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Introduction to fast reactor
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  CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION TO FAST BREEDER REACTORS 1.1 INTRODUCTION The history of Fast Reactors goes back to the construction of an experimentalfast reactor, Clementine in 1946. The coolant as li!ui mercury. This reactor use plutonium as fuel an as built to emonstrate the feasibility of operatinga fast reactor. #ext as the construction an operation of $xperimental %ree er Reactor&' ($%R&') in 19*1.This use enriche +ranium -* as fuel an coole  by li!ui so ium potassium alloy (#a). 't is notable that $%R&' as the firstnuclear reactor to generate electrical poer an a bulb as lighte on / 0ec.19*1.ubse!uently many fast reactors using o ium as the coolant ha2e been built an operate in ifferent countries (Tables 1&1 an 1&). TABLE 1-1 Experimental Fast Reactrs  Date T!ermal Electrical  Ratin# Ratin# Reactr C$ntr% Criticalit% &'() &'() F$el ClantCLE'ENTINEUS1*+, ./0 - P$ 'etal H#EBR-IUS1*01 1./ ./ U 'etal Na BR-12/ USSR1*0, .1 - P$ 'etal H#BR-021USSR1*03 021 - P$O / 4UC2P$O /  NaD$nrea%&DFR) U1*0* , 10 U 'etal Na LA'PREUS1*,1 1 - Li5$i6 P$ NaFermi&EFFBR)US1*,7 / ,0 U 'etal NaEBR-IIUS1*,7 ,/ / U 'etal NaRaps6ieFrance1*,8 + - UO / -P$O / NaSEFORUS1*,* / - UO / -P$O / NaBOR-,USSR1*,* , 1/ UO /  NaN-/9erman%1*88 03 /1 UO /  Na:O;O:apan1*88 1 - UO / -P$O / NaFFTFUS 1*3 + - UO / -P$O / NaFBTRIn6ia 1*30 + 17 UC-P$C Na  TABLE 1-/ Prtt%pe an6 Demnstratin Fast Bree6er Reactrs Reactr C$ntr% Critical '(e '(t F$el Clant La%$t BN-70USSR1*8/ 10 1 UO /  Na LpPHENI<France1*87 /0 0,3 UO / -P$O / Na PlPFRU1*8+ /0 , UO / -P$O / Na PlBN-,USSR 1*3 , 1+8 UO /  Na PlSUP. PHENI<France   1*37 1/ 7 UO / -P$O / Na PlSNR-79erman% 7/8 88 UO / -P$O / Na Lp'ON:U:apan1*38 7 81+ UO / -P$O / Na LpCRBRPUS 780 *80 UO / -P$O / Na Lp This chapter focuses attention on the nee for bree er reactors an gi2es ano2er2ie of the Fast reactor programme in the orl .1. BASICS OF BREEDIN9 The isco2ery of nuclear fission in the 19-/s, folloe by many reactor experiments in icate that the isotopes +--, +-* an 3u-9 coul befissione hen bombar e by neutrons ith energies in the lo(1 e5) an interme iate ranges aroun 1 e5 . The lo energy neutrons are also calle asThermal neutrons an reactors here fission is base on thermal neutrons, likethe light ater an hea2y ater reactors are calle thermal reactors. 7ight 8ater reactors use enriche +-*(.*: +-*) compare to natural uranium (/.;:+-*) in <ea2y 8ater Reactors.'t as also foun that abun ant isotopes of +-= an Th - coul fission only hen bombar e by higher energy(fast)neutrons(> 1e5). ince natural uranium comprises only /.;: +-* hich isfissile, the full fuel utili?ation coul be possible if e coul utili?e theremaining 99.-: of +-=. 't as also knon that +-= an Th - coul capture neutrons at energies belo 1 e5 range an get con2erte to 3u -9an + -- respecti2ely. Therefore +-= an Th- ere calle fertile isotopes. 'f more fissileisotopes coul be pro uce from fertile isotopes, than that ere estroye in thefission chain reaction, it oul be possible to effecti2ely utili?e the fertileisotopes. This process of pro ucing more fuel than hat is consume is referre to as bree ing. 't as soon learnt that the ratio of number of neutrons emitte infission per neutron absorbe calle $T@ for fissile isotope 3u -9 is higher in afast neutron spectrum than in a thermal energy spectrum as in ater reactors  (Fig. 1). <igher number of emitte neutrons meant more neutrons a2ailable for con2ersion of +-= to 3u -9.Fig.1 #eutron Aiel of 2arious Fissile aterials<ence the i ea of a bree er reactor operating on fast neutrons as born toeffecti2ely utili?e the +-=. 't as foun possible to bree ith thermalreactors, an the Th-&+-- cycle as etermine to be better cycle for thermal bree ing.1.- CO'PONENTS OF FAST REACTORS Fast Reactors basically consist of the reactor core here heat is generate ue tofission an coole by so ium, referre to as primary so ium (Fig. ). The heat istransferre to another so ium system in a so ium to so ium heat exchanger ('nterme iate <eat $xchanger '<B). This so ium referre to as secon aryso ium, in turn transfers heat to ater in a steam generator, here steam is pro uce to run a turbine generator. The so ium is circulate by means of  pumps. 'n 2ie of the use of li!ui metal coolants like mercury, #ak, so ium,these reactors are generally referre to as 7i!ui etal Coole Fast %ree er Reactors (7F%R).  . Fig.. Fast Reactor chematic1.4 O=ER=IE( OF FAST REACTOR PRO9RA''ES The fast reactors in the orl are brought out in table1. Though the feasibility of fast bree er reactors as pro2e ith the construction an operation of experimental reactors like Clementine ,$%R&', $%R '' , 7ampre, Fermi in +@,%R&*, %R&1/ in Russia, an 0FR in +, there as no effort to go for commercial poer reactors till the 6/s. hen it as assesse that the naturaluranium resources oul not be sufficient to procee ith ater reactors.@lsothe cost of uranium starte to increase. The nee as felt to go in for bree ers toeffecti2ely utili?e the +-= present natural uranium. The French ha built the4/ 8t R@30'$ reactor an Russians ha operate %R&6/ reactor ith3oer generation in the 6/s. @ */ 8e 3oer reactor 3<$#'B ascommissione by French in 19;-. @roun the same time the %ritishcommissione their */ 8e 3rototype Fast Reactor(3FR). The Russians builtthe %# -*/ plant in a?hakastan.The uni!ueness of this plant as that, part of its steam generation(1*/8e) as utili?e for ater esalination. TheDermans an Eapanese starte ith their experimental reactors # an Eoyoat this time. The +@ built a large experimental reactor for testing fuels calle Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF).Then came %#&6// plant in Russia, folloe by1// 8e +3$R 3<$#'B reactor in France. +3$R 3<$#'B as built by aconsortium of companies from France, Dermany an 'taly. The 4/ 8t Fast%ree er Test Reactor (F%TR) as commissione in 19=* in 'n ia.+nfortunately to reactors CR%R3 in +@ an #R-// in Dermany ere built but not operate ue to political opposition. The +3$R 3<$#'B reactor  plant also after some operation as shut on ue to political con itions. Eapan


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