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  READING WORKSHEET 1How do you read these things? Write SC s!an # SK s$i% or I intensi&e'y a(ter ea!h ite%) a list of films in the newspaper, to find what time a film starts1your end of term exam marks_______________ 2a long email from your aunt about her new house_______________ 3a party invitation from a good friend_______________ 4an article from a teen magazine about boys fashion_______________ !a recipe for a birthday cake you want to make_______________  the weekend #$ guide, to see what time the football match starts _______________  *+at!h the ,i!tures with the tit'es) abcde1___4___ 2___!___ 3___  © Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2011  -S!an the te.t /e'ow in -0 se!onds and !o%,'ete the (a!t (i'e)  Hi! My name’s Joanna, but my nickname is Jo. I’m 13  years old and my birthday is 19th April. My Mum’s name is aren and she’s  . #e’re $rom Australia, but no% %e li&e in 'n(land. My aunt, )osie li&es in the  same street %ith my cousin, Ma((ie. *he’s 1+, and  she’s my $a&ourite cousin. *he’s really cool. %oannas birthday 19th April  1her mothers age_______________ 2her nationality_______________ 3her aunts name_______________ 4her cousins age_______________  S$i% the te.t /e'ow and under'ine the %ost i%,ortant words) Then !hoose the /est tit'e) a&y little sister b &y favourite pet c &y hamster   Her name is Mity, and she’s $our years old. *he’s (ot bi(, bro%n eyes, lon( ears and a short tail. *he likes (oin( $or %alks in the park and playin( ball. *he can run &ery $ast a$ter rabbits. *he doesn’t like cats and she hates stayin( alone in thehouse. *he’s &ery $riendly and she ne&er bites. 2Read the in&itation /e'ow and !ir!'e the i%,ortant in(or%ation)3ane S%ith  wrote:Hi everyoneI’m havin a !arty on aturday at my house# $he address is 1%,Par& treet# $he !arty starts at ' o’cloc& and ends at 10 o’cloc&# $here’s a disco, and (ood and drin&# )on’t be late* ee you then, +ane© Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2011
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