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Instructional Plan GE BIU 3013 Sem 1

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  0 | Page    BIU3013 GeneralEnglish  INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN English Language & Literature Department Faculty of Languages & Communication Sultan Idris Education University SESI 2014/2015      INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN   Faculty : Languages & Communication Department : English Language & Literature Semester : 1 Session : 2014/2015 Course name : General English Course code : BIU 3013 Credit Hour : 3 Pre requisite : Nil LECTURER’S INFORMATION:  Name : Charanjit Kaur a/p Swaran Singh E-mail : Telephone number : 05-4506000 Room number : U3-B01B COURSE SYNOPSIS : SINOPSIS KURSUS : The course is designed to enhance students’ basic profic iency in the English language. It integrates vocabulary, grammar structures and the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The course ensures that students have better ability to use basic English in a variety of context. (Kursus ini dirangka untuk meningkatkan penguasaan asas pelajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Ia mengintegrasikan perbendaharaan kata, struktur nahu dan kemahiran-kemahiran Mendengar, Bertutur, Membaca dan Menulis. Kursus ini memastikan pelajar-pelajar mempunyai keupayaan lebih baik untuk menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris asas dalam  pelbagai konteks.) RATIONAL OF THE COURSE: This course is designed to fulfil the requirement of MUET as a graduation condition for undergraduates who did not achieve Band 3 in MUET. LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Demonstrate proficiency in English language skills. (K3, P3) 2. Respond accurately to information heard. (P4) Head of department‘s Verification: Date:    3. Comprehend linear and non-linear texts. (K4) 4. Organise materials logically, coherently and cohesively in written form. (P4) 5. Cooperate effectively in group activities. (A2, TS3) TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Problem solving skills,communication skills, critical thinking skills and transformation and generation principles of English structure. REFERENCES: Lajiman, J., Mazyani, M., Nadiah Yan, A., et. al. (2013). General English . Tanjung Malim: Penerbit UPSI. METHODS OF SOFT SKILLS EMBEDDED: STUDENT’s PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT  Course work Percentage Details LO % 60 Online Forum LO 1, LO 2 20  Assignment 1 (Video) LO 1 20  Assignment 2 (Essay Writing) LO 4 20 Final   exam 40 Total 100% Activity KOM BKMM PBPM KKBP KKU KKP EM Presentation & Group work / / Abbreviation Skills KOM Communication Skill BKMM Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills PBPM Continuous Learning and Information Management KKBP Team Work Skills KKU Entrepreneurial Skills KKP Leadership Skill EM Professional Ethics and Moral    GRADING SCALE: Grade   Points interval   GPA/CGPA  A 80  –  100 4.00 A- 75  –  79 3.75 B+ 70  –  74 3.50 B 65  –  69 3.00 B- 60  –  64 2.75 C+ 55  –  59 2.50 C 50  –  54 2.00 C- 45  –  49 1.75 D+ 40  –  44 1.50 D 35  –  39 1.00 F 0  –  34 0 SOFT SKILS GRADING SCALE: Scale 4 Excellent 3 Good 2 Moderate 1 Weak
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