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  IntroducingMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005Team System Web Testing Acknowledgment This article is based upon articles written by Mark Michaelis and Josh Christie in MSDN.  Introducing Microsot !isual Studio ##$ Team System %eb Testing 2 Contents ã Introduction ã &ecording a %eb Test ã 'sing the %eb Test !iewer to !eriy a %eb Test ã (inding Test Data to a Data Source ã )enerating %eb Test Code ã *+tending !STS %eb Testing ã Debugging Common %eb Test ,roblems ã Conclusions Introduction  This article pro-ides an o-er-iew o testing web application unctionality using !STS. It begins by pro-iding astepbystep approach on how to set up a %eb test case and customi/e it without writing any code. This articledemonstrates an approachability o !STS %eb Testing by all those participating in the de-elopment process0including nonde-eloper types. %eb test cases can easily be coded as well0 and we will describe how to usecoded %eb tests or e+tend the builtin %eb testing support. (eore we begin0 readers should be aware that !STS unctionality is not targeted at testing the user interace. Itdoesn1t run Ja-aScript in a webpage or -alidate the appearance o a page within multiple browsers. &ather0 thetesting approach is to e+amine 2TT, data 3owing o-er the wire and pro-ide -arious rules or -alidating thisdata. Process Of Web Testing 4igure 5 Recording a Web Test !STS %eb Testing supports acti-ity recording0 as long as there e+ists a website to record against. To recordacti-ities o a web application0 we can create a new test pro6ect or use an e+isting one. Adding a web test caseis more speci7c to web testing. %hen it is added0 an acti-ity recorder is started in which we can browse the webapplication like browsing through a normal browser.8n the address bar0 we can enter the '&9 o the personal website0 including the port selected by the AS,.N*TDe-elopment Ser-er. (rowsing to this location will be recorded in the %eb Test &ecorder e+plorer bar: as wouldany other '&9s that are entered. 8nce the desired tests ha-e been recorded0 we can close the browser windowsand sa-e the test. The pro6ect will automatically include the %eb test case 7le along with each o the recordedre;uests. Recording with Think Time in Mind  The ThinkTime property on a %eb test re;uest reers to the amount o time a user spends <thinking< on thecurrent page beore issuing the ne+t re;uest. Think time delays are used to appro+imate real user beha-iorduring a load test. (ecause think time can dramatically a=ect the amount o load a %eb test can generate0 itcan be globally disabled in a load test to apply greater load to a target ser-er. Disabling ThinkTime allows youto issue re;uests to the ser-er as ast as possible without delay between re;uests. The %eb test recorder automatically records think time at the same time that re;uests to the %eb applicationare recorded. During recording0 try to appro+imate the amount o time a user would normally spend on eachpage. 8nce the recording is complete0 it is -ery important to check the recorded think time or each re;uest.  Introducing Microsot !isual Studio ##$ Team System %eb Testing 3 Inad-ertently long ThinkTimes can dramatically a=ect the rate at which a %eb test generates re;uests. ThinkTimes are turned o= by deault in the %eb test -iewer. As a result0 long ThinkTimes might not beimmediately apparent. %hen ThinkTimes are turned on in the %eb test -iewer0 you will see <Thinking>?n@<displayed in the 2TT, Status column until the ne+t re;uest begins. ThinkTimes are turned on by deault in loadtests. The ThinkTime counter is paused when recording is paused and while entering a comment. Inserting Comments Inserting comments during the recording can be a helpul aid or creating an e=ecti-e %eb test0 especiallywhen the %eb test contains many re;uests. ou should use comments to make notes about what logical actionis about to take place at di=erent points in the %eb test such as <9ogging in0< <Adding item B to the shoppingcart0< and so on. These comments can be -ery helpul when you later modiy the %eb test in the %eb testeditor.  ou can also use comments to make notes about -alidation rules you need to add to ensure the %eb test issuccessul. It is much easier to decide what needs to be -alidated on each re;uest while recording and lookingat the pages than when looking at a list o 2TT, re;uests in the %eb test editor. Customization Selecting any o the nodes within the %ebTest tree will allow you to modiy the data inside the ,ropertieswindow. ou can also group re;uests together using a transaction. (e careul not to conuse the term <transaction< witha programming concept in which state is committed or not committed as a unit. %ithin %eb test cases0transactions only encapsulate actions into a group that can later be enumerated using code. Also0 transactionsare used when reporting on loadhow many transactions per second0 or e+ample. Using the Web Test Viewer to Verify a Web Test (eore adding a %eb test to a load test0 and running it or a long period o time0 it is important to be sure thatthe test works e+actly as intended. This is where the %eb test -iewer comes in to consideration. The %eb test-iewer allows you to watch a %eb test as it runs0 and to -iew all aspects o a pre-ious test run.  Introducing Microsot !isual Studio ##$ Team System %eb Testing 4 4igure !eriying a newlycreated %eb test goes beyond looking at the outcome o the test run and seeing whether itpassed. 4or e+ample0 or a %eb test without -alidation rules passed0 means that no e+ceptions were thrown0 norules ailed0 and no 2TT, errors occurred. !eri7cation includes making sure the %eb test e+hibits the correctbeha-ior on the target %eb application0 in addition to e+ecuting without any errors. It is important to re-iew theresponse or each re;uest to make sure that it is correct. Running a Web Test Case Ater recording a test you are ready to begin e+ecuting it. To e+ecute all the tests within a pro6ect0 simply runthe pro6ect. This will open up the Test &esults windows and mark each test as pending while it is in progress0and ,assed4ailed once e+ecution completes. Test selection and e+ecution is also a-ailable rom the TestManager and Test !iew windows.Indi-idual %eb test 7les Etest cases or test 7+turesF can also be run by opening them up and clicking the &unbutton. &e;uests can also pro-ide credentials or logging on to the targeted site using standard authenticationmethods. The dialogs or credentials allow or loading the login data rom a data source.*ach result rom a re;uest is sa-ed0 and selecting each re;uest allows you to na-igate its detail0 -iewing theresulting page1s 2TM9 or raw re;uestresponse te+t.As part o a test e+ecution0 the %eb test engine -eri7es i all the '&9s on the page are -alid links. These linksappear as child nodes below the re;uest show the 2TT, status returned by a re;uest to each o the '&9s. Reuest Ru!es Although checking or -alid hyperlinks on a response page is a useul eature0 it is not suGcient in -alidatingthat the page is unctioning correctly. 4or e+ample0 on entering -alid credentials0 the %eb test needs to -eriythat the login was successul. Similarly0 when the credentials are in-alid0 you need to check that an appropriateerror message is displayed on the page. To support this0 each %eb re;uest can include e+traction rules and-alidation rules.

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