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Investor Behaiour Toward PNB MET LIFE Ife Insurance Policies Amit Singh

project repor ton investor behaviour towards pnb life insurec
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  A SUMMER TRAINING REPORTON “INVESTOR BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS PNBMETLIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ANDOTHERS “ Submitted to Uttrakhand Technical University inthe artial !ul llment o! the re#uirement !or thea$ard o! the de%ree o!  MASTER OF BUSINESSADMINISTRATION 2013-2015 Under the Guidance ! Su #itted $  Study o! Investor &ehavior To$ard PN& MET li!e Insurance Pa%e 1   OON BUSINESS SCHOOL, EHRA UN STU ENTS ECLERATION I hereby declare that project report conducted at MAVEN SOLUTION  on STUDY OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION IN CONSULTANCYFIRM  written and submitted by me, under the guidance of Priyam GargWhile preparing the report, I have not copied anything from any source or other projects submitted for similar purpose. PLACENEHANEGIDATEMBA 3 rd Sem  Study o! Investor &ehavior To$ard PN& MET li!e Insurance Pa%e 2  CERTIFICATE I have the pleasure in certifying that is a bonafide student of Ith !emester of the aster#s $egree in %usiness &dministration '%atch 2(12)2(1*+, of ttaranchal Institute of -echnology, $ehradun under ttarahand -echnical niversity./e has completed his dissertation report entitled 0&3 !-&-4 my guidance.I certify that this is his5her srcinal effort 6 has not been copied from any other source. -his project has also not been submitted in any other Institute 5 niversity for the purpose of award of any $egree.-his project fulfils the re7uirement of the curriculum prescribed by this Institute for the said course. I recommend this project wor for evaluation 6 consideration for the award of $egree to the student. !ignature8 999999999999 :ame of the Guide8 Study o! Investor &ehavior To$ard PN& MET li!e Insurance Pa%e ;  $esignation 8 999999999999$ate8 999999999999 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT very study re7uires a guidance of someone who is woring in that field.<irstly I would lie to than $irector !ir $r. Pradeep !uri for providing anopportunity of preparing a Project eport and allowing to use the resourcesof the institution during this project.I am e=tremely thanful to my Project Guide rs. &mita !harma ,for her  precious guidance regarding the preparation of the dissertation . /er guidance has proved to be useful and without him, the preparation of thisreport might not have been possible.I am also thanful to the other faculty members of I for e=tending their valuable support for this project.I also e=tend my sincere thans to the espondents, who helped me duringthe course of project and for their gracious attitude.I would lie to tae this opportunity to e=tend my warm thoughts to thosewho helped me in maing this project a wonderful e=perience.  Study o! Investor &ehavior To$ard PN& MET li!e Insurance Pa%e *
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