Intermediate Latin December 5

Intermediate Latin December 5
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  12/5/2011 1 DO NOW Fill in the endings: CASE 1 ST  2 ND  3 RD   Dative Ablative AGENDA: - WHAT’S ON THE QUIZ?  -PREPARING FOR THE QUIZ: SKIMMING THE CH. 22 STORY -THE ROMAN THING OF THE DAY QUIZ TOMORROW! NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT INTERMEDIATE LATIN, DECEMBER 5 SO WHAT’S ON THE QUIZ?    On the quiz, you will have SIX Latin sentences taken from the textbook ◦ For each sentence, you will have to:  1. Identify the case of the underlined noun or noun/adjective pairing  –   1 point  Explain how you identified the case (saying, “because of the ending” is not an acceptable answer) –   1point  Translate the sentence into English  –   2 points  Everyone will get one bonus point to bring the total quiz points up to 25  I will give you the vocabulary you need SO WHAT’S ON THE QUIZ?    How can you identify the case of a noun? ◦ Ablative vs. Dative  Does it refer to a person?   Dative  Does it refer to a thing?   Ablative  How can you effectively translate a long sentence? ◦ Identify the verb (V) ◦ Identify the subject (remember, it may be implied in the verb; supply the correct English pronoun) (S) ◦ Identify any direct objects (DO) ◦ Translate the S-V-DO ◦ Look over the rest of the sentence  Do you have a dative word?   To/For  Do you have an ablative word?   FWIB (for/with/in/by) PRACTICE  Identify the case of the underlined nouns  Explain how you know the case  Translate ◦ Sextus omnia de mure mortu ō  Marc ō  explicavit ◦ Raedarius habenas manibus sumpsit PRACTICE  Tape the Ch. 22 Text onto a Right Page  Skim the text for dative nouns and ablative nouns without prepositions  Also look for busy endings (- ō , -is, -es) ◦ Can you determine the case of those endings? PRACTICE Iam di ē s erat. Pr  ī  m ā  l ū ce raed ā rius auxilio serv ō rum caup ō nis raedam ē  foss ā  extr ā xit et ad cauponam adm ō vit. Tum serv  ī   cist ā s Corn ē li ō rum raed ā ri ō  tr ā did ē runt. Intere ā  in caup ō n ā , dum omn ē s s ē  par ā bant, Sextus, iam immemor terr ō ris nocturn  ī  , m  ī  litis f  ā bulam Corn ē liae n ā rr ā bat; Eucleid ē s mand ā ta serv  ī  s dabat. Corn ē lius ipse Aur ē liae et l  ī  ber  ī  s cl ā mabat , “ Agite, omn ē s! N ō lite cess ā re! Tempus est discedere .”  Tandem c ū nct  ī    ē  caup ō n ā  v ē n ē runt et in raedam ascend ē runt.  12/5/2011 2 PRACTICE “ Val ē !” cl ā mav ē runt puer  ī  . “ Val ē te !” respondit caup ō , qu  ī    in vi ā  stabat . “ N ō l  ī  te in fossam iterum cadere! N ō n in omnibus caup ō n  ī  s bene dorm  ī  re potestis .”  Tum raed ā rius hab ē n ā s s ū mpsit et equ ō s verber ā vit. Tandem R ō mam iterum pet ē bant. In itinere Sextus omnia d ē  m ū re mortu ō  Marc ō  explic ā vit; Corn ē lius m  ī  litis f  ā bulam ux ō r  ī   n ā rr ā vit. Iam urb  ī   appropinqu ā bant, cum subit ō  puer  ī   ing ē ns aedificium c ō nspex ē runt. PRACTICE Marcus patrem , “Quid est illud ?” rog ā vit. Atque Sextus , “ Quis in ill ō  aedifici ō   habitat?”  Cui Corn ē lius , “ N ē m ō  ibi habitat,” cum ris ū  respondit . “ Est sepulcrum Messallae Corv  ī  n  ī   qu  ī   erat ō r ā tor praecl ā rus. H  ī  c sunt sepulcra mult ō rum et praecl ā r ō rum c  ī  vium quod R ō m ā n  ī  s n ō n licet intr ā  urbem sepulcra hab ē re .”  Mox alterum aedificium magnum v  ī  d ē runt. “ Estne id quoque sepulcrum, pater ?” rog ā vit Marcus. “ Ita v ē r ō !” Corn ē lius respondit . “ Est sepulcrum Caeciliae Metellae. N ō nne d ē  Caecili ā  Metell ā  aud  ī  vist  ī  ?”   PRACTICE Sed Marcus patr  ī   nihil respondit. Iam enim urbem ipsam vid ē re poterat . “Ecce R ō ma !” cl ā mavit. “Ecce R ō ma! Ecce R ō ma !” cl ā mav ē runt Sextus et Corn ē lia. Tum Corn ē lius , “ Brev  ī   tempore ad Portam Cap ē nam adveni ē mus et Titum, patruum vestrum ibi vid ē bimus. Epistulam enim per servum m  ī  s  ī   et omnia e  ī   explic ā vi. Titus mox n ō s prope Portam excipiet .”   RECAP  What do you have to do on the quiz tomorrow?  What will you study? THE ROMAN THING OF THE DAY


Jul 23, 2017
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