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  Things I did in QuTech Daily basis I would receive ticket, various tickets for example software installation, network trouble shoot, hard wire issue, most of the users didn’t had administrators right so I would be the one installing software for them. Our company we had 2!! plus users, who I provided technical support. Our technical team was divided in 2 groups in each group. I was working in O#$ o%ce of research services. Description of my job duties $ynchroni&ed corporate email in smart phone, such as i'hone. $et up colander, meetings, do trouble shoot, help user set up cloud so they can backup all of their information and data.#eset password in active directory, company policy was resetting password every (! days for security purpose. I would also unlock user account. )reating new user account on active directory expending users email box, move usurer’s computer to speci*c location after build, during build or promotion. )reate share folders where only speci*c users could view them.  +hese are some of the things I did in active directory.On outlook I create pst *le , remapping pst *le , creating archive and create sub folders for users. I added multiple email account in outlook for the users. I also taught corporate users how to use outlook to become more organi&ed and set up meetings in colander.$et up Virtual box and trouble shoot  VPN  connection, assign RS To!en  and reset token passcode $etting up printer, remap printer, printer and scanner trouble shooting $etting up docking system for users in meeting, troubleshooting docking system$ome hardwire i did are repair or expand hard drive, change the ram, replace internal hard drive, i have also replaced nick cards, replaced cddvd rom, the disk drive also bios and battery.-migration windows xp to windows / *rst i would upgraded the #01 -memory of the computers so they can handle windows /. because they are old computers on 3' so i had to do that *rst go around and upgrade #01 on the machines then i would use windows easy transfer to transfer all the data or i would save it on a external drive. +hen i reimaged them o4 of the $erver hook up the computer to network and 5ust imaged it o4 the server when you start the computer hit 672 and go to integrated 8I) and it automatically takesyou to the ghost server and you choose what you want like for example you can make it windows / or xp you pick windows / and it images  hat is ip address#   0n Internet 'rotocol number assigned to a network by which other device identify it. hat is acti$e directory#   0ctive Directory is a technology created by 1icrosoft that provides a variety of network services, for example you can create, manage and administrator users, computers and printers inthe network.   hat is the processor of your computer and computer name#  +o *nd that u click start then right click on computer then properties and you will see the information. hat is T%P&IP#    +)'I' is the communication protocol for communication between computers on the Internet. hat is D'%P#  -Dynamic 9ost )on*guration 'rotocol provides dynamic I' address from a pool of available I' addresses hat is (S)D*S#   is an operating system with a commandline interface. 'o+ to add net+or! printer# )lick start then right click on device and printer then add a printer by double clicking and it will save it to :ueue status 'o+ to set up a printer or add a ne+ printer# )lick start click device and printer then on the top click add printer then click network wireless or blue tooth printer then select the printer click next then select the driver currently install then give a printer name then click next then share and you are *nish hat is the di,erent bet+een Dynamic and astatic IP address# 0 static I' is one that will never change. Dynamic it could change fre:uently, or not change for more than 7 year. It really depends on how the D9)' server  that’s assigns the I's is set up. 'o+ +ould you rest a pass+ord in D#  +o rest password in active directory you will have to locate the user by searching user name then right click and change the password also check the unlock user account box 'o+ +ould you add ne+ user account in D#  I would log in my administrator active directory and right click on user then add new user and *ll out the information re:uired.  'o+ to remap PST -le#  Open outlook go to *le and click open and export then click import then select import from another program or *le, then click next click outlook data *le.pst click next click brows thenselect the pst *le u want to import click open click next select the folder you want to import then click *nish. 'o+ +ould u create PST -le# Open outlook go on *le click and go to data *le then click add and give it a name. hat is directory a book listing for individuals or organizations with details such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.   hat dose Icloud do. +hat is it#  It’s to back up information, it’s a storage application for apple products. It allow you to save all your contact, mail, calendar, reminder, notes, passbook, documents and data. hat is DNS#  -Domain name system D8$ converts the names we type inour Web browser address bar to the IP addresses. We read as letters and computer its all numbers. hat is R( and ho+ does it +or!#  #am stands for random accessmemory. It’s used to load the operating system from the hard drive. 8othing get save in #01, it consider as temporary memory. hat is R*(#  -#ead only memory instructions on #O1 are permanent it remains when you shut o4 the computer, so when you turn it back on it knows how to boot the system. hat is NI% card#  -8etwork interface card you need 8I) card to connect to internet. hat is processor#  'rocessor is the brain of the computer, it determine the speed and how many application it can run. 'o+ to grant or deny access to a user#  )lick start, right click manage, then double click locale user and group To join a domain or +or! group#  )lick start, right click computer click properties then go to change settings. hen using +indo+s P% ho+ +ould u trouble shoot another  P%#  I would use remote assistance program by clicking start then I would type remote assistant then press enter and I would connect to user’s computer with the user’s computer domain name. What are the types of LAN cables used? What is a cross cable? Types of LAN cables that are in use are Cat 5 and Cat 6 . Cat 5 can support 100 Mbps of speed and CAT 6 can support 1Gbps of speed. Cross cable !ts used to connect sa#e type of de$ices %ithout usin& a s%itch'hub so that they can co##unicate. What is the difference between a normal LAN cable and cross cable? What could be the maximum length of the LAN cable? The %ay the paired %ires are connected to the connector ()*+5, is different in cross cable and nor#al LAN cable. The theoretical len&th is 100 #eters but after -0 #eters you #ay see drop in speed. What would you use to connect two computers without using switches? Cross cable. What is IPCONI! command? Why it is used? !C/N!G co##and is used to display the ! infor#ation assi&ned to a co#puter. ro# the output %e can find out the ! address 2N3 ! address &ate%ay ! address assi&ned to that co#puter. What is APIPA IP address? Or what IP address is assigned to the computer when the #CPser$er is not a$ailable? 4hen 2C ser$er is not a$ailable the 4indo%s client co#puter assi&ns an auto#atic ! addressto itself so that it can co##unicate %ith the net%or co#puters. This ip address is called A!A. !ts in the ran&e of 167.85+.9.9. A!A stands for auto#atic pri$ate ! addressin&. What is a O%AIN? What is the difference between a domain and a wor&group? 2o#ain is created %hen %e install Acti$e 2irectory. !ts a security boundary %hich is used to #ana&e co#puters inside the boundary. 2o#ain can be used to centrally ad#inister co#puters and %e can &o$ern the# usin& co##on  policies called &roup policies. 4e can:t do the sa#e %ith %or&roup. o you &now how to configure outloo& '((( and outloo& '(() for a user? lease $isit the lin belo% to find out ho% to confi&ure outloo 8000 and outloo
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