Internship report    Introduction  This report is a short description of my four month internship. The internship was carried                             out within the web agency “Intérmedia Conseil”. At the beginning of the internship I                           formulated several learning goals, which I wanted to achieve:  ● to search the similar sites web for have an idea of the final result;  ● to see if this kind of work is a possibility for my future career;  ● to use my gained ski
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  Internship report Introduction This report is a short description of my four month internship. The internship was carried out within the web agency “Intérmedia Conseil”. At the beginning of the internship I formulated several learning goals, which I wanted to achieve: ●  to search the similar sites web for have an idea of the final result; ●  to see if this kind of work is a possibility for my future career; ●  to use my gained skills and knowledge; ●  to see what skills and knowledge I still need to work in a professional environment; ●  to learn about the organizing of a development project. This internship report contains my activities that have contributed to achieve a number of  my stated goals. After this a reflection on my functioning, the unexpected circumstances and the learning goals achieved during the internship are described. Finally I give a conclusion on the internship experience according to my learning goals. Description of the internship Intermédia Conseil is a communication agency specialized in creation of Internet sites. It offers a comprehensive range of communication on the internet for entrepreneurs, artisans, merchants, professionals. My time here has been overall, rewarding and well spent. It can be a difficult choice to sacrifice part of your break to work nearly full time hour. Unlike other jobs however, it is not  just about the money that you are earning but also (arguably more so) the experience that you are gaining.  Undoubtedly the best thing I have gotten out of this experience is my understanding of PHP and Object Oriented Programming. Not only will this assist me in my studies this year  (which are yet to cover such topics) but will also increase my employability. Perhaps the thing I did the best was programming the web with the PostgreSQL and PHP backend, it took a fair amount of research to understand a new programming language that was fairly different to VB, however much similar to programming languages such as C# or  Java. The person who served me was Olivier Caspary, who gives me help when I was problems with the code. He checked my progress. And finally he approves the project. Conclusion I have learnt much about various programming languages (mostly based around web development).  As I have already worked in various full time roles, I have learned little about how workplaces operate as this knowledge is already present (the dress code is a little more casual than I am used to). The project was completed 2 weeks before the deadline, which allowed for refinement and enhancement of procedures. There were many challenges going into the project. I was not familiar with any of the languages, and had only ever written basic, static web pages. This was worked through with the assistance of my supervisors, text books and online resources. Overall, I believe the project is a success, meeting all use cases and performing reliably and efficiently.  Alejandra MARTINEZ ROMERO
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