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INTEGRATION OF MICROTURBINE-BOILER By CMC-Engineering Presented to 6 th Annual Microturbine Application Workshop January 17-19, 2006 San Francisco, CA Sponsored by California Energy Commission (CEC) Southern
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INTEGRATION OF MICROTURBINE-BOILER By CMC-Engineering Presented to 6 th Annual Microturbine Application Workshop January 17-19, 2006 San Francisco, CA Sponsored by California Energy Commission (CEC) Southern California Gas Co. CEC-PIER PROGRAM INTEGRATE THE CORE COMPONENTS OF A UNRECUPERATED, LOW-NOx ELLIOTT 80 KWe MICROTURBINE WITH A MODIFIED FYR-COMPAK TM WINDBOX OF A COEN ULTRA-LOW NOx DELTA-NOx TM BURNER FOR NEW AND RETROFIT PACKAGED WT/FT INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BOILERS OF 5,000 lbsteam/hr CONVENTIONAL DG/DER OPTIONS E=30% FP=17 sft $/kw=1500 E=80% FP=17 sft $/kw=1800 E=78% FP=17 sft $/kw=1800 E=84% FP=0 sft $/kw=700 Recuperated MTG Hot Water CHP (ICHP) Conventional Steam Boiler CHP CEC PIER Project Steam Boiler CHP E= Efficiency; FP = Foot-Print; $/kw= Capital Cost KEY SYSTEM COMPONENTS COEN FYR-COMPAK TM WINDBOX MODIFIED TO ADAPT CHP-CAPABILITY COMPACTED FOR SEAMLESS OPERATION COEN ULTRA LOW-NOx BURNER DUAL-FUEL CAPABLE MAXIMUM 8-9 PPM CAPABLE FLEXIBLE FGR CONTROLS INTEGRATED WITH MICROTURBINE ELLIOTT MICROTURBINE GENERATOR MODIFIED FOR 5-PPM NOx WITH LBNL LSB TECHNOLOGY COEN FYR-COMPAK TM FYR-COMPAK IS A TRADEMARD OF COEN COMPANY Standard Industrial Burner Assembly to 300 MMBtu/hr Insulated for Preheat Dual Fuel FGR-Capable Low Pressure Drop With Use with All Coen Low NOx Burners BOILER BURNER Advanced Premix with Flame Stabilizer 9-ppm NOx Capable Dual-Fuel with Preheat Low Pressure Drop Proven Commercial Design High Turndown Delta-NOx is a trademark of COEN Company MICROTURBINE 80-kW T-80 Elliott Unrecuperated Oil-cooled Simple Cycle Efficiency=14% HHV Fuel Heat Input = 2.1 MMBtu/hr Exhaust T ~ 1000 F Excess O 2 = 16% CHP SYSTEM EFFICIENCY 85.00% 84.50% 84.00% Accounting for auxl.power w/o aux. power 80 kw MTG % efficient 83.50% 83.00% CHP Efficiency, % 82.50% 82.00% 81.50% 81.00% 80.50% 80.00% 79.50% Boiler lb steam/hr EQUIVALENT FGR RATE TO BOILER BURNER 45.0% 40.0% 35.0% Equivalent FGR rate Added FGR for 20% burner FGR 30.0% 80 kw MTG; 2.5% O2 in boiler flue gas FGR rates 25.0% 20.0% 15.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0% Boiler lb steam/hr MTG-SUPPLIED COMBUSTION AIR TO BOILER BURNER psi steam 85% boiler thermal efficiency 80 kwe MTG Combustion air fan, scfm Windbox O2, wet 21.0% % Boiler fan combustion air, scfm % 18.0% 17.0% Burner windbox O2, % wet % % boiler, lb steam per hour MATCHING MTG AND BOILER SIZES 300 MTG Size kw Total CHP Power Requir kw Power, kw Burner Systems with Integral Air Blowers 80 kw 160 kw Custom Air Supply Design for Boilers with Heat Input Greater than 150 MMBtu/hr kw Boiler Heat Input, MMBtu/hr SILO COMBUSTOR RETROFIT FOR MTG Convert Elliott Annular Fuel Combustor to Silo Combustor Design Adapt LBNL LSB TM Gas Turbine Nozzle to Elliott 80-kW MTG Demonstrate 5ppm NOx for Compliance with Current Emissions Standards Maintain Overall CHP Emissions 5-ppm INTEGRATED SYSTEM ASSEMBLY Fluent TM Modeling Microturbine in Windbox Oil Cooler, Air Filter out of W/B Power Generation Efficiency Approaching Boiler Efficiency All recoverable waste heat from microturbine, recovered CHP Fuel Utilization 84-86% with Natural Gas at Full Load 20/1 Thermal/Power Fuel Split at Full Loads Integrated Controls Lowest Cap/Recurring Costs PRELIMINARY BETA-TEST ARRANGEMENT TARGET CHP NOx EMISSIONS Lb/MWh Lb/hr Lb/MMBtu actual From MTG From Boiler Total SYSTEM ADVANTAGES ONE PACKAGED/INTEGRATED BURNER-CHP SYSTEM REDUCED COST OF GENERATOR W/O RECUPERATOR ELIMINATE MOST OF CONVENTIONAL CHP INSTALLATION COST REDUCE MAINTENANCE COST MAXIMUM MTG WASTE HEAT RECOVERY EXISTING BOILER COMBUSTION AIR FAN CAPABLE OF VARIABLE SPEED FOR BETTER BOILER TURNDOWN EFFICIENCY INCREASED HEAT LOAD TO BOILER FOR STEAM RAISING GRID-INDEPENDENT PACKAGED STEAM GENERATION NO INCREASE IN BURNER/BOILER FOOTPRINT IMPROVED COMBUSTION STABILITY OF BOILER LEAN PREMIX BURNER WITH PREHEAT REDUCED/ELIMINATED FGR REQUIREMENTS DEPENDING ON LOAD AND BOILER CAPACITY MORE RAPID WARM START-UP FOR BOILER NATIONWIDE TARGET BOILERS FOR CHP CAPABLE BURNERS Food Paper Chemicals Refining Primary metals Other Manuf Com./inst. steam Exisitng boilers in U.S. each with 100 MMBtu/hr capacity
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