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Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. Foundation Level May 2012 Examination. Business English I (BE I / SK 1-106)

Copyright Reserved Serial No Foundation Level May 2012 Examination Examination Date : 12 th May 2012 Number of Pages : 05 Examination Time: 1.30 p:m p:m. Number of Questions: 08 Instructions to Candidates
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Copyright Reserved Serial No Foundation Level May 2012 Examination Examination Date : 12 th May 2012 Number of Pages : 05 Examination Time: 1.30 p:m p:m. Number of Questions: 08 Instructions to Candidates 1. Time allowed is three (3) hours. 2. Total: 100 Marks. 3. Answer all questions. 4. The answers should be in the English Language. Subject Subject Code Business English I (BE I / SK 1-106) Question No.1 (15 Marks) Change the following statements to questions and negatives and write them in your answer booklet. (g) (h) (i) (j) There are buses on the Super Highway. Many can understand LLRC report. There is a new postman in our area. They will take the night mail train. Our manager used the computer yesterday. Mr. Bandara supplies their lunch. The store keeper has locked the door. Jaya and Priya play tennis in the evening. This boy seems to be an orphan. Those men are going to build a fence. (10 1 ½ Marks = Total 15 Marks) 1 Question No.2 (05 Marks) Write the following passage in your answer booklet using the correct articles, pronouns and indefinite pronouns to fill the gaps. You can select the required words from the list given below: A computer in [1].. finance section stopped working suddenly due to [2] technical fault. The accountant called [3]. assistant and asked 4... to find a technician. But [5] in the office knew of [6] technician. He telephoned his friends. But [7]. happened till lunch. Then to the surprise of [8].. a new recruit who has done a computer hardware course told [9] he could do [10].. some, no one, the, everybody, him, an, nothing, it, them, any (10 ½ Marks = Total 05 Marks) Question No.3 (05 Marks) Write the following sentences in your answer booklet using the correct verb form from those given in brackets: The latest edition of the Economist Journal (are coming / will come / came / come) to the bookshops next Friday. The accountant and the CEO (decided / shall decide / was deciding / decide) to revise the budget. All the sales officers (meeting / were met / are meeting / meet) now to discuss the new product. The new photocopying machine we (bought / were buying / buy / will be buying/) tomorrow is very expensive. Our manager (wants / want / will want / was wanting) all of us to be punctual. (5 1 Mark = Total 05 Marks) 2 Question No.4 (05 Marks) Write the following sentences in your answer booklet selecting the most suitable word from those given in brackets: (g) (h) (i) (j) We decided to (higher / hire) a vehicle from a cab service. The director decided to (bye / buy) a new vehicle for the company. The Board decided that we have no (write / right) to ask for a salary increase. This letter should bear the (zeal / seal) of office. The (reverse / rivers) gear of his car is not functioning properly. The students left the class since the teacher was (absence / absent). Our sales manager has lot of (confidents / confidence). All (correspondent / correspondence) work is done by the new CEO. Mr. Silva is the (sole / soul) heir to his uncle s property. The patient died of an un diagnosed (disease / decease). (10 ½ Marks = Total 05 Marks) Question No.5 (06 Marks) Rearrange the following words and phrases in the given columns in any manner to make three (3) sensible sentences and write them in your answer booklet. Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 our ancestors is a printer one precious of the precious and used the barter metals gold the soil their a monitor business we system found in have a computer for (3 2 Marks = Total 06 Marks) 3 Question No.6 (24 Marks) Select a word from the given list to fill each blank in the passage. Prepare a numbered list from 1 to 24 in the answer booklet and use it to state the word you select for each number. The Carter s Light An old man (1) going home late one night with his bullock cart (2) selling his goods (3) the fair. When he was not far from his home, the light of the cart went (4). He tried to make the lamp burn (5) but there was no kerosene oil in it. Since he was only 200 hundred meters (6) from his home he proceeded without a light. But a policeman on (7) saw this cart and stopped him. (8) is your light? said the policeman No one can take a cart along the road at night without a light. I had a light said the (9) man. But it has just gone out. I don t believe that (10), said the policeman. He took out a book and got ready to write. What is your name and where do you live? Please don t take down my name said the man My (11) is just there you can see it from here. I had a light nearly all the way; I haven t come far without a light. No you have come all the way (12) a light. Now what is your name? The carter (13) took the policeman s hand and placed it down on (14) of the lamp. The lamp was still hot and (15) the policeman s hand. He was very (16) because his fingers were burnt. Now what do you (17)? Have I come all the way without a light? Asked the (18). No said the policeman I (19) you now. But I still want to know your name. You have broken the (20) now by burning a policeman s hand. What is your (21)? Even if I tell you my name you can t write it, your hand is burnt. You are (22) he said. I can t write now, so you must come with me to the police (23). You will be there all (24). away duty burned night was right station where law after old without at story out again house quickly believe think name carter angry the top (24 1 Mark = Total 24 Marks) 4 Question No.7 (20 Marks) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. An Important Skill In all classes I studied in college and the university, the two that have helped me most in my career have been English composition and Business English. In these classes I learnt effective writing skills which I have used in every job I have had since then. In every position I worked, writing has not been included as a part of my job description. In spite of this, I was required to write in every job, and it was taken for granted that I was the only person do a good job of it. This is the case with most jobs whether you must write internal memos, correspondence with clients, or help designing sales material, writing beautiful prose and poetry is a talent. Writing effectively, however is a skill that has to be learned. Your writing will succeed only if you pay attention to whether you are writing a memo to your co-worker or a report to your boss, you should decide what information you want to convey. Use one sentence to explain the type of person who has written the above passage. (03 Marks) What are the two areas of study that helped the writer in career development? (02 Marks) What types of writing require effective writing skills? (02 Marks) Though it was not included in the job description, why was the writer required to use English in every job he held? (03 Marks) What is the writer s opinion of writing prose and poetry? (02 Marks) Find words or phrases in the passage that have a similar meaning to the following: (i) conditions of employment (ii) customers (iii) accepted (iv) another officer working with you (v) This situation found every case (05 Marks) (g) Explain in your own words the last sentence in the passage. (03 Marks) (Total 20 Marks) Question No.8 (20 Marks) Write a composition of 300 words on one of the following topics. The Private Degree Awarding Institutions Do we need them? Consumption of Fast Food A need of the times. Advantages of living in the city. (Total 20 Marks) End of Question Paper 5
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