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  UNIVERSITY OF DELAWAREELEG 812WIRELESS DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SPRING 2005TUESDAY 5:15 PM - 8:00 PMCOLBURN ROOM 104 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Leonard J. Cimini, Jr. 306 Evans Hall Tel: 30! 3#!$%$3 Tel &'ee(ends): *3!%3 !66*$ +a: 30! 3#!$3#6 E!mail: -iminie-e./del.ed/STRUCTURE: Le-/res ! noes 'ill 1e made availa1le &2or a 2ee) Home'or(s ! 'ee(l, d/e  'ee(s a2er assi4ned&5) ! not a--e7ed i2 lae Eams ! Eam 8# 97ril 5&5) ! Eam 8 a $&5) Term 7a7er ! 7ro7osal ar-; , 7a7er a #*,&5) al(s a $ ! 7ro7ose a ne' 'ireless a77li-aion and 7rovide s/44esions 2or ea-; laer o2 desi4n Honor -ode<RERE=UISITES: Linear ssems and elemenar 7ro1a1ili ;eorRE=UIRED TE>T: . D. ?a-o/1,  Foundations of Mobile Radio Engineering  , CRC <ress, #%%3 ADDITIONAL REFERENCES  @. C. Ja(es, Jr., Ed.,  Microwave Mobile Communications , @ile, #%*$.@. C. ?. Lee,  Mobile Communications Engineering  , -Ara'!Hill, #% .@. C. ?. Lee,  Mobile Cellular Telecommunications Systems , -Ara'!Hill, nd Ed., #%%5.T. Ra77a7or, Wireless Communications , IEEE <ressB<reni-e!Hall, #%%6.A. L. S/1er,  Principles of Mobile Communications , l/'er, #%%6.A. Cal;o/n,  Digital Cellular Radio , 9re-;, #% .A. Cal;o/n, Wireless ccess and t!e ocal Telep!one #etwor$  , 9re-;, #%%.J. +. DeRose, T!e Wireless Data %andboo$  , =/an/m, nd Ed., 000.. Aar4 and J. E.@il(es, Wireless and Personal Communications Systems , <reni-e!Hall, #%%6.J. Ai1son, Ed., T!e Mobile Communications %andboo$  , IEEEBCRC <ress, #%%6.9. e;rora, Cellular Radio& nalog and Digital Systems , 9re-;, #%%$.9. e;rora, Cellular Radio& Performance Engineering  , 9re-;, #%%$.. <a;lavan and 9. Leves/e, Wireless 'nformation #etwor$s , @ile, #%%5.J. D. <arsons, T!e Mobile Radio Propagation C!annel  , @ile, #%%.T. Ra77a7or, Cellular Radio and Personal Communications , IEEE <ress, #%%5.R. Seele, Ed.,  Mobile Radio Communications , <ene-;, #%%.F@ireless <ersonal Comm/ni-aions,G  'EEE Communications Maga(ine , Jan/ar #%%5.T;e Evol/ion o2 TD9 o 3A,  'EEE Pers) Communications Maga(ine , J/ne #%%%.S. enedeo, E. i4lieri, and . Casellani,  Digital Transmission T!eory , <reni-e!Hall, #% *.J. 9. C. in4;am,  T!e T!eory and Practice of Modem Design , @ile, #% .A. C. Clar( and J. Cain,  Error*Correction Coding for Digital Communications , <len/m, #% #.R. D. Ailin, J. +. Haes, and S. . @einsein,  Data Communications Principles , <len/m,#%%.J. S. Lee and L. E. iller, CDM Systems Engineering %andboo$  , 9re-;, #%% .R. <rasad, CDM for Wireless Personal Communications , 9re-;, #%%6.J. <roa(is,  Digital Communications , @ile, $; Ed., 00#.. S-;'ar, @. R. enne, and S. Sein, Communications Systems and Tec!ni+ues , -Ara'!Hill, #%66.. S(lar,  Digital Communications , <reni-e!Hall, #% .R. van Nee and R. <rasad, ,FDM for Wireless Multimedia Communications , 9re-;, 000.9. J. ier1i, CDM * Principles of Spread Spectrum Communications , 9ddison!@esle, #%%5.9. S. 9-am7ora,  n 'ntroduction to -roadband Communications , <len/m, #%%$.L. leinro-(, .ueueing Systems/ 0ol) 1& T!eory , @ile, #%*5.9. S. Tanen1a/m, Computer #etwor$s , <reni-e!Hall, 3rd Ed., #%%6.9. <a7o/lis,  Probability/ Random 0ariables and Stoc!astic Processes , -Ara'!Hill, #% $.S. O. Ri-e, Fa;emai-al 9nalsis o2 Random Noise,G  -ST2  , J/l #%$$, 77.  !33, and Jan/ar #%$5, 77. $6!#56. COURSE OUTLINEWEEK TOPIC REFERENCE CHAPTER    #S/rve o2 @ireless SsemsBTe-;nolo4iesBSandards # #!T;e Cell/lar Con-e7  !3T;e Radio C;annel 3, $, *! <ro7a4aion +/ndamenals! Noise and Iner2eren-e $!5od/laion , %! Di4ial Te-;ni/es! <er2orman-e in a /li7a; Environmen 5!*+adin4 Co/nermeas/res: Diversi, -odin4, e/aliaion, 5, 6, *.  anennas arras  Eam 8# %+adin4 Co/nermeas/res: /li-arrier, s7read s7e-r/m #0.5.#, #0.5. #0!##/li7le 9--ess Te-;ni/es #0, ##! +D9, TD9, CD9! Random 9--ess <roo-ols #!#3SsemBNe'or( Con-e7s #! Tra22i- T;eor &1rie2)! Reso/r-e ana4emen! o1ili ana4emen &;ando22, lo-ain4, ro/in4) #$Eam 8B<roKe- Tal(s
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