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Introduction to Mechanical Mods and RBA's

Vaping 301 class outline - introduction to mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers.
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  Class Name: New To Mech Mods and Rebuildables 30 min class plus Mech/RBA reminder sheetA. OhmmeterB.Roll of 28ga Kanthal resistance wire1. Roll of 26ga Kanthal resistance wire2. 1ft each of 2 and 3 ga silica3. 1 yd organic cotton yarn4.1 organic cotton ball5. 4x4 square of 400 tpi SS mesh 6. I gold screwdriver7.Wick and Wire Starter KitC. 10% off RBA/RDA/MechMod/Wick n Wire (Available for 3 days after class as well)D. Price: $25.00 Included in Class Price:I.Class Purpose: To teach the basics of Mech Mods/Rebuildables to potential new users so they can understand how they work andcomprehend how very different they are in order to made a safe and sound investment into their new hobby.II. These are potentially dangerous items, and for your personal safety, you need to know a little about them before you become an owner of one.1. These are advanced items and we want you to be satisfied with your new vape and without some training, we can almost guarantee you that you won't be.2. You must build your own coils rather than purchase pre made ones and that takes some extra knowledge that you may not have picked up in your life's travels.3. We want to be sure that we have done all we can do to prepare you for ownership. We also suggest you do plenty of research on your own and practice so you retain the important information that you need to know.4.Why should I take this class?A.Mechanical Mod (aka Mech Mod ) is simply a covering for a battery with a button that completes a circuit.1. Mech Mods are different from other batteries because they have absolutely no protections built in. 2. Mech Mods seem more simple than any of the other electronic cigarette batteries but they require knowledge to fill in wherethe other batteries have built in protections against things like atomizer shorts, reversed polarity, _________3.Wire 1)Magnet2)SwitchA)Hybrid1)Do I need a 510/eGo adapter?(a) 510/eGo2)ConnectionB) Common battery sizes: 18350 | 18490 | 18500 | 18650(a) The first two numbers is the diameter (18mm) and the next three numbers refers to their capacity (how long they hold a charge).(b) Newest battery size is 26650 (26mm diameter)(c)Fit various sizes of batteries1) Mech Mods often come with various tubes that you put together or remove to accommodate the common battery sizes.2) Kick tube -accomodates a Kick/Crown, a small chip that turns a mechanical mod into a variable voltage device3)TubesC)Anatomy of a Mech Mod4.The Claw LanyardA)Innokin leather caseB) The KickC) The CrownD) Smoktech protection chipE) Available accessories for Mech Mods5.What is a Mechanical ModB. RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (no tank to hold juice, must drip new e-liquid onto the coil/s after every 2-3 hits)A) RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (Has chamber to hold quantities of e-liquid)B)RBA: Rebuildable Atomizer (General term)1.Positive and Negative PostsA) CoilsB) WickingC)Chambers/TanksD) Anatomy of an RBA:2. HybridA) 510B)Connections3. Comes in a variety of gauges to achieve different resistance1)Generally thicker gauge wire will give you lower resistance while thinner wire gives you higher resistance.2) Why choose Kanthal?3)Aim for smooth, kink free coila) Can be evenly space wraps or close together wraps that touch -not a combination of the two. Aim for consistancy.b)Mini screwdriveri.Q tip shaftii. Drill bit shaft (this is nice because you have a solid number for your size (1/8, 3/32, 3/16, ect…) iii.Use a form to wrap around to achieve the most consistant coils. Commonly used are:c) Use a propane torch or the power from your mech mod to make your coils firmer and less likely to lose shape (and to burn off any pollutants from your wire).d)The actual wrap4)Can be used on nearly all devicesi.1+ Ohmsa)Can be used on Mech Mods and higher wattage devicesi.Sub Ohm (less than 1.0 ohm)b) Resistance5) BEFORE you attach your newly build coil/RBA to your Mech Mod, test its resistance on an ohmmeter. Be sure you are using a battery that can handle sub ohm if you are aiming for resistance under 1.0.a)Record the resistance of your wraps so you can refer back and learn (i.e. -28 gauge Kanthal wrapped around a mini screwdriver with 7 wraps results in a coil with 1.1 ohm resistance)b) Testing6)Kanthal Resistance WireA) Basic Rebuilding4.What is an RBA? C.Mech Mods do not have the protections that the variable voltage devices do and have much more potential to become dangerous quickly.1.   Why are these considered advanced?D.Class OutlineIII. MechMods/RBA's Monday, June 23, 20141:35 PM  Classes Page 1    You must do a fair amount of testing and practice to become proficient at the skills to rebuild coils and achieve the type ofvape you are looking for safely.2.You require an advanced set of tools to use an RBA/Mech Mod.3. Rebuilding crosses the line from just being a vaper to being a vaping hobbyist.4.Build your vape exactly like you like it.1. Your coils often last a very long time with only the need to replace the wicking.2.If you are a cloud chaser this is the only way to vape.3.The ProsE.Can get expensive.1. Can be dangerous.2. Can be time consuming/frustrating.3. Requires an extra set of knowledge you likely don't have yet.4. The ConsF.SwitchA)Mech Mod1.RBA2.TroubleshootingG. Questions?H.  Classes Page 2
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