Internet of Things Presentation at ESEUNE

1. Dr. Iñaki Vázquez<br />the internet of things<br /> 2. About me<br />Juan Ignacio Vázquez<br />a.k.a. IñakiVázquez<br />Work…
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  • 1. Dr. Iñaki Vázquez<br />the internet of things<br />
  • 2. About me<br />Juan Ignacio Vázquez<br />a.k.a. IñakiVázquez<br />Work in:<br />University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)<br />DeustoTech (technology research centre)<br />Symplio Lifestyle Technologies<br />Head of R&D unit on Ambient Intelligence<br />14 people<br /><br />Occasional blogger<br /><br />
  • 3. The Internet was (just) forpeople<br />Nowthe Internet is (also) for…<br />… things, objects, wear, toys<br />… animals, plants<br />
  • 4. Terms and buzzwords<br />Internet of Things (IoT)<br />Physicalcomputing<br />Physicalbrowsing<br />SensorWeb<br />Smartobjects<br />Social gadgets<br />Sensitiveobjects<br />Talkativeobjects<br />Spimes<br />…<br />
  • 5. Activatingthings<br />
  • 6. Prototype demo: souvenir-aware Google Earth<br />
  • 7. Internet-connectedwear<br />Wi-Fi T-Shirt<br />
  • 8. Smart-umbrella<br />
  • 9. Prototype demo: RFIDGlove<br />
  • 10. Internet “displays”<br />
  • 11. RealWidgets<br />Tinywindowstothe Internet<br />
  • 12. Prototype demo: iCompass<br />
  • 13. Internet toys<br />Elmo Live<br />Prototype video: ToyBookfrom SmartMotes<br />The computer no longer the (only) medium for Internet gaming<br />Manipulating real objects is better for psychomotor development in children<br />
  • 14. Internet-connectedlife<br />Isthereanysensefor my dog “Fido” tohave a Facebookaccount?<br />
  • 15. PuppyTweets<br />
  • 16. Internet-connectedlife<br />
  • 17. Someproblemschallenges<br />Energy<br />Smart and communicative require large amounts of energy over time<br />Privacy<br />Objects are sensitive to your actions and talkative: gossip?<br />Usability<br />How to browse (part of) the Internet by manipulating an object without using screen, keyboard or mouse<br />
  • 18. Thankyou!<br />Interested in a closer look, technical details or philosophy on IoT? Please talk with me!<br /><br />Presentation available at<br /><br />Questions?<br />
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