. One recent killing in Ferguson has made mainstream news. 3.   Connective/Transition Sentence: Killing is not all they do, though. II. MAIN POINT (state as a single declarative sentence): They perform actions that strip us of our constitutional rights. A. SUBPOINT: A new tactic called the no-knock warrant is endangering both police and civilian lives. 1.   The police can enter any house unannounced, whether the person is there or not. a.   This seems to be violating our Fourth Amendment Right: Protection from unreasonable search  and seizure  2.   This is dangerous even for the police; a.   One man defended himself by shooting the cops entering his house.  b.   However, the courts defended the homeowner’s action s. B. SUBPOINT: The police are taking our money. 1.   One law allows police to seize any cash deemed as drug money. a.   It becomes a real struggle to get it back because one must pay costly court and attorney fees to prove that it is not drug money. 2.   Abuse of the ticketing system is prevalent in some areas of the country. a.   Some forces have a quota to fill on writing up frivolous tickets to charge people. Connective/Transition Sentence:   The police do these things, but who is accountable? III. MAIN POINT (state as a single declarative sentence): It is hard for the right officers to be held accountable. A.   SUBPOINT: Investigations are performed internally or by the D.A. a.   There is heavy bias to not charge the officer and chalk up excessive violence to their dangerous job.  b.   The police union is very powerful making it hard to punish the bad officers, which is why you hear about officers getting paid leave for their public crimes. Connective/Transition Sentence: These are just a few things about me that I would like to share. CONCLUSION: Restate Thesis & Review Main Points:     The police have been making recent news for their crazy actions. It is scary to hear about these things happening because one day it might happen to you. Concluding Purpose (restates specific purpose, reinforce relevance of topic to audience):     Not all cops are bad, but still, something must be done about these crimes. Closure/Clincher (end with a bang, not a whimper):    Remember your rights and help your fellow citizens to maintain them! Source’s:
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